Alchemy and the Secret of Healing

The other day I was at a dinner party with friends who were healing practitioners and we had a lively conversation about what healing really is. We all agreed that healing comes down to one thing it is an alchemical process, a process of shifting that which is...

The Deeper Meaning of Anxiety

Anxiety Hijacks Your Life For anyone who has ever experienced anxiety, you know all too well that it can hijack your life. Anxiety keeps you stuck in stressful patterns of fight-flight-freeze by making you believe that around every corner something terrible is going...

MLK and the Glory of Love

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and my daughter and I just watched some videos about him.  We had tears flowing down our cheeks from the emotion of it all, especially from his last speech where he said. “I have seen the glory and I am not afraid of any...
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