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Align to Your Higher Self:
Be Carried through Chaos

In this free webinar, you are going to learn four principles that help you align with your higher self. And, how, when these four principles are utilized, they help shift the subconscious blocks and programs that keep you from joy, peace, ease, and grace in your life.

I so look forward to diving in and sharing with you the information, practices, and transmissions which help you align to the healing and awakening power of your higher self.

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I’ll be there live to answer your questions and everything I share is backed by decades of working with others, teaching, and most significantly my own deep healing and spiritual awakening. I personally know the power and healing that’s possible from the higher self. I have also shown countless others how to connect to it and have seen firsthand the magic it has brought into their lives.

For all of you who show up Live I have a special gift for you…just for being there. Because I know what it’s like to be busy. I get it. So, I want to say Thank You by giving you this bonus for making the time for being there with me live.

So please go ahead and mark this now in your calendar now and I look forward to seeing you there.

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