Embody Healing and Freedom

Welcome to this 8-week class that opens the door to transformative healing and significant awakening by utilizing the powerful presence of your higher self and the Divine. 

Embody Healing and Freedom is an introductory course on Somatic Awakening® – a healing modality and spiritual practice which utilizes principles of healing and transformation based on the Divine Feminine principles from the Sophia-Christos-Magdalene lineage. 

In this course, you are guided through a step-by-step process to powerfully stabilize, heal, and transmute dense subconscious and somatic contractions. In doing so, you shift from pain, anxiety, and fear to healing, peace, and freedom, supporting you to break old cycles of overwhelm and inner negativity.

At its deepest level, this course offers a roadmap that aligns you to fully live from your higher self and true essence, supports you to embody the divine being that you truly are, and step into your full potential.

Before I Tell You About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

Whether You’re:

  • struggling with fear, anxiety, or just feeling stuck with your life. You are ready to feel better; shift negative internal talk, step out of old dysfunctional patterns, and finally feel peace, freedom, and a powerful connection to who you truly are.
  • ready to take your spiritual healing to the next level. You long to bring spirit into your life to powerfully heal your being, step into your authentic power, while also awakening your own Source Connection and the possibilities that unfold when you do so.
  • a spiritual practitioner or perhaps you’ve done a lot of emotional work, but you find that the embodiment process is difficult. Perhaps no matter what you’ve done or how long you’ve been at it you’re still getting stuck in the same old patterns that pull you down and you want to once and for all be free and live from your true essence.
  • maybe you are interested in stepping into a Divine Feminine Healing Path of essence, spirit, and soul…one that powerfully heals, awakens, and guides you into the embodiment of your true essence.
  • perhaps you’re curious and want to take the first step of becoming a Somatic Awakening® practitioner.
  • or maybe many of the above statements resonate with you…

If you answered yes to any of those statements, you’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how Embody Healing and Freedom will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support to shift your life. As you go on a journey with Somatic Awakening®, the first healing modality of its kind that merges the power of your higher self to that which most needs healing, an alchemy code naturally gets turned on inside. This alchemical process of healing and awakening deeply shifts your life in a profound way.

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Heal and transform emotional contractions from the past so that these blockages no longer keep you in a loop of difficulty, pain, and dis-ease.
  • Bring a deeper sense of safety into your experience of life. Often, past trauma and difficulties cause our being to become fearful and dysregulated. The process you learn here helps you align with powerful relaxation, nurturing, and healthy self-regulation through Divine connection.
  • Understand how to step out of suffering by connecting to the stability and compassion of the higher parts of your being, which know how to fully “be with” the most difficult aspects of self.
  • Learn how to powerfully heal and shift the most difficult traumas in your life by discovering how to connect with your Higher Self Witness Consciousness and its ability to transform the most challenging trauma.
  • Come into a more harmonious and loving relationship with your being and body. Somatic Awakening® opens the door for significant healing to occur through a powerful connection and relationship with the love and care of your higher self and the Divine.
  • Open the door to awakening and empowerment by learning the deeper keys that allow significant shifts to take root and flower in your life.
  • Set in motion the power of your holy word. Activate an internal power so significant that it brings forth your soul’s gifts and passion into your life and solidifies your deeper healing and awakening.
  • Strengthen your connection with the Divine and experience the gift of gnosis. Gnosis is the feeling and knowing of Divine connection in your experience in life. When this happens, you step more fully into profound freedom, awakening, and activation of your deeper gifts.

In this 20-hour course, which includes live classes as well as video and audio recordings, you will be guided through an in-depth process of healing, which will support you to more fully understand and stabilize unconscious ego parts and programs, powerfully transform contractions of trauma, and significantly align with your higher self and the Divine. This process frees you to be truly you and embody your fullest expression in your life.

Through the process, meditations, and transmissions included in each level of this course, you are led into a deep process designed to transform you at a fundamental level and support the emergence of your freedom, your true essence, and your authentic power and embodiment.




“I have gained here the empowerment to move forward with the work I came here to do.”

