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Sophia Healing Academy is extraordinary on many levels, but it isn’t right for everyone. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions so you can make the best decision for you.

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Sophia Healing Academy Overview

Where do the programs take place and how are they offered?

Most courses take place online. However, occasionally there will be in-person retreats and portions of the Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program which also have in-person retreats.

Break Free

This 15 Day Meditation experience introduces Somatic Awakening® through meditation and experiential process. It is offered as a LIVE audio broadcast over a 15 day period several times throughout the year. When it is not offered live the most recent audio recordings of this meditation experience can be found on this website. For more information on this 15-day meditation experience click here. 

Embody, Healing, and Freedom: An Introduction to Somatic Awakening®

There are four pre-recorded classes for this course. Each class has several modules that are broken down into short sections so that it works for anyone’s schedule. There are also four LIVE Somatic Awakening® Satsangs with teachings, Q & A, and live demonstrations of the techniques with participants. These events also foster connection with others of like mind. Along with each class are also PDF’s (helping you go deeper into the work), recorded audio meditations, and transmissions of various lengths. For more information on this class click here.

Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program

This program is divided into two levels (Level I and Level II) which are both 6 months long. Both levels are taught twice a month via live online classes. (All classes are recorded). These programs also incorporate 1 to 2 in-person retreats per level. In this program, you will also receive support and guidance with mentor sessions from Somatic Awakening® Practitioners, as well as rotate through sharing and practicing with other students going through the program in a buddy system.

Those on the practitioner track are required to complete a practicum to receive the practitioner certification to be able to work with clients. There is also a non-practitioner tract for those who want to go deeper into this work for their own personal and spiritual evolution. This is the most hands-on program and comprehensive program. For more information on this class click here. To sign up to be notified when the details are finalized for the next program and when registration begins click here.

In-Person Retreats

Occasionally there will be in-person day-long and weekend retreats on Somatic Awakening, Great Mother Retreats, and more. These retreats foster your own personal healing, awakening, and evolution by going deeper with experiential process, inquiry, meditation, Somatic Awakening®, transmissions from Higher Dimensional Guides, and ritual. Stay tuned there is one being tentatively being planned for spring of 2022.


How is Sophia Healing Academy different than other online courses?

Sophia Healing Academy teaches healing, awakening, and evolution based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as, the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice aligned to these principles, Somatic Awakening®.

Its purpose is to help the students heal, awaken, and embody their deepest healing and align to their true essence. And, in this process shift, heal, and evolve the lives of future clients of the students who become practitioners.

What will I learn and how will this affect my life?

The depths and breadth of what you learn vary according to how deeply you go with the material and the courses.

At the beginning of Somatic Awakening®, you will learn how to stabilize the negative voices of your psyche and bring healing and balance into your somatic body and your life.

At the most advanced phases, you step into awakening and sovereignty of your authentic power, true nature, and embodiment of your divinity.

For those that are called, you can also assist others in their healing and awakening by becoming a Somatic Awakening® practitioner, which helps you go deeper with the practice in your own life.

The below are examples of what is common as students engage and go deeper with Somatic Awakening® in their life:

  • Shift out of the most difficult parts and programs that keep us stuck, in pain, and in fear and step into freedom. This is a very powerful part of this work. When we shift and heal the parts and programs that have been controlling our life, sometimes for decades or longer, we step into very deep and significant freedom that many have never experienced before.
  • Create more harmony in all of our relationships. This is because this work helps us get into a direct relationship to the parts that used to get triggered. When we are living with more balance and awareness…we may still get triggered, but we see the trigger and the bigger picture faster. Thus we are able to bring more harmony quicker and deeper into all interactions and relationships.
  • Feel deeply worthy, good enough, and loved. This is one of the most significant things this work does. It does so because we are activating the divine conduit of love and divine support that never dies. And, the parts of us that have felt unloved are now being bathed in powerful love that flows into and activates deep self-love and worthiness from inside.
  • Align to and embody our holy higher spirit and divine sovereign essence. This work deeply promotes a powerful alignment to these higher parts of ourselves. And, when they are engaged we are supported to live in our empowerment, our sovereign truth, even more freedom, and we step into our divine essence, even more, the deeper we walk down this path.
  • Live More in the Flow of Life. As we unfold on this path we begin to have more moments, hours, and days living aligned with the flow of life. Here we are no longer in such deep attachment and reaction to life. We have more ease overall. And, even the bad days are not as bad as they used to be because we are more in the flow of life versus being in reaction to life.
Will I get a certificate or official course credit?

