Over the last few days I have sat in meditation connecting to my Higher Self, the Higher Dimensional Helpers, and the Akashic Record and asked the question…what does humanity need to know regarding this illness?

Again and again, I was shown that this pandemic is breaking down our boundaries.

It is breaking down the self-isolating egoic perspective that we are disconnected from our neighbor, those in our country, and those in other parts of the world. We, as individuals and as a collective, are going through a powerful initiation into who we truly are. 

This pandemic is not an isolated catastrophe in one area of the world. It is not an earthquake in South America, a raging fire of Australia, or for that matter in our own back yard. A pandemic affects the entire world!

We Are One

In meditation, I was shown…no I knew, that humanity is truly ONE! Humanity really is a breathing living organism and we are in a unified field. We are intimately intertwined to our beautiful planet, and to one another.

This pandemic is smacking us square in the face with this universal knowledge that we are all interconnected. It is forcing us to look at the world with a wide-angle view and realize that what happens on the other side of the world does affect us. When one person, state, or country is affected, it affects the collective web in innumerable ways. There are millions of ways it touches us downstream.

We Need to Stop

This virus is teaching us also that we need to stop. We are being forced to stop and look…to take a long hard look at our life and what’s actually happening in the world.

Humanity as an organism is not well. Our earth is not well. We are in a collective healing crisis and the Coronavirus is a symptom of the process. It’s not that the Coronavirus is the healing crisis, although it looks like that. This virus is a symptom of a much bigger healing crisis that has been happening and will continue. This virus is teaching us to STOP, LOOK, and ASK what our role is in this bigger illness, inside and out. 

Therefore, we are all being asked to up our game, especially if we have been sitting on the sidelines.

Although this virus is causing sickness in some, death in very few, and fear in many, it is also giving us an opportunity to see our common connection and our common illness.

Our Common Illness

The virus, the firestorms, the typhoons, floods, and all of the other symptoms of climate change; as well as overwhelming bigotry, hatred, political chaos, seemingly incessant wars, the dark state, and on it goes. We are not well. 

In order to shift into wellness as a collective, things must change. And change is upon us. 

I believe all of this chaos is showing us how to break free and find our way back to the Unified Field.

The good news is that I was shown in my vision that the future of humanity is already living in this understanding of oneness and the inner and outer harmony this creates. It Already Is…in the future.

However, there are a lot of initiations and healing crises’ that humanity has to go through to get there because this knowing doesn’t come easily. 

Our egos, our individualized sense of self, all of the protective mechanisms that try to keep us safe, as well as the negative emotions tied up with these protections; stand between our knowing of this unified consciousness. 

This is where the big work comes in…

The work of facing down and healing the things that keep us separate.

How do we do this? We begin by asking the difficult questions based on the lies our ego tells us. Then we face down how these lies have run our lives and we heal whatever needs to be healed. Because otherwise, the ego will continue to spout its lies of separation.

The biggest lies stem from the answers to these questions. 

1) Name the things that you fear the most? (Such as the big fears that this pandemic has stirred…fear of illness/disease and fear of death.)

2) Name the things and people that you most judge? (Even if you feel like they deserve it. Because if we look deep enough judgment is usually a facade for believing ourselves to be less than.)

3) Name the things that you hate the most? (Yes, Lightworker this includes our president and political chaos, corporate personhood, environmental degradation, and the thousands of years of patriarchal violence).

These are the three biggies that stand in your way. Because by the very nature of their existence they keep you “safe” by keeping you “separate”.

Breaking Free from the Matrix

To break free from the matrix, which our ego holds us in, is not easy work or even very black or white. The pathway of unification is the pathway of healing ALL that stands in your egoic self that tells you that you are separate.

This is mandatory for us to step into a unified field and shift into a new timeline together!

In facing our fears, releasing our judgments, coming to peace with our hatred we break the illusion of the lies we tell ourselves, we find the freedom to create our own reality, and step into a unified field of oneness TOGETHER.

This Frees Us and allows us to bring our fear of the great change that is upon us into true perspective. So when the next piece of this chaos comes (and it will), our fears will no longer be running us as intensely, even if we are shaking in our boots.

We will then be free to stand in our courage and ask the bigger questions,  “How can I use this chaos to heal and evolve more? How can I use this to understand and help my fellow human more? How can I use this to have more love and compassion for myself and others?”

Power of the Word Decree

The Power of the Word Decree is a decree which is similar to prayer and is part of the practice of Quantum Somatic Awakening. A few days ago I read a blog from Matt Kahn who at the end invited the reader into a prayer. It was such a powerful process I am going to repeat it but in a different and re-worded way. I invite you to speak the following Power of the Word Decree out loud. Any words that don’t resonate with you please do not repeat.

“I now know and call forth from my Divine I Am Consciousness a deeper understanding of the Coronavirus and the healing potential that it offers humanity and myself. I know now that humanity and myself are learning individually and collectively what we need to learn…to slow down, to understand our oneness, to understand our collective illness, and to step in even deeper into what is mine and ours to do. I call on the universe now to lead humanity through this current healing crisis and out the other end…more strong, compassionate, and unified than before.

I call forth healing for myself on all levels. I call forth the healing of my fear, judgment, and hatred; and anything else that is standing in my way of stepping into oneness. I call forth healing all that weighs my immune system and my being down. I call on my higher self to now lovingly show me these places that need tending and nurturing so that they may be healed and so I may be set free.

I know now and trust my higher self even more in this process. Thank you for leading me to where I need to go. Thank you for showing me how this pandemic is waking me up and all of humanity. Thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for showing me what true health looks like. Thank you for showing me what true divine safety feels like. And thank you for showing me that my body houses my eternal spirit. I now accept that I am not in control. In surrender and trust of my higher self and Divine will I now accept that if I need to get this virus to be in alignment with my soul’s path of awakening then show me how to accept that, and allow it to flow through me with ease. Show me how to know and feel that I, my loved ones, and all of humanity are eternally safe in the arms of the Divine no matter what is happening!

I now release any energy that is not mine back to where it came from, including any pathogen, collective fear, or other aberrant energy. I now reclaim any energy that I have inadvertently given out that belongs to me to be integrated, and if needed healed and transformed back into the light of my soul. 

I now know and trust that I and humanity are held. We are releasing the old and calling in the new. We are freeing ourselves of the dysfunctional matrix and remembering who we are. Thank you coronavirus for playing your part. I now surrender myself and humanity into the arms of the Divine Oneness that we are. We Are Love. We Are Whole. We Are One.

I now know that this is happening with as much ease and grace as is possible and in right and perfect timing. I know now this is so! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is Done!” 

And so beloveds…It is done!

Sending Healing Blessings To Us All,

Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, ND


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Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is a Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Somatic Awakening®, and Mind-Body-Spirit Specialist. She is also a Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Oracle for the Council of One, Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Practitioner. For more information on her practice click here.

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