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The e-book: The Four Golden Keys to Healing: Utilizing the Power of Your Higher Self to Heal Your Deepest Wound with Somatic Awakening® By Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy

In this e-book, Dr. Joy covers the keys needed to heal and feel better on a significant level in your being. Learn how to deeply heal the trauma that’s stuck in your somatic body and shift anxiety, overwhelm, physical illness, and depression into ease, grace, peace, and well-being. This e-book helps you step out of suffering and into the awakened freedom of your true nature. Open the doors to your healing and awakening for absolutely FREE with this e-book today.

Please note that since this e-book was written Somatic Awakening® has evolved greatly and now has three different phases. The primary phase and thrust of Somatic Awakening® is what is covered in this book. This process is now called Somatic Awakening®: The Practice and is the second phase of this work. To find out more about how Somatic Awakening® has evolved and the other two phases go here. (Or check out the Sophia Healing Academy’s website when you are ready). Stay tuned for the updated version of this book which is being written for publication.

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