“…After Melissa’s healing intensive I am in a new space. I have freed myself of the intense charge of emotions, have embodied more of the divine love, light and conscious that I really am. I also have new tools and approaches for loving-ly working with the parts of me still in need of love and healing. I have gained here the empowerment to move forward with the work I came here to do.”

~ Jan Robinson, Best-Selling Author, Teacher, and Mentor

Enroll in the 12-Week Embody Healing and Freedom Course Today

April 5th – June 18th, 2023

A one time payment of $333

2 monthly payments of $170

A Small Sampling of Somatic Awakening® Students and Alumni

“This is a missing piece to the depths of wholeness.”

“This modality is true healing. Melissa is an outstanding teacher. This modality provides true and deep healing for all who are available for it and open to it. This is a missing piece to the depths of wholeness.”

~Cathy Wasielewski, Yoga Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“It’s the ultimate awakening…It teaches you that
there is no outside magic wand…you are the magic wand.”

“Somatic Awakening has returned my authentic power to me. it’s helped me acknowledge that I am a sovereign being and a fractal of God. I have moved into my higher consciousness and I see the big picture. It’s the ultimate awakening. It’s not easy, but it’s so authentic and real. It teaches you that there is no outside magic wand…you are the magic wand.”

~Ruth Antonini, Psychotherapist and Master Teacher

“…have had the most profound healings
and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy, ND”

“I have worked with dozens of spiritual masters and healers over the last 25 years and have had the most profound healings and experiences with Melissa Sophia Joy, ND. Her loving style and pure presence set the stage for the unfolding of one’s soul in a safe and held way.”

~Tiffany Bass-Bukow, Co-CEO Liferise Meditation, and Wellbeing App

Here is what is in this course:


The Road to Higher Healing

In this module, you will be introduced to the path and journey of Somatic Awakening®. You will be shown the broad view of the process – how we have arrived at where we are individually and how to heal and free yourself by utilizing the first phase Gestalt Somatic Awakening® in your life.


  • Learn how Somatic Awakening® can help heal, free, and awaken you to your true nature. Discover why it is a Divine Feminine Healing Modality and how it has the potential to change the world and how we see healing.
  • Be introduced to the multiple levels of the higher self and how these aspects have the ability to heal and stabilize your life. You will be introduced to adult consciousness, higher self witness consciousness, and more.
  • Understand the ego and lower mind (where our negative aspects of self reside.) Learn how to recognize these negative voices that can cause chaos in your life; how they tick, how they are formed, how they are usually trying to help you. Also learn that when they sit in the driver’s seat of your life can cause pain and chaos.
  • Learn the process of Gestalt Somatic Awakening® so that you can create a relationship with these difficult parts of self with your adult consciousness, a fundational part of your higher self. Thus bringing a deeper level of understanding, stabilization, and healing to them. And help you step deeper into freeing yourself of the suffering these negative aspects of our psyche can cause.
  • Also, included in this module (and all other modules) is a meditation and transmission to help you take the information deeper. Specifically with this class you will receive a meditation that guides you through the experience of Gestalt Somatic Awakening® and a transmission from Green Tara to help you more fully connect to and activate your Adult Consciousness in your life.


Higher Self Witness Consciousness Changes Everything

Here you are introduced to the powerful second phase of Somatic Awakening® The Practice. This phase has the ability to significantly shift and dissolve painful energetic contractions in your being so that you have less emotional pain, physical symptoms, and more. It also opens the doors to authentic internal freedom and helps you step into awakening.


