Unlock the door to healing, freedom and
your true essence with Somatic Awakening®

A LIVE Ten Day Online Meditation Experience ~
10 Powerful Meditations for Twenty Minutes a Day

Upgrade your Life, Heal your Being, and Awaken to
Who You Truly Are in this 10-day Online Meditation Experience.

Saturday, Oct 2nd – Monday, Oct. 11th

In these meditations you’ll experience:

Power Within

Learn how to access the sovereign power of your higher self and inner self healing abilities.

Heal Yourself

Discover how to use this powerful
divine energy to deeply heal yourself.

Activate Awakening

Activate your next steps in awakening and aligning to your true authentic being.


Break free of what binds you and
step into who you really are.

Healing is changing in a big way.

This online meditation retreat is based on Somatic Awakening® which is a mind-body-spirit modality and practice created from the principles of divine feminine healing. This practice invokes a shift away from linear mental-based healing and into powerful divine feminine somatic healing.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is now fully awakening in our world and a practice uniquely based on Her principles has arisen.

Join me in the Divine Feminine Healing Revolution.
Heal and awaken your life…and the world.

This meditation is a MUST ATTEND if…

You’re longing to find a place of refuge within which helps you settle, relax, and open to the deeper you.

You’re ready to transform painful ways of being and programs that have kept you trapped in pain and suffering.

You’re craving to step deeper on your path of healing, awakening, and embodying your authentic sovereign divine essence.

You’re curious about learning the Somatic Awakening® process and stepping into the healing energies of your higher self.

In this meditation experience you can join us LIVE for the daily meditations, as well as you will receive the recordings of the meditations so if you miss or want to listen again you can listen to them in the timing that works best for you.

Also, during two of the LIVE meditations there will be Q & A sessions at the end to answer any question that may arise for you.

A Personal Invitation from Dr. Melissa.

I’ve helped countless people heal and awaken.

I’ve been in practice as a naturopathic doctor and mind-body-spirit specialist for over twenty years, a teacher of spirituality, holistic health, and energy medicine for longer, as well as have had numerous personal awakening and healing experiences…I’ve been around the block. I’ve also discovered some secrets along the way to life changing healing and connection with your true nature.

This online meditation retreat is many things. It is a chance to have an embodied experience of the healing modality and spiritual practice Somatic Awakening®. It is an introduction to Sophia Healing Academy, a mystery healing school based on Somatic Awakening® and Divine Feminine Healing. But, more than anything it is an invitation to help you step deeper into your life, your healing, and who you truly are.

I am offering this meditation training free of charge, although donations are voluntary and welcome. I could charge a lot for this, but I’ve been clearly guided to offer it for free because our world needs a lot of healing, stability, and awakening right now….and this is my gift freely given.

If you’re committed to healing and evolving your life into one with more stability, peace, and love, then I can’t wait to help you transform, heal, and awaken.

This training is freely given,
any donation is entirely voluntary

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