Almost 700 years ago, a prophecy of light was spoken, one which we are now walking into.

In 1321 the last Cathar leader, Guilhem Belibaste, who was burned at the stake by the Catholic inquisition, left a prophecy on Aug. 21, 1321, that said, “We shall return in 700 years when the laurel turns green again.”

THIS Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021, marks the 700 year time that fulfills this prophecy.

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Me on pilgramage

Me at the foot of Montségur Castle.

During the summer of 2015, I went on pilgrimage to the south of France, where I visited many sacred sites and sanctuaries of veneration of Mary Magdalene in Cathar Country. This experience utterly changed my life. One of the most powerful experiences was at Château de Montségur (the Castle of Montségur), the last Cathar stronghold.

The day I visited it was a beautiful sunny day, and I was steeped in nature. As I walked up the mountain, however, I felt an ancient heaviness. I could feel a weight on my soul, and I was being stirred deep within.

I had been called there, thousands of miles away from my home, into the depths of this region of France months earlier. Now I was here and I was being guided to reclaim not only knowledge of the Cathar’s but what I intimately knew from within my soul.

I had a compelling ache inside of my heart to remember what had happened and come to terms with the memories of my own experience as a Cathar myself hundreds of years earlier.

Who the Cathar’s Were

The Cathars were an early group of mystical Christians, powerfully aligned with the Way of Love. Legend says they were descendants of the teachings that Mary Magdalene brought to the south of France after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Read more about this history). The Cathar’s grew to great significance and spread throughout southern Europe in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  In this tradition, they held some of the most profound secret teachings of awakening within Christ’s ministry, including the deepest teachings of Love and gnosis (“knowing” of God from within).

They recognized the feminine principle in the divine ~ as Sophia. This encouraged equality of the sexes in the Cathar communities. They had a deep understanding of the dualistic nature of Earth plane reality. They also believed in reincarnation, where a soul would be continually reborn until it goes through supreme transmutation, the ultimate alchemical act of the ego returning to the whole.

This was an extraordinarily powerful community and tradition of Light and Love.

The Catholic Inquisition

The Catholic Church tried to extinguish this light because the Cathars expanded view of reality went against the church’s policy of control and domination. Even though early priests’ interactions with Cathar leaders told their superiors that the Cathar’s held more Christian values than many. Nevertheless, they were ultimately condemned as heretics. After the Catholic church formed a partnership with the French government (and many henchmen), the first genocide on European soil began, which lasted over a century. Over a million people were brutally killed over that century.

Unfortunately, almost everything written about the Cathars comes from confessions of “heretics” taken by Catholic clergy during the inquisition. Therefore, little can be truly trusted in regard to official records of who the Cathar truly was. However, a long oral tradition has been shared from generation to generation that is still alive and well in southern France.

Montségur Castle

Montségeur Castle

Montségur was the last stronghold of the leaders of the Cathar’s, which fell after a 10-month siege in 1244. At the end of this siege, 224 men, women, and children came down the mountain holding hands singing. They walked into the fire awaiting them for they knew what life truly was and that death was just a doorway to another life.

Nothing Can Suppress Love

As I stepped up to the ancient fortress back in 2015, I could feel a body-soul knowing of the land inside of me. I could also feel the trauma memories rack my being…ultimately breaking open and shifting into wholeness as the light of Love descended upon me.

I felt at one with unconditional Love, communion with a community who knew unified presence, and a powerful light descend upon me as I felt visceral memories activate inside me. I was being called home to heal and to reclaim what I knew.

The mountain’s summit, where the fortress was, known as Pic de Soularac, is truly a place of power and Love. The highest essence of this tradition lives on here. As Anaiya Sophia put it so brilliantly, “It is so pure and sacred that should you climb; only your soul will make it to the top. Everything else will fall away in prostration as the Light of the World descends upon you.”

That is what I felt. All else fell away as I came into contact with my soul and the essence of the Church of Love. The Cathars were welcoming me back home not just to remember what had been lost but to remember my way back home to the deepest Love.

The entryway to Montsegur Castle

The entryway to Montségur Castle

And, now, 700 years later, we are all being asked to remember.

Whether you intimately remember lifetimes living aligned in Love as a Cathar,

Or whether you are surrendered to the Way of Love,

The Love, Light, Unity Consciousness, and all that the Cathar’s stood for lives on here inside of us.

Because ultimately it’s not about a specific lineage…it is about saying yes to the powerful Way of LOVE!.

We Have Risen!
We Are Here!


I have heard the call and am fulfilling a soul promise to be a beacon of Love with the Cathar’s in this time of reunification and reclamation…

An impromptu altar in Cathar Country

An impromptu altar in Cathar Country

Reclaiming who they were…

Reclaiming the Love that they stood for…

Reclaiming our birthright and heritage to be aligned to this Love…

The Love that we are ALL unified with…

The Love that heals ALL…

The Love that brings us ALL back home…

The Love that NEVER DIES….



If these words resonate with you and you would like to step in deeper in to reclaim the Way of Love and celebrate this momentous time then I invite you to:

The Cathar Activation: A Prophecy Fulfilled

Saturday, Aug. 21st at 1:30 PM PST…700 years to the day from when the prophecy was made.

This event will be held via Zoom.

This event ushers us through a powerful ritual and activation that will:

    • Connect us to this ancient Family of Light…the Cathar’s and share a high vibrational web of light and unification with them.
    • Connect to, Align with, and Receive from the Counsel of the Cathar’s, as well as many higher-dimensional councils of light supporting us through this process.
    • For many, remember your connection with this powerful soul family and reclaim this part of your spiritual heritage.
    • Receive a powerful light activation to help you remember, claim, and know your divine inheritance of Light, Oneness, and The Way of Love.

This event is by donation. Once you register for this event you will receive a Zoom link for it. After the live event, you will also receive a replay link of the recording.

To register for this event click here. 

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