  • Learn the dynamic healing process of the second phase of Somatic Awakening®: The Practice.
  • Perceive and experience the potent power of your own Higher Self Witness Consciousness –  the part of your spirit that has the ability to be completely present in a neutral and compassionate way to any aspect of you that is stuck in your somatic body…no matter how dark, shadowy, or frightening it may be and fully bring it to healing. It’s that powerful!
  • Understand why the somatic body, the meeting place of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, is the place that holds dense contractions of pain and trauma. And, how when The Practice is utilized these contractions, when given the right circumstances, alchemically dissolves these contractions. This greatly decreases, and even eliminates physical symptoms, emotional pain, energetic contractions, and more.
  • Gain the next level of understanding of why Somatic Awakening® is a Divine Feminine Healing Modality and spiritual practice…and most significantly how to utilize it to activate significant healing in your life.
  • Learn about the important foundational healing spiritual principles that stabilize The Practice in your life. These fundamental principles are: Organic Presence, The Three Awarenesses of the Present Moment, Staying Within Your Capacity, Oscillation, Softening & Letting Go of Grasping, and Unconditional Acceptance
  • Receive a meditation on Somatic Awakening® The Practice, to powerfully engage this in your own life, and a potent transmission from Mary Magdalene which helps you connect more fully with your Higher Self Witness Consciousness.


Activate Your Source Connection and Embody Divine Healing

In this module step even deeper on the path of awakening and the healing power of your higher self. Here you learn more about the process of shifting out of old ways of being and into an enlivened sense of your true self. Soak in the higher alchemy that’s possible as you begin to see, experience, and embody divine healing.


  • Review the important healing spiritual principles of Organic Presence, The Three Awarenesses of the Present Moment, Staying Within your Capacity, Softening & Letting Go of Grasping, Oscillation, and Unconditional Acceptance to more fully ground in your experience the principles that create the foundation for deep spiritual healing.
  • Gain a firm grasp of the healing power of your higher self, and the powerful divine conduit of healing that opens when you are connected to this higher part of you. And how this process enlivens and activates your soul more fully into your life.
  • Learn how to open and nurture true trust in your being; how the initial stage of hope is vital, how that then shifts to faith…and finally to trust.
  • Understand more fully the path of awakening and embodiment through gaining a deeper understanding of the advanced principles of the Power of Spaciousness, Being Held by the Divine, Integration with the Divine, Full Acceptance, and the brightest star of all Unconditional Love from the conduit of divinity flowing through YOU.
  • Experience a meditation which helps you more fully experience the principles of The Practice and a transmission on The Conduit of Divinity and The Alchemy Code from Mother Mary.


The Keys to the Alchemy Code

In this module, you are invited to step deeper into awakening and embodiment. You will also be introduced to the third phase Quantum Somatic Awakening® which helps you engage your higher self even more in your life as well as the embodiment of your healing and soul’s gifts in the world.


  • Receive a deep understanding of the spiritual path and the specific characteristics of awakening and embodiment, what it means and how to bring it into your life.
  • Learn discernment between the ego-mind and the awakened state, as well as gain knowledge of common potholes in the road so you can identify them and easily navigate around them.
  • Understand and perceive the Power of the Word, which is your own inherent ability to call reality forth from your higher self-awareness.
  • Learn how to use the Power of the Word Decree in a way that is aligned with your highest good to call in your maximum healing potential and your soul’s gifts with ease and grace.
  • Open the door of attaining a deeper awareness of how true manifestation works and what the power of embodiment really is.
  • Experience the Power of the Word Meditation and how to bring it into your life, as well as a transmission on Opening the Stargate of Your Heart and a Powerful Transmission from Sophia Divine Mother on the Diamond-Light-Christos Sphere of protection and awakening.

More Somatic Awakening® Students and Alumni

“exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds…
I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world”

“This training (the Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program) has been exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds. Melissa is a gifted teacher who truly cares. This training has been life-changing, and I am humbled, honored and so grateful that I get to do this work with clients. I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world.”

~Jane Sheppard CPC, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, Functional Medicine Coach, Health and Wellness Coach and Parenting Coach and Educator

“…deepening my relationship with all aspects of myself to provide a deep well of love and care to myself that has emanated into all other areas of my life. “

“The…course (on Somatic Awakening®) with Dr. Melissa (was) such a deeply transformative and self-empowering exploration… With her graceful guidance, I was able to engage in alchemizing shadow into light and deepening my relationship with all aspects of myself to provide a deep well of love and care to myself that has emanated in-to all other areas of my life. Thank you for this powerful work!!”

