Webinar Date and Time: October 27th at 5:30pm PT

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In the upcoming FREE online masterclass and webinar you’ll learn:

How to Align With Your Higher Self

Learn the principles and practices that help you engage your higher self and profoundly shift your life.

The Magic Mindset Shift

that needs to be in place to align with your higher self and open the doors to the deepest healing, ease, and grace in your life no matter what’s happening.

The Alchemy Code

What it is, how it’s connected to your higher self, why it’s imperative to nurture, and how it changes your life when you do so.

The Quantum Change

of stabilization, healing, and awakening that occurs when your Higher Self is leading your life.

Our world and how we heal is changing in a big way.

Change is happening so fast in our world…consciousness is exploding and at the same time our world is moving through multiple levels of chaos. It can feel chaotic, overwhelming, and stressful.

In times like these we need to call on the part of us that can carry us through…Our Higher Self…and the powerful alignment to Divine healing energy and support that our higher self aligns us with.

This masterclass will introduce you to the principles, perspective, and guidance on how to do just that…

So instead of succumbing to the latest brand of crazy with overwhelm, you learn a new way, a way which helps you lean back into the support of your higher self. A way which brings in stabilizing ease, grace, and guidance into your life.

I invite you to join me and step into a softer, nurturing, and all-powerfully loving way of connecting back to your true self.

A path based on Divine Feminine wisdom that aligns us with incredible healing and awakening.

This Masterclass is a must attend if…

You are feeling overwhelmed by the chaos in the world and want a way to align to the guiding, balancing, and stabilizing force of your higher self.

You are D-O-N-E with having the dense subconscious voices and somatic patterns rule your life.

You have had some healing and awakening experiences, but are finding that you still don’t feel healed, at peace, and in balance in a way that you long for.

You are feeling called to understand more about this healing and evolutionary Divine Feminine path to heal yourself and the world.

A Personal Invitation from Dr. Melissa

I’ve been honored to help countless people heal and awaken.

I’ve been in practice as a naturopathic doctor and mind-body-spirit specialist for over twenty years. I’ve been a teacher of spirituality, holistic health, and energy medicine for longer. But, most significantly I have walked through my own ten-year dark night of the soul that popped me into a direct living relationship with my higher self and the Divine, especially the Divine Mother and multiple Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.

Through this process, I was shown the principles of how to engage our higher self which opens the doors to healing and awakening in one’s life. From this experience, I founded a mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice based on these principles, Somatic Awakening®. I have also recently launched Sophia Healing Academy, a mystery school of healing and awakening that teaches these principles and Somatic Awakening®.

This webinar is a culmination of what I have learned in my twenty-plus years of healing practice, teaching, and most significantly my own awakening experiences to help you take your next steps in the powerful journey into healing, awakening, and connecting to your true essence.

This webinar is also an introduction to the powerful course Embody, Healing, and Freedom for those who want to go deeper with this work. But, this webinar is also a stand-alone event, one where you will receive huge value through the powerful teachings and transmissions.

If you’re ready to align with your higher self to help carry you through whatever chaos you are walking through, as well as go deeper in your healing, awakening, and evolution then I can’t wait to help you learn how to engage your higher self in your life.


In Much Love and Many Blessings,
Melissa Sophia Joy

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