We recently had everything turned upside down in our family due to Covid mandates. And in the process had a great wake-up call as to how Natural Immunity is being ignored by those in power.

Tensions have been high. So high that I haven’t known where to start. So, I’ve taken a step back to let things settle. Many emotions have blazed through me…anger, frustration, mistrust, even hurt. My intention has been to allow these emotions to move through, not lead my life, and as much as possible not get attached to the story behind them.

And, yet I am a naturopathic doctor, a mother, a spiritual teacher, a truth-teller, and I like you am also a sovereign being. And as part of The Law of Sovereignty, we all have the right to stand up when we see that things are amiss, use our voice, and speak.

So I Am Standing and Speaking.

*NOTE: I realize that many have very strong feelings about Covid and vaccines and I am not here to question your personal beliefs or perspectives. I deeply respect everyone’s personal choices and decisions regarding vaccines. This blog is not about that. I am writing this blog as both a doctor and a spiritual teacher.

As a naturopathic doctor, I see that the science around Natural Immunity is being ignored by many, including our government. As a spiritual teacher, I sense that our sovereignty and divine embodiment are being profoundly called upon in these times.

This blog stretches from the linear details of scientific studies to the deeply spiritual. I invite you to take what resonates and leave the rest. If you are only interested in the spiritual side scroll down to the bottom to read the potent transmission from Mary Magdalene regarding it all.

When Everything Changed

As we were making last-minute preparations for my daughter to go away to school a couple of weeks ago we were given the new Covid mandates by the school. Mandates that did not at all take into account the Natural Immunity she already had, since she had already had the virus. Mandates that felt extreme to us all.

So extreme and so segregating that none of us could imagine her going there. She decided to step back and not go forward with this school…and we completely supported her.

In this process, I dove deeply into the latest research regarding Covid and Natural Immunity…and below are some of the highlights of what I found.

Natural Immunity Is Robust, Complete, and Durable

First, let’s define what Natural Immunity is for those not familiar with it. Natural Immunity is how our immune system has the ability to remember pathogens that the body has been exposed to. This memory has the powerful ability to fight off this specific pathogen in the future so there is a greatly decreased chance that the person would get sick from it again. This powerful immune response is what original vaccinations were based on. It has been studied and proven again and again over the last hundred years.

Here’s the essence of what I found in my research with Covid and Natural Immunity…there are multiple research studies that have concurred that natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable in its efficacy against Covid.

Natural Immunity is VERY EFFECTIVE against Covid. And, the durability of its effectiveness lasts over time, as many scientists speculated at the beginning of the pandemic.

In one recent study through the NIH (National Institute for Health) they found durable immune responses at one month after infection that was at 95%. This percentage declined only modestly after 6-8 months after having Covid. They also found that the B Memory cells (the cells responsible for Natural Immunity antibody production) actually increased over time and these levels didn’t decline by the end of this 8-month study.1

The fact that memory B cells increased over time was found again in one of the largest studies to date and published in Science in February 2021 assuring the long-term durability of Natural Immunity. 2

In another brand new study from Israel, they found that Natural Immunity is MORE POWERFUL to the Delta Variant than the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. In fact, it showed that you are 6 times more likely to get the Delta variant with the Pfizer vaccine than someone with Natural Immunity.3

The Times of Israel, stated regarding this study that, “when recovered patients boosted their natural protection with a single vaccine shot — as recommended by Israeli health officials — their protection reached new highs, and they had approximately half the infection risk of other recovered patients…The data presented is important and can draw a kind of immune hierarchy. From the most protected to the less, there are vaccinated convalescent, convalescent, then vaccinated, and then people who choose not to vaccinate, who are the most vulnerable.”3

This means that in the hierarchy, concluded from the analysis of the study, that convalescent people (or those who have recovered from Covid and haven’t had the vaccine) are more protected than those who have had the vaccine. But, in the US these people are not being taken into account at all.

There are numerous other studies proving Natural Immunities efficacy with Covid as well.