~Alexis Farley, B.A., Naturopathic Medical Student

“This is a deep form of transformation…”

“The…course (on Somatic Awakening®), was deeply valuable to me. (It taught me) techniques that source inner wisdom in order to deal with past traumas…(and) bring powerful healing to the parts of my-self that most need attention. This is a deep form of transformation…Dr. Melissa provides (these teachings with the) utmost grace, warmth, and loving presence. I am deeply grateful and eager to continue using the strategies I’ve learned from taking this course!”

~Sarah Underwood

“…life-altering and powerful material”

“I deeply respect Melissa Joy’s teachings as she truly embodies the teachings, explains the material clearly, and has powerful meditations and transmissions. This is life-altering and powerful material and I deeply appreciate the impact that Melissa Joy has had on my life.”

~Tamara, RN

“(helped me to) enter sacred realms…that I previously did not know how to initiate for myself…”

“…I have been/am a dedicated practitioner & seeker for decades now and yet, this call to awaken my feminine, my sacred divinity, is singularly different. EHF is a brilliantly sequenced series that offers guidance, practical tools, potent transmissions, and meditations that invite me to explore my internal realities, to heal them, and to thereby enter sacred realms that I’ve experienced but, pivotally, that I previously did not know how to initiate for myself. What could be a greater blessing?”


What you will receive as a student in

Embody Healing and Freedom:

4 Teaching Modules on Healing and Awakening

that will lead you through a step-by-step process of the powerful healing of Somatic Awakening®. Open to the superpowers of your higher self and step into profound healing, awakening, and manifestation aligned with your highest good in your life.

*These recorded videos engage multiple learning styles and are broken down into bite-size digestible lessons so that you can easily fit them into the schedule of your life. The content, which also includes all meditations and transmissions, is completely downloadable.

    4 Experiential Meditations…

    which help you move the information from the linear concept of it into your felt and lived experience of it in your body. These meditations help give you a direct experience of what is being taught so you may more fully embody it.

    4 Transmissions to Help You Embody the Teachings and Activate Your Higher Self

    These transmissions help you more fully embody the information by sharing with you the transmission of the energetic understanding of the teachings. They also actively help you connect to your higher self, the healing power within, and your own source connection. These transmissions come from Divine Mother and The Council of One which is a council made up of several Ascended Masters…which include Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Green Tara, and more. Through this process these great beings serve as powerful mentors and guides which help support you in your healing and awakening journey.

    4 Live Somatic Awakening Satsangs

    Two weeks after each teaching module is released, we will gather together as a community of seekers to go deeper with the teachings, get your questions answered, and there will be an opportunity for all to share their experiences. There will also be live transmissions and, at times, live healings and inquiry with individual participants. Those receiving, as well as those witnessing, can both greatly benefit from these inquiry/healing sessions. These gatherings will be via Zoom. They will occur for most dates listed on Sundays at 12:30 PM PST and will last roughly two hours. The dates of the Satsangs are April 16th, May 7th, May 31st (note this is on a Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 PM PST,) and June 18th. The last Somatic Awakening® Satsang will be an “Activation of your Higher Self and Completion Ritual” with a final transmission from the Higher Dimensional Guides.

     *The word “Satsang” means spiritual gathering associated with the highest truths. 

    Supportive Handouts

    Each teaching module will include helpful handouts which consist of reviews of the information, meditation guidelines, inquiry and journaling prompts, as well as cheatsheets to help guide your journey.

    Schedule Overview – To Fit Into the Busiest Lives

    Because this class is not just about “learning information”, but is also significantly about experiencing and embodying what is taught, it has been adjusted to give students time to be immersed in the process and embody the work. Therefore, in this 12 weeks course, every four modules are taught over a three-week span. The first week you will be introduced to the recorded teachings, which are in short bite-size 5-25 minute chunks. The second week gives you time to complete the modules, as well as experience the meditations, transmissions, and PDF inquiry/journal sheets. In the third week, we will meet together as a group in the Somatic Awakening® Satsangs to share, receive teachings, and more. So, the ONLY time you are asked to show up live will be the four group satsangs. But, if you can’t make a satsang these will be recorded with a replay available.