There are certificates awarded in the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program. This program is divided into two levels (Level I and Level II) which are both 6 months long and takes you much deeper into learning, healing, awakening, and your deeper evolution.

Practitioner graduates will receive certificates of the level that they graduate and will be able to practice Somatic Awakneing® with clients at the level they are trained at. The non-practitioner track will receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information on the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program click here.

When will be the next Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program?

The next Level I Somatic Awakening Practitioner program will begin in the fall of 2022.

Are there prerequisites for the Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program (SAPP) and if so, what are they?

Yes, the introductory class Embody Healing and Freedom is required for entry into the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program (SAPP).

*There is an also application process for SAPP. To be notified when registration is announced please sign up here.

Where else can I learn more about Sophia Healing Academy?

Who It’s Perfect For

Who’s right for Sophia Healing Academy?

If you are a person that is connected to an awareness of your body, you feel emotions intensely, sense energy, and you are spiritually inclined then bets are that you will deeply resonate with what is taught in Sophia Healing Academy, as well as with Somatic Awakening® and they will make a big impact on your life.

The more you experience the pure divine healing energy possible within this practice the more it continues to open your daily life to healing, awakening, and embodiment.

But, don’t take my word for it before diving into the bigger courses listen to some of the free recordings, the podcast, or read the blog and see if they resonate with you or not. If they do, then you are more than likely right for Sophia Healing Academy.

Countless people have healed and stepped into awakening from these teachings. This is why they are being taught now because so many lives have been healed and transformed…and our world needs a lot of healing and awakening.

If you show up, do the work, and are sincere about embodying this information your life will change, heal, and shift for the better. And, if it doesn’t work for you each class has a money-back guarantee. For more specific information see the details page for each course.

Who’s not right for this program?

Sophia Healing Academy is not right for everyone. We care about our students’ success and want to make sure you make the right decision for you.

If you:

  • have very minimal awareness of your intuition, feeling, and somatic sensations. To be clear you DO NOT have to have these senses fully intact. However, if they are not present in your awareness at all you might find Somatic Awakening® challenging.
  • prefer 1:1 mentoring and individualized feedback. (However, 1:1 mentoring and individualized feedback are a part of both levels of the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program. Note: I also offer one on one individual work which you can find out more about here.)
  • are not ready to step out of victim consciousness and take full responsibility for your life.
  • have a psychological diagnosis that makes connecting to your adult consciousness and higher self difficult. This is commonly found in diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Borderline Personality, and other psychiatric conditions.

If you said yes to one or more of these then Sophia Healing Academy may not be the right fit, and that’s OK.

Is Sophia Healing Academy just for women?

No. Sophia Healing Academy welcomes all gender identifications whether you are female, male, or non-binary. The Divine Feminine Healing Principles and the healing process that arises from these principles is non-gender specific. Therefore, everyone is welcome. Occasionally, I will teach courses or retreats that are for females only. However, most classes are for everyone, no matter your gender identification. 

Will this work if I’m outside of North America?

Definitely. We have had students from all over the world. The principles, teachings, meditations, and transmissions you’ll learn and experience are universally applicable.

More importantly, the healing, spiritual practice, and all of the evolutionary and transformative experiences you have will benefit you for a lifetime and beyond.

The only issue that we have found regarding being outside of North America (or on the other side of the US) is that you will need to plan for the live portion of the pre-requisites, as well as the live courses for the practitioner program according to your time zone.