Herd Immunity

Half of Herd Immunity Is Being Ignored

Remember how the term “herd immunity” was used at the beginning of the pandemic? At least half, if not more, of the traditional definition of herd immunity, has been largely based on Natural Immunity.

But, now that over one in three (or 31%) of Americans have had Covid it is not even being considered as part of the equation when it comes to the big vaccine mandates coming down from our federal (and in many cases state) government. 4

Why are 31% of Americans being threatened with their job and shamed into receiving an injection (which has a high incidence of side effects) when they already have “herd immunity”?

Natural Immunity is being completely Ignored by my daughter’s school, the government, the president, the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and everyone who is believing the social story that’s being fed to us.

When President Biden gave his recent new vaccine mandates last week and didn’t mention anything at all about Natural Immunity…a fire was lit underneath me to speak. And I’m not alone.

Recently a multitude of doctors from the St. Elizabeth Healthcare System in Ohio submitted a persuasive and potent letter to their administration on Sept. 1. This letter, “logically and completely outlined their concerns with vaccine mandates. A portion of their very first point states that “Natural immunity is at least equal to and likely superior to vaccine immunity, yet this has not been a part of the discussion for unclear reasons. A majority of healthcare providers in our system are declining the vaccine due to prior infection and already having sufficient immunity to COVID-19.” 5

Yet, the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) continue to be the loudest voices that are shouting only one opinion, the “opinion” that getting the vaccine, regardless of Natural Immunity, is all that matters.

“But, according to WebMD and the New York Times, the vaccines aren’t as effective as we once thought. Breakthrough cases accounted for about 1 in 5 newly diagnosed cases in six (out of five)…states, Hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated people may be higher than previously thought as well.” 6

Throughout the campaign for vaccines the slogan, “trust the science” has been the rallying cry. Yet, completely ignoring Natural Immunity, which has a proven track record scientifically, doesn’t make any sense. It’s denying hard scientific facts.

Asking the Hard Questions

As a naturopathic doctor, I am baffled why Natural Immunity is being so deeply ignored, especially here in the U.S. It feels like it’s all gone a bit too far, and things are no longer making logical sense. So, at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves the hard questions, such as:

Why are those that have Natural Immunity being coerced into injecting something into their bodies that they don’t really need, and could potentially cause harm?

What are the ethical considerations of these actions of ignoring Natural Immunity and to what extent has pure politics and even financial gain played into these mandates?

Why aren’t we counting the miraculous job of Natural Immunity, a job that our own immune system was created for?

Where has half of the definition of herd immunity, the half that includes natural immunity, gone?

Why aren’t we confirming, counting, and celebrating those who have Natural Immunity instead of shaming them, punishing them, and segregating them?

I’ll be honest my intuition is saying that something isn’t right here. I sense there is much more here than merely public health officials being super conservative. I have intuitively sensed that there’s more than meets the eye since the beginning of Covid. And now a big piece of the puzzle is falling into place…hard scientific facts are clearly being ignored.

It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz saying, “Don’t look behind the curtain.”
Well, it’s too late…the curtain is falling down.

What do we do in situations like this?

For me, when I get deeply confused I turn to higher guides.

So, in beautiful Divine form, Mary Magdalene in alignment with my Higher Self has given us a transmission with powerful guidance regarding it all!

Things Are Heating Up my Friends!

Divine Transmission from Mary Magdalene

Dear Ones…Do Not Fear!

Yes, there is so much that is happening in your world.
People are seemingly having their rights taken away and feel that they are being forced to do
things that they do not want to do.

However, for many, you knew this was coming,

Remember before the new is born the old must completely fall away.

There are signs here now, that you’ve been waiting for.
Signs that are activating aspects that have been hidden underground in your psyche,
but no longer. There is much here that is not being seen clearly…yet.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe about these particular symptoms of the bigger picture…
Know the old is failing…
But it is making another last-ditch effort,
Especially by the hidden power elite who view life through the lens of service to self –
through control and domination.

So what can you do now?

You can choose your sovereignty,
You can stand up, you can speak.
You can claim your Yes and your No.

Because remember you are a sovereign being.
No one can ultimately force you to do anything.

