I have been sensing for a while now the energy of 2022 coming in. Over the last few weeks I’ve been intuitively listening, scouring astrology forecasts, and processing multiple levels of information regarding the new year. Because this year is so full on so many levels I feel compelled to share what I’ve found.

In essence, this year will be a roller coaster ride that spans an influx of powerful awakening energies, as well as a deep collective shifting on a multitude of levels. My friends, fellow spiritual warriors, and divine travelers the ride of change continues.

As many know we are in the middle of a multi-year progression that is asking us to evolve and shift our individual lives and the entirety of humanity, which includes our social and governmental structures, to a higher vibrational reality…which is no small feat.

The earth has already stepped into higher fourth and fifth-density reality and humanity is now fully being asked (and sometimes forcefully cajoled) to join her in this evolution.

This process de-stabilizes and deconstructs the old paradigm while at the same time calling forth the birthing of new forms.

For something new to begin something old has to end. And, change can be stressful but also catalyzes growth when you let it.

This change can be painful, scary, and it asks us to let go of control. Yet, these changes also call us to stand in our higher selves, our boldest courage, and our most powerful sovereignty and freedom.

This year we will be showered with awakening energy which will support us in this process. These heightened energies are due to Jupiter (the planet of mysticism, connection, and success) playing a very significant role throughout the majority of this year. At the same time, the earth is being flooded with high vibrational awakening energy due to the location of where the Earth is in the universe.

With this energy, we will be guided even more to remember the amazing divine beings that we really are, understand the deeper meaning that our lives hold, and have the ability to create the truest version of our lives.

Here are some of the bigger themes of 2022:


Get Out of Our Comfort Zone

We will be forced to get out of our comfort zone even more in 2022. There will be big changes in our external environment due to significant restructuring of our societal and governing structures. The world (especially the US and those who live in the US) will be forced to come to terms with what has been. (See Global/National section below for more detailed information.)

This year we will be supported and ushered into making amends with our past, those around us, and any lies that have been connected with this unfinished business within and without.

Therefore, we will all be asked to face and heal past karma, which in essence is any unfinished business from the past where we weren’t acting from our highest good. How intense this is for each individual depends on what has happened, your willingness to see it clearly and heal what needs to be healed, as well as how much healing work you’ve already done it. The more you let this process move through you without fighting it the easier it will be.

We will also be asked to face our fears even more. Due to the global and international shifts, there will, be a stirring of collective fear. The more we face and shift our own internal fears the easier it will be to not be affected by collective fear. Therefore, it’s super important that we align to our courage this year to be with and heal our own fears so we are not be dragged down into collective angst.

When we shift the density we have been carrying, face and heal our fears, and take charge of our lives – we bring balance to our relationship with ourselves, others, and the law of cause and effect. Here we have even more ability to step into manifesting what is in our and humanity’s highest good.

Awakening Energy Coming In

As mentioned above there will be a magical, mystical, and fortuitous energy in the air in 2022. With this expect to see more abundance, creativity, empathy, and union in the world. There are huge waves of immaculate angelic energy moving in…and you are invited to ride them all the way to your awakening.

This energy also nurtures connections and communities by helping us feel unity, love, intuition, creativity, mystical awareness, and imaginative energy.

Be prepared to have your heart blown open. This door acts as a giant beacon that offers us the opportunity for awakening en masse.

With this energy, you may just find that the dream that you’ve been longing for and trying to manifest finally comes to fruition this year.

A Year of Building

This is indeed a year of building your dream. There will be huge waves of fertilization and manifestation this year.

But, in order to take full advantage of this, you need to make sure that you are aligned with your core authentic values, your heart and soul’s passion…what really matters.

It’s also super important to stay on point. So stay focused, disciplined, organized, and apply yourself to the task at hand. When you do so the easier it is to launch (or go further) with manifesting your more treasured dreams.

But, remember to fully manifest it’s not just about using the externalized forward “go” movement of your inner masculine. It’s also about allowing your higher self to lead while engaging the peaceful calm energy of your inner feminine to open the door of intuition and wisdom.

Who Do You Want To Be

You are being asked this year the pivotal question, “Who do we want to be in the changes that lie ahead?” Will you align to your deepest soul’s mission? One where you live from your courage and feel the passion of your soul’s journey igniting your life and shining you on like a torch that says, “THIS WAY!”

Or will you choose to stay frozen in fear, trauma, and the painful lies of the inner victim? Or even worse the lies of the inner victimizer?

In this year the ability to hide and pretend that all is well – fades. And, we are directly asked what part we are going to play in our lives and in the unfolding drama of our evolving world?

Are you ready to be the hero of your own magical life?

Are you ready to be with and heal any inner voice that tells you otherwise?

This year gets really real folks. But, remember as an anonymous quote says, “what you seek is seeking you, the more in harmony you are with your own existence, the more magical life will become.”