    Private Facebook group

    This will help you align with your community, ask questions, make comments, and connect with others who are also walking through this transformative process.

    Discounts for One-on-One Sessions with Dr. Melissa to go deeper if you desire.

    Receive $25 off of all 60 minute sessions utilizing Somatic Awakening scheduled throughout our twelve weeks together to help you go deeper in your process.

    Five Year Membership to Embody Healing and Freedom Program so you can listen to the classes, meditations, and transmission on into the future.

    This allows you to take your time in listening to and integrating this information into your life. You can go back and re-listen to the classes, transmissions, and meditations again and again so that you can assimilate the information in your own time

    Enroll in the 12-Week Embody Healing and Freedom Course Today

    April 5th – June 18th, 2022

    A one time payment of $333

    2 monthly payments of $170

    Bonus #1

    Mentoring with Ascended Masters

    Open to the amazing and powerful support of higher dimensional guides in a way that honors your sovereignty, significantly helps you open to your healing, and deeply supports your higher self integration.

    (A $100 Value)

    • Learn a deeper understanding of what a mentor relationship is with higher dimensional beings aligned with the Law of Love and the Law of One and how these relationships differ from what we normally experience from religious perspectives.
    • Understand why it’s so important in this age of evolution and sovereignty to receive their support, and how these mentor relationships super-charge our healing and awakening.
    • Open to the incredible stabilization, healing, and oceans of compassion that ascended masters offer to your healing and awakening experience.
    • Perceive how they can create quantum leaps in your evolutionary process by shifting your timeline of healing beyond what you could even imagine.
    • Learn how to safely connect with these higher guides through connecting to them in alignment with your highest good, the Law of One, and the Law of Love.

    Bonus #2

    Break Free: 10 Day Recorded Meditation

    (A $33 Value)

    • Experience 10 newly recorded and mastered meditations, with soothing music that help you engage your power within, heal your being, activate awakening, and step more into freedom.
    • These meditations sequentially help you embody and experience the information that you are learning in class.
    • Whether you listen to these meditations daily or listen to them in alignment with the material; they will offer you a powerful foundation to experience the information given in the course.

    As we go through the program I will point you to the meditations that are the most related to what we are learning so that you can engage them in your meditation practice with ease.

    Bonus #3

    The Path of 5-D Consciousness

    In this “mini-class” bonus learn what it means and looks like to step into and live in the awakened consciousness of 5-D living; a consciousness that naturally arises as we step through the gateways of awakening and into embodied enlightened living.

    (A $200 Value)

    • Take the next step in understanding what ‘We Are All One’ really means in the unified field of humanity.
    • Understand what it means to live beyond the dualistic framework of our ordinary reality.
    • Perceive the crazy world of the malleability of time and the underlying fabric of reality.
    • Open to the magnificent world of Avatar Christos-Buddha Consciousness and what it really is.
    • And receive a potent meditation/visualization to help you take your next step into 5-D Consciousness.

    Embody Healing and Freedom is a one-of-a-kind course that teaches you Somatic Awakening®, the somatic-spiritual healing modality, and practice that is drastically changing people’s lives through the healing power of the higher self. The power of your higher self brings healing, awakening, and embodiment to your life like nothing else can because only your higher self and the conduit of divinity, which it is connected to, knows you, cares for you, and loves you this intimately!

    This program is for those who are READY to step fully into their healing and awakening to FREE their lives. It is for those ready to take full responsibility for their lives because they choose freedom, healing, and awakening over the dense programming of victim consciousness.

    Our community is a special group of healers, light-workers, way-showers, therapists, counselors, and others willing to do the work to open themselves to the power and love from their higher selves and the divine. This community is super-helpful, loving, and supportive. And when you join, you will be part of this special group.