Don’t be swayed into complacency by following the social story.
Let me repeat…there is much behind the scenes that are not being seen.

And, yet don’t lose sight of the biggest task of why you are here,
The task of evolving your being,
Here at this time of Ripening.

From this higher perspective…

So, how will you move forward with this test?
Will you collapse in victimhood? Will you stay attached to your rage?

Or will You Ignite Your Soul’s Spark and Open the Doors to the Higher Presence of the Good?

If you chose the latter you open the doors to seeing the other as one with yourself.

This is advanced work…because everyone looks different from the level of ego
and everyone can have vastly varying opinions and beliefs from your own.
You are all unique and different…

AND yet You Are All One.
In the highest spiritual essence, You Are One with the Family of Humanity.
Because you are One With Everything!

For many know, it is good, if you can hold that everyone is unique and everyone is the same as a possibility in your knowing…
To your lower self, the ego, and the lower mind this is a contradiction that is difficult to comprehend…and that’s okay.

But, your higher self, your heart, and your soul know the truth.
And, this is where compassion and grace arise from…which has the ability to change everything.

If you allow it, this test can even take you into the territory of nurturing, understanding and living your connection with your higher essence.

And as you do you step deeper into the inner mysteries of the Holy Grail and become a Divinized Being.

Here you are not led by the denser emotions of anger, fear, overwhelm, or anxiety.
It is not that these emotions won’t exist inside you…they will,
But, they will no longer hold sway over your life.

Here you are empowered to do, say, and be who you really are because your higher awareness is leading.

And when enough individuals are living aligned with this higher awareness, then the collective of humanity will step into even higher vibrations of sovereignty, compassion, love, and understanding…

It is here where the true leaders will arise…
On a collective and individual level.

Do not forget…you are still in the birth canal.
This current situation is just a symptom of the birthing.
And the birthing will last for years, even decades.
It is a process.

But, remember at the core of your being you chose to be here at this time…
because you are a vastly courageous being.
And, because some part of you knew that there is nothing like living through a shift of this magnitude, with this many people.
To do so evolves your soul and spirit like nothing else.

Remember – Everything – I mean EVERYTHING is here to teach you?

So, brave one do not get lost in fear or anger, or frustration with the small details.
Even if they feel like big details. Nothing can kill the human spirit.

Yet, do not hide your head from what’s happening either, that suppresses your Divine Sovereignty.

Stay focused on each small step AND the bigger vision…
Humanity is Evolving and Remembering Itself as a Divinized Form.
This is the GRAND WORK!!

For you are all aspects of God…of the Good.

And as such you are loved unconditionally, held eternally, and empowered to co-create with the Divine beyond your wildest imagining.

You are Invited Beloved and Lovingly Ushered Into the Powerful Co-Creative Divine Field Within You. The Power of God LIVES within you!

YOU – have the ability to create your wildest dreams and version of the Good here on this planet at this time.

So how do you wish to Be Sovereign Divine One?
Will you Stand, Will You Love, Will You See Who You Truly Are, the Bigger Picture…and Be Enthralled By It All?
Even, and especially, as the darker polarities of life try to mangle things in a fuss?

Reality is a dream of your making…are you ready now to sit in the driver’s seat?

I Leave You In Undying Eternal Love…
Constantly Supporting You To Remember Who You Are!!


Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, ND has been in practice as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor for over twenty years. She is also a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. She is the Founder of Somatic Awakening®, Sophia Healing Academy, and Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling. She is also a Wisdom Teacher, Oracle, Mystic in the Magdalene-Sophia lineage, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive. She discovered the inner path of alchemy, that she now teaches, through her own experience of walking through profound healing and awakening over decades. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal and evolve as they remember this light within and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, self-love, sovereignty, and peace.

Sophia Healing Academy is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice, Somatic Awakening®. The teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered through Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing, while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and an alignment with our authentic divine power. The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on Her principles.

To find out more about her teaching, Somatic Awakening®, and Sophia Healing Academy go here.

To find out about her private practice and how to schedule an appointment with her go here. 



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