We Are All Being Called…

Do you hear it?

The Call to:

Heal Your Deepest Wounds,
Awaken to Your True Nature,
Embody Your Divinity
And to RISE?

Welcome to Sophia Healing Academy

A mystery school of deep healing through the Divine Feminine Path…
of remembering the divine being that you truly are,
of reclaiming your higher self-healing abilities, and
the healing path of love.

Step through the portal of the Divine Feminine Way

Step into Sophia Healing Academy

Our world is quaking…

Healing, ourselves and our world,
is no longer an option…it has become imperative.

There is so much to heal inside and out…on so many levels.
Healing ourselves from the mind alone is no longer a viable option.

We need a new way!

It’s time to engage our Holy Higher Self and the Divine in direct relationship with the wounded parts of us that most need love and care…so that they are healed and we are free.

Sophia Healing Academy is committed to teaching you how to do just that.

It does so through offering free teachings, courses, and programs which help you:

  • Engage your Higher Self to Profoundly Heal Your Being
  • Awaken to Who You Truly Are
  • Embody Your Divine Essence In Your Life
  • And So Much More…

The wisdom teachings and practices that are taught at Sophia Healing Academy are based primarily on the mystical healing modality and spiritual practice Somatic Awakening®. This practice was taught to Dr. Melissa in her own healing journey through Mary Magdalene, and others within the Christ Family. This ancient practice has been reformed for modern times and reveals an entirely new level of healing and awakening possible in our world. Ultimately, it has within it keys which opens the door to a New Dawn of Peace within and without.

Because the Time has Come to Fully Heal,
to Remember Your Divine Birthright,
and to Stand In Who You Truly Are in the World.

Are you ready?

Your Journey Begins Here:

Break Free

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Healing Archetype

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in Now

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