And, this is the year where magic and awakening abounds…no matter what is happening on the outside. I invite you to remember this as you dive into Part II.


The Collective Underbelly of the U.S. Exposed

In this upcoming year, the collective underbelly of humanity will be displayed (even more) for all to see…especially in the U.S.

The U.S, and those who live in the U.S., will potently feel this due to a Pluto Return for the entire country that begins in February. This is something that happens every 247 years and this year it exactly aligns with the birth of our country. The short version of this astrological configuration is that Pluto, the planet that “rules death, rebirth, power, secrets, and taboos” sets up house in the United States. In essence, Pluto will force us to look closely at issues such as our, “ideology, social hierarchy, the way power is wielded, as well as a nation’s traumas, from war and destruction to social injustice and oppression”. And, with numerous other astrological configurations also along for the ride it makes an intense situation even more intense. For more astrological information on this click here. Click here for an excellent historical look at this with other countries.

The country will therefore have to reckon with its dark power-hungry and violent history, as well as any current dysfunctions around power, control, and money.  This very well could affect and possibly destabilize societal, governmental, financial, and corporate structures that are not in the highest alignment and are in need of transformation.

The country will also be forced to face down some difficult topics, many of which are already on the front lines, such as individual rights, regulations, unfairness, control, racism, as well as the numerous repressed karmic skeletons in the closet of our country’s history.

In doing so there very well could be more rage about past injustices come to the surface. Fortunately, Jupiter will also be offering its balancing energy to help us also see through others’ eyes and have compassionate understanding throughout this year. Hopefully, offering enough stabilization to help us get through relatively unscathed.

Overall, we are being pushed to shed any noxious attitudes or attachments we have, take responsibility for ourselves and what is in alignment for us individually, and stay focused on the bigger vision of the evolution of our world and humanity.

The U.S., and the world, may very well find itself in a major struggle between control and freedom. And, it will probably take several more years to find our way out by restructuring power within our world.

The good news is that at the end of this time something entirely new could be reborn. But, for sure something has to change. And, the energy of this year pushes us all, especially the US, powerfully forward and through the eye of the needle.

So we call forward the violet flame of transmutation…to transform any upheavals, torrents, and challenges and align us all with the highest vibration of evolution. So, that we are all carried across the river to that which is reborn in alignment to what is good, just, loving, and aligned to freedom.

The Continuation of Covid

On multiple levels, I sense that Covid will continue on throughout 2022 and will more than likely be a prime player in how many of the above situations play out. Also, more information regarding Covid’s origins and other “confidential” information regarding it will likely also come to the fore.

We will all continue to be pushed to “see” with eyes wide open, make wise choices for ourselves, and stand up when our souls call us out to do so – whether that is standing up for our beliefs, our rights, our lives (or someone we deeply care about), our work, or our finances. We are being challenged to not buy into a belief system because someone or something pushes it onto us. But rather clearly see what is happening around us with the highest level of intuition and clear sight as possible.

In the big picture, it’s important to remember that Covid is merely a big symptom of even bigger issues that are unfolding in our world. The more we can see it for what it is and what’s truly happening the easier it will be.

Climate Change

And, lastly, it should come as no surprise that in this year there will be a continuation of the climate crisis…fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes will continue.

Because of this, there will be many migrations of people in the US and internationally due to climate change, lack of resources, health mandates, and more.

So you are guided to bring extra awareness to your vital resources, especially food security and emergency preparedness. This is especially important if you live in an area being directly affected by climate change. You are encouraged to act not out of fear, but out of being with what is. And, if fear is there…well then it gives you another chance to courageously face and heal it too.

Using These Times to Awaken and Further Our Evolution

The gravity of the current situation in our world is one that will demand our full attention. It is incredibly important in these times to see and align with the bigger picture, to come into contact with our higher selves, with divine support and divine safety.

We are all being asked to have powerful faith in the diamond light wisdom and sovereign divinity of our higher self and the divine guiding us.

We are also being asked to allow any stress and pressure that we feel this year due to what’s happening in the world to act as a firebrand to awaken our soul’s diamond light and lead us through any razor’s edge we are called to walk in these times. Remember this IS ALSO a year of POWERFUL AWAKENING…and you are being asked to use whatever is happening as a force that guides you into re-membering who you really are!

In this process, we are virtually being forced to step outside of purely scientific, linear, and black-and-white thinking.

Instead, we are guided to surrender to the higher energies at play and learn to listen closely to our inner direction…moment by moment. For when we listen from this place we are easily guided by our higher self to the next highest aligned step of ease and grace.

We can do this…we are strong enough and have been preparing for this for years.

So, my friends, plant your feet firmly on the path of evolution and initiation.

And, feel your soul guiding you in alignment with the moving tides of this great transformation and evolution of humanity.

Here you will be guided every step of the journey! And So It Is!

In Love and Blessings,

Dr. Melissa


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