If English isn’t my first language, will Sophia Healing Academy still work for me?

Absolutely! The concepts that are taught aren’t limited to any one language. The concepts and principles of healing and awakening are cross-cultural no matter where you live or what language you speak

That said, the program is taught in English. Therefore, you will need to be able to clearly comprehend English and be able to translate it into your native language to fully understand and bring the teachings into your life.

Do I need to be technically savvy to take Sophia Healing Academy?

No, the courses have clear directions and tech support is available as needed for any tech issues that may arise.

Can my partner and I take Sophia Healing Academy together?

Sophia Healing Academy is a single membership program. Meaning, one person per course membership. If you’d like to do the program along with your partner, please enroll separately.

Tuition & Guarantee

How much does Sophia Healing Academy cost?

Each course has its own unique cost. But, most have payment plans so you can purchase the course over time. For more information see each individual course.

Do you offer scholarships?

The Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program offers some partial scholarships. Scholarships do require a true authentic financial need, which you will need to demonstrate. They also require an application to be filled out. The scholarships are limited and are given out to those in the most need.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Each course has a money-back guarantee. For specifics for each course please see the information for that course.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, and check.

Last Little Details

How is Sophia Healing Academy different from your free online resources?

Taking courses through Sophia Healing Academy goes much deeper into the material on all levels (somatically, intellectually, spiritually, etc.). Also, the courses help you deeply engage this material in your own unique and individual experience and embodiment of it. The free offerings can be transformative due to the nature of the work. However, the focus of these offerings is to give you a taste of these teachings to see if it resonates with you. But, they definitely do not go as deep as the courses. The courses through Sophia Healing Academy helps you merge with the deeper river of this path to deeply shift, heal, and awaken your life. The deeper you go the wider the rivers path becomes.

Do I have to believe in Sophia, Mystical Christianity, the Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Higher Dimensional Beings for this to work for me?

No, you don’t. This is a mystical path of experience, It is not a religious path of seeing divine beings as those above us who need to be worshipped.

The connection to Sophia, Mystical Christianity, Ascended Masters, Angels, and other Higher Dimensional Beings are there to help open the doors for us. These beings do not need nor are asking us to worship them. They are merely wanting to help us heal, evolve, and remember who we are.

What that said it is helpful to have an open mind and heart to these beings because their energy can greatly help you along your path. Not doing so would greatly deny the bountiful grace and healing blessings they can offer your path.

Also, we work with these being in alignment with the highest vibration of love, oneness, clarity, protection, integrity, and ethics. Therefore, these beings will ALWAYS respect our free will. And, we will only receive from them what is in our highest good, ease, and grace, as well as right and perfect timing.

They are here to deeply support and love us. When we become aware of how much they offer us deep respect and love arise organically and a natural mentorship unfolds. In order for all of this to unfold…you need to at least begin with a sense of openness and curiosity.

But, you always have free will and if this aspect of the teachings doesn’t resonate with you that’s okay too. You can still get a lot out of this work without having a direct connection to the ascended masters.

How do you support students as they work through the training?

Each course offers different levels of support while you go through it. For more details see the specific information page on that course.

Also, Dr. Melissa offers one-on-one sessions to go deeper into your own specific healing with Somatic Awakening®, as well as your spiritual evolution. To find out more about these one-on-one sessions click here. Other Somatic Awakening® practitioners are also available for one-on-one sessions.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Dr. Melissa?

With each course, you are invited to email us feedback and questions. Dr. Melissa will respond to questions regarding the courses; such as your experiences with the practice itself, questions regarding what you are learning, etc.

Also, Dr. Melissa offers one-on-one sessions to go deeper into your own specific healing with Somatic Awakening®, as well as your spiritual evolution.

Most courses also offer live Somatic Awakening® Satsangs and/or Q & A sessions to get your questions answered.

Finally, the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program has ongoing support and mentorship with Dr. Melissa, as well as other Somatic Awakening® Practitioners.

What if I have another question not listed here?
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