    There are many programs out there that offer different healing processes. Some work great, some not so great. Therefore, my promise to you is that I’ve done everything I can so that this program will offer you a deep connection to yourself, your healing, and to your higher self in a way that will change your life for the better; a life with more authenticity, love, and freedom.

    Refund Policy: We hope that you feel deeply healed and satisfied by this class. However, we realize that not all teaching is for everyone. Therefore, if you are not satisfied you have 14 days from the beginning of day one of the class to get a refund. Full Details Here.

    Questions you may want to have answered before fully stepping in…

    I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I’m going to learn and step into inside this program. Are you sure I can do this?

    This program has a lot to offer that will positively change your life for the better in terms of healing, awakening, and stepping into more freedom in your life. However, Somatic Awakening® is not just a healing modality it is also a spiritual practice. And, spiritual practices are a path, not just a destination. So, for those who resonate with this work, it can and will go much deeper. Think of this as a powerful foundation to open your life in a new direction of transformation.

    Also, the course has been adjusted so that you have more time in between each of the four modules to give you the spaciousness to understand the material, as well as more fully experience it with the meditations and transmissions. You will also have a 5-year membership to this course so if needed you can take your time viewing and listening to the classes, meditations, and transmission, as well as you can go over them again and again if desired. You will also have a community of support to help you go deeper over time. Lastly, because of the depth and breadth of this work, many students have found it very supportive to take the course again. Therefore, all alumni can take the course again for half off of the normal price.

    It feels like a big time commitment and I’m already busy. Is this workable for someone who is busy?

    This class has been thoughtfully created for those who are busy. It has been formulated so that you can listen to the teachings and practices in your own time and in your own way. Each module is divided into multiple 5-25 minute lessons so you can easily listen to them when you have time to do so.

    Also, as mentioned in the last answer the course has now been adjusted so that you have more time in between new modules to give you the spaciousness of both understanding the material in the modules, as well as having more time to fully experience the teachings in the meditations, transmissions, and in the Somatic Awakening® Satsangs. After a module is released you have two weeks to listen and practice with the material, then there will be a live Somatic Awakening Satsangs (which will be recorded). Then the next module will be released a week after the Satsangs. Therefore, you have a total of three weeks between the release of each module. Lastly, once you join you will have a 5-year membership to the material in this program. So, you don’t have to finish it all while the course is running.

    What are the dates and schedule for this course?

    The Schedule for the April 4th-June 20th 2022 Embody Healing and Freedom class is as follows:

    • July 11th: Teaching modules for Class 1 are up on the membership site, as well as the experiential processes (meditation, transmission, and Inquiry PDF sheets.)
    • July 18th: Week to finish watching videos, listen to meditation and transmission, and do inquiry/journal handouts
    • July 24th: 1st Live Somatic Awakening® Satsang at 12:30 PM PT
    • August 1st: Teaching modules for Class 2 are up on the membership site, as well as the experiential processes (meditation, transmission, and Inquiry PDF sheets.)
    • August 8th: Week to finish watching videos, listen to meditation and transmission, and do inquiry/journal handouts
    • August 17th (NOTE: this is a Wednesday) 2nd Live Somatic Awakening® Satsang at 6:00 PM PT
    • August 22nd: Teaching modules for Class 3 are up on the membership site, as well as the experiential processes (meditation, transmission, and Inquiry PDF sheets.)
    • August 29th : Week to finish watching videos, listen to meditation and transmission, and do inquiry/journal handouts
    • September 4th: 3rd Live Somatic Awakening® Satsang at 12:30 PM PT
    • September 12th: Teaching modules for Class 4 are up on the membership site, as well as the experiential processes (meditation, transmission, and Inquiry PDF sheets.)
    • September 19th: Week to finish watching videos, listen to meditation and transmission, and do inquiry/journal handouts
    • September 25th: 4th Live Somatic Awakening® Satsang and Completion Ritual at 12:30 PM PT

    *Note: The Somatic Awakening® Satsangs will be recorded if you can’t make them live. 

    I’m tight for money and I’m not sure I can make a financial commitment like this right now? Can I afford this? Are there scholarships available?

