The other day I was at a dinner party with friends who were healing practitioners and we had a lively conversation about what healing really is. We all agreed that healing comes down to one thing it is an alchemical process, a process of shifting that which is “unwell” to “well” and from “unhealthy” to “healthy”.

That conversation stirred me and it left me with a question that wouldn’t go away, “How does the alchemy of the past connect to healing and what does it have to teach us?”

So I dove in and discovered many secrets that the alchemy of old has to teach us about healing and what I discovered amazed me…

Alchemy and Transmutation

The alchemy that attempted to turn base metals into gold was based on the ancient Hermetic Principles of Life. One of these principles is the Law of Polarity, which states that our reality is made up of polar opposites such as dark and light, hot and cold. Within this principle of alchemy, it also teaches that opposing polarities can be reconciled.

Just like ice and steam are the same but different and can be reconciled, so can lead and gold, as well as the darkness of our subconscious with the light of our spirit. In both situations, we are shifting one seemingly opposing thing to its opposite.

This is true because energy and matter are ultimately identical in nature, but different by degrees. Quantum physics shows us that within matter when we go down far enough, we go into the quantum level which is a vibrating field of energy.

Just like turning base metals into gold healing alchemy is a form of transmutation. It transmutes our shadowy subconscious contractions, unwell physical tissue, and fear-based thinking into that which is lighter and more spacious.

When we take it further and connect our healing to the gold of our higher self an even deeper kind of alchemy occurs. Because connecting ones healing with the higher self offers a massive bounty of healing. This kind of alchemy has the ability to wake up sleeping DNA, normalize unhealthy tissue and physiological process. It also has the ability to bring us into peace and align us with knowing our true nature.

The Divinization of the Body

One of the primary alchemical processes that happen when we connect our healing with our higher self is it brings a divinization of the body. Divinization is a word I created which means the embodiment of the light of your higher self into your being. The divinization of our entire being occurs over time. Every time we go through a healing alchemical process with an inner painful contraction or negative voice more divine light comes into our being. It does this because we become more spacious and create a vacuum for the light to pour in.

Thus the painful guidance of your negative ego is turned into the grace-filled guidance of your soul. And, your difficult physical symptoms are healed through the light of your spirit. 

Adding Higher Dimensional Helpers

When we connect the healing light of your higher self with the guidance of ascended masters, higher dimensional helpers, and angelic guides…the bright light of healing that manifests blows open the doors to healing even more.

I have seen what others believed could never be healed disappear right in front of them.

This is my experience too.

I can’t tell you how many times I have hit incredibly painful walls and emotional contractions, that I thought I would never go away. Yet, I found that the bright light of my spirit and higher dimensional helpers would magically dissolve what I thought could never be healed…again and again.

Alchemical Healing to Our Core Wounds

When we bring this alchemical healing to core wounds we open the doors even wider to more love, peace, and freedom in our lives.

But, I have found that there are two secrets to open this door and fully step into healing:

  1. You have to be courageous enough to fully face the part of you that is causing you pain. For how can healing happen unless you are willing to really see and be with what needs healing.
  2. You need to bring in the power of your higher self, vis a vis your witness consciousness, so that this painful part feels safe enough to relax into the mighty “arms” of your spirit.

As you bring this painful part the love, light, and healing power of your higher self, you are shown the true alchemy of healing and the pain literally dissolves, shifts, and transcends. This is the beauty I see every day in utilizing Somatic Awakening®.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take your next step in healing your core wounds and finding more peace than you’ve ever had in your life?

Do you feel your Spiritual Warrior rise up inside of you and say, “Yes, I’m ready.”

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