Break Free!

Unlock the door to healing, freedom and
your true essence with Somatic Awakening®


A Ten Day Online Meditation Experience ~
10 Powerful Meditations for Twenty Minutes a Day

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Upgrade your Life, Heal your Being, and Awaken to
Who You Truly Are in this 10-day Online Meditation Experience.

In these meditations you’ll experience:

Power Within

Learn how to access the sovereign power of your higher self and inner self healing abilities.

Heal Yourself

Discover how to use this powerful
divine energy to deeply heal yourself.

Activate Awakening

Activate your next steps in awakening and aligning to your true authentic being.


Break free of what binds you and
step into who you really are.

Healing is about to change in a big way.

These online meditations are based on Somatic Awakening® which is a mind-body-spirit modality and spiritual practice that is based on aligning with a part of us that has the ability to heal…our higher self and the divine energy that flows through it.

This modality is so powerful because it opens us to a profound connection of our spirit with our somatic body (which is the interface of our physical, energetic, and emotional aspects of self). In doing so it connects our higher self to any energy of trauma or past difficulty which resides in our somatic body and brings powerful healing.

Why Using Our Higher Self is So Important In Healing

In my twenty-plus years as a healer, I have found that when we only use our ego or linear mind to heal it often falls short. Although the mind can definitely help, these parts simply don’t have the same ability to heal us as much as our higher self and spirit do.

But, when we utilize the higher aspects of ourselves the deepest and most significant healing happens. It is here that you are free and can connect to who you truly are, which includes accessing your full healing, awakening, and embodiment of the divinity inside of you. 

A Modality Based on the Principles of Divine Feminine Healing

Somatic Awakening® is based on divine feminine healing principles. It invokes a shift away from linear masculine mental-based healing and into powerful divine feminine somatic healing which greatly supports the healing and awakening of humanity.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is now fully awakening in our world and a practice uniquely based on Her principles has arisen.

Join me in the Divine Feminine Healing Revolution.
Heal and awaken your life…and the world.

This meditation is a MUST ATTEND if…

You’re longing to find a place of refuge within which helps you settle, relax, and open to the deeper you.

You’re ready to transform painful ways of being and programs that have kept you trapped in pain and suffering.

You’re craving to step deeper on your path of healing, awakening, and embodying your authentic sovereign divine essence.

You’re curious about learning the Somatic Awakening® process and stepping into the healing energies of your higher self.

In this meditation experience, you will receive 10 newly recorded and mastered meditations with soothing meditation music that you can listen to at any time.

Also, at the end of two of the meditations, I answer some of the most common questions that students have had to help you more fully understand and navigate this process with ease and grace.

Here’s what you will receive with these meditations:

  • Meditation 1 – Grounding Heart-Womb Meditation: Experience powerful grounding, nurturing, and recalibration as you are connected to the heart womb space in the center of the earth.
  • Meditation 2 – Grounding Tree of Life: Re-enliven your being, stabilize your life, and experience the potent power of the Tree of Life within the core of the earth.
  • Meditation 3 – Loving Compassion to Your Being: Step into the powerful energy of loving compassion and kindness and invite it into every aspect of your being.
  • Meditation 4 – Loving Compassion with a Hurting Part: Go even deeper with loving-kindness in this meditation as you make contact with the part(s) inside that need this energy most to heal.
  • Meditation 5 – The Practice Part I: Be introduced to the deep healing and awakening potential of Somatic Awakening® The Practice as you connect to the energy of your Higher Self Witness Consciousness and Organic Presence and bring these to the place(s) within that need the most healing.
  • Meditation 6 – Deeper In The Practice Part II: Go deeper into The Practice and its magic of healing by weaving together the awareness of your higher self witness consciousness, organic presence, and the three awarenesses of the present moment: feeling, sensing, and intuition.
  • Meditation 7 – Deeper In The Practice Part III: This meditation helps guide you further into the nuances of The Practice and the deeper subtleties needed for powerful healing. 
  • Meditation 8 – Deeper In The Practice Part IV: Step in deeper still with The Practice by engaging the principles of staying within your capacity and the power of trust to open to the deepest transformative healing.
  • Meditation 9 – The Power of The Word Decree: Experience your co-creative divine capacity in the world with The Power of the Word Decree. This decree helps you activate your healing, step into your awakening, and integrate it all with ease and grace.
  • Meditation 10 – Transmission from the Divine Feminine Council: Allow yourself to be bathed in the Divine Feminine energy of higher dimensional love, light, and powerful activation that upgrades your being.

A Personal Invitation from Dr. Melissa.

I’ve helped countless people heal and awaken.

I’ve been in practice as a naturopathic doctor and mind-body-spirit specialist for over twenty years, a teacher of spirituality, holistic health, and energy medicine for longer, as well as have had numerous personal awakening and healing experiences…I’ve been around the block. I’ve also discovered some secrets along the way to life-changing healing and connection with your true nature.

These online meditations are many things. It is a chance to have an embodied experience of the healing modality and spiritual practice Somatic Awakening®. It is an introduction to Sophia Healing Academy, a mystery healing school based on Somatic Awakening® and Divine Feminine Healing. But, more than anything it is an invitation to help you step deeper into your life, your healing, and who you truly are.

If you’re committed to healing and evolving your life into one with more stability, peace, and love, then I can’t wait to help you transform, heal, and awaken.

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