    When I’m in situations like this I ask myself the following question: Can I afford not to take this class? Is your deeper self, heart, and spirit guiding you toward it? Does it feel like you need this class to move forward with your life? If so, I have found that when there is the will there is a way. You also have the option of a 2-pay payment plan so you don’t have to pay all upfront. However, if you have an authentic financial need and really desire to take this class contact us and we will work with you to find a payment plan that works for you.

    There is also a scholarship available for this course for those who have an authentic financial need along with a deep desire to go further into Somatic Awakening®. To apply for the scholarship please email me the following in a short concise paragraph: Why do you want to take this course? How is this course and Somatic Awakening® in general calling you? What do you hope to gain out of it? Are you are a person of color (BIPOC)? And, if so feel free to make a statement about how this correlates to the previous questions, i.e. how being a BIPOC has created issues you want healing in, etc. Also, please include a brief overview of your current financial situation. Please make sure to include your email address. Please email this paragraph to drmelissasophiajoy@gmail.com. The deadline for applying is July 3rd at midnight PT. The winner of the scholarship will receive an email notification.

    I don’t really know you as a teacher. What are your credentials and background?

    This is an important question because you want to make sure that I know what I’m talking about. I get it and here is the short of it: I’ve been in practice as a naturopathic doctor and mind-body-spirit specialist for over twenty years. I have been a teacher of spirituality, consciousness, energy medicine, and holistic health for even longer. I have also had numerous personal awakening and healing experiences, most significantly I’ve had a ten-year dark night of the soul that popped me into a direct living relationship with Sophia Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, and multiple other ascended masters…which led me to Somatic Awakening® blossoming in my life and my healing practice. I’ve also discovered many secrets along the way to life changing healing and connection with our true nature. And, many of these secrets are found in this program.

    To find out more about my journey as a healer and awakening experiences click here.

    To find out more about my professional background click here.

    Does this really work? Is it really going to make a difference in my life?

    If you are a person that is connected to an awareness of your body, you deeply feel emotions, have a general ability to meditate, sense energy, and you are spiritually inclined then I bet that you will deeply resonate with this modality and healing practice and that it will make a big impact on your life. Also, remember the more you experience the higher healing energy possible within this work the more this practice continues to open you to healing, awakening, and embodiment. But, don’t take my word for it. If you are really unsure listen to some of the free meditations, transmissions, watch interviews, listen to the podcast, read the testimonials found throughout this website, read my free e-book, or read the many blogs. After doing so see if you feel a resonance with what is shared then I hope that this leads you to your answer. 

    In all honesty, I have seen countless people heal from this modality. This is why I am teaching it now…because it is time for humanity to remember who we are, and to do so we need to heal the aspects of us that limit who we are and awaken to our true divine nature. And, I personally believe in it so deeply because Somatic Awakening® has also powerfully healed me, deeply shifted my life, and opened me to my own awakening experiences.

    If you show up, do the work, and are sincere about embodying this information your life will change, heal, and shift for the better. And, if it doesn’t work for you there is always a money-back guarantee. For more information on that click here.

    I’m interested in possibly becoming a Somatic Awakening® Practitioner. Is this a pre-requisite for that training? And, where can I find out more about that?

    Wonderful, I’m delighted that you are interested in going deeper. I deeply believe that the more practitioners out there that are sharing this powerful modality, as well as those who go through the program for their own individual process, the more healing and awakening will blossom in the world. To answer the question…Yes, this is the pre-requisite needed for the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program. The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program is for those who would like to be Somatic Awakening® Practitioners. This program also has a non-practitioner tract for those who want to go much deeper into their own personal healing and awakening. The Level I program is a 8 month program. The next Level I program will be offered at the end of October 2022. For an overview of this program click here.

    Enroll in the 12-Week Embody Healing and Freedom Course Today

    April 5th – June 18th, 2022

    A one time payment of $333

    2 monthly payments of $170

    Plus You’ll be Backed by a 100% Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee.

    Still Thinking About It?

    I invite you to give Embody Healing and Freedom a 14-day-risk-free trial if you’re motivated by any of the following:

    You have arrived at the place where you are not willing to compromise any more…

    You are ready to:

    • step into the next phase of your life, see the bigger picture, the wider view of who you really are, and the possibilities that unfold when you are led by Spirit.
    • shift the negative talk you have about yourself and see yourself as fully deserving of the healing and awakening energy of your higher self and the Divine.
    • heal the ancient dysfunctional patterns and imprints of this life and beyond that live in your somatic body and psyche.
    • step into your authentic power, not be in reaction to life anymore, know yourself as whole, and manifest the true vision of your life in the world.
    • open the channel of Divine Love, learn how to stabilize it in your life, and grow to understand that you are both the channel and embodiment of this love.
    • step into a Divine Feminine Healing Path of essence, spirit, and soul…one that powerfully heals, awakens, and guides you into the embodiment of your true nature.

    Speaking honestly heart to heart…

    I have been called by Spirit to offer this program because our world is in chaos, and we are being called in ever-increasing measures to heal and to remember who we truly are! Humanity is clearly at a crucial point in its transformation, and we are all being asked to step fully into awakening to our true essence.

    This powerful modality and practice were transmitted directly to me from Mary Magdalene, Sophia Divine Mother, and other Ascended Masters. Through this experience, I profoundly healed and opened into a direct living relationship with her true essence and the Divine. I am now being powerfully guided to teach this in the world for the times of awakening and ascension we are now in.

    And, chances are, because you are reading this, you feel the stir of these words inside of your soul.

    Can you imagine what your life would be like with more peace, freedom, compassion, love, and awakening to your divine nature?

    I can because I have healed from major trauma and have opened multiple doors of my true nature to the point that I was shown that we are ALL ONE and the DIVINE LIVES INSIDE OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

    I did so by utilizing this modality and practicing it in my own life. I, and countless others, are living proof that it works and that more peace, freedom, compassion, and love are possible in our lives!!

    I invite you to listen closely to your spirit, heart, and soul to lead you down the path that is in the highest alignment for you. And, if this path is lighting up inside of you as a YES, then I rejoice with you and welcome you deeper into the Somatic Awakening® tribe.

    We are all being called to remember that we are so much more than the painful voices and somatic contractions that have ruled our lives.

    We are being called to align to the Healing Power of Divine Acceptance, Love, and Compassion and how this energy has the power to dissolve any density within our being and reconfigure our lives to more ease, grace, and peace.

    When this happens, we awaken and embody the Divinity that lies in the essence of our being. And, when we rediscover this inside of us…everything changes and we have what we need to live in alignment with our soul’s passion, authentic power, and true freedom!

    If your body vibrating with the resonance of these words?

    Then I invite you to join me…

    What do you say??

    Here is to a more healed, peaceful, free, and sovereign world…starting with you!

    With All My Love and Oceans of Blessings,
    Melissa Sophia 

    P.S. You are worthy of healing, love, peace, and compassion…regardless of which path you choose to get there. Because underlying it all, we are all Divine Beings on the path to remembering who we truly are.

    About Dr. Melissa and Sophia Healing Academy

    Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is the Founder of Somatic Awakening® and Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling for over twenty years. She has been a Teacher of Spirituality, Consciousness, Energy Medicine, and more for longer. She is also a Spiritual Teacher, Oracle, Mystic in the Magdalene-Sophia lineage, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive. But, most significantly she is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing and awakening that resides there.

    She discovered this path inside of her by walking through her own profound healing and awakening over decades. She sees this light of the divine within us all. In her teaching and practice, she helps her students and patients heal and evolve as they remember this light within and shift from dysfunction and dis-ease to healing, freedom, peace, awakening, and embodiment.

    Sophia Healing Academy is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice that arose from these principles, Somatic Awakening®. The courses, teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered at Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing, while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and an alignment with our authentic divine power.

    The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on Her principles.

    Enroll in the 12-Week Embody Healing and Freedom Course Today

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