I just returned from The Way of Mary event at the Open Secret Bookstore and I felt powerfully moved to share the channeling that came through. Blessings of this higher love on your heart and being!

Valentine’s Day Channeling from Mary Magdalene

I invite you to drop into your heart…

I want to convey to you several different aspects of love that are incredibly important to hold especially in this societal portal of love that you are celebrating together.

The first aspect of this portal is romantic love, which is the what this holiday is famous for.

However, romantic love is limited in the present day society for most people. Romantic love is limited by the ego constructs of sense of safety. Another way of saying it, is that for those who have been traumatized, or have experienced difficulty in their life, say with their parents or with other loved ones, there is a sense of protection around the heart.

The more trauma or difficulty one has experienced in this life or in others the more protection around the heart there is.

This protection can look many different ways. It can look like pushing your loved ones away. It can look like being needy and codependent. It can look like other ways too.

But, whatever the story or contraction that is holding you back from loving fully, the way through is to actually bring more love into the pain, not pulling back away from the pain; and not creating some fantasy story about what romantic love is or is not.

The more that you are with yourself in the totality of your being (including the painful parts) the more the portal and the channel of true love opens. The channel of true love on the deepest level that feeds the core of your being; is love for yourself first. As you truly love yourself, you allow for the love of the divine to flow through. This is the biggest portal.

So, let’s next talk more about love of self. There are many aspects of loving self. First, there is the more superficial aspect of loving self (not superficial in a negative way, it is just the way one begins to love oneself). You begin through the intentions of loving self through such things as positive affirmation, reading books about loving self, through talking about it to others. So, you are moving energy in that direction.

But, the deeper levels of loving self actually happen when you take a stand for yourself when your higher self, your spirit, takes a stand for all of the parts inside of you that feel unloved. You allow this portal of love to open when you take a stand. Taking a stand looks like standing with, turning toward, being with, holding space for all of the different terrified, traumatized, hurt, contracted, protected parts of self.

When your higher self stands up and says, “I’m not going anywhere, I love you to the end of time”. It’s your spirit, which is part of God, showing up and saying, “I Am the love that you have been waiting for. I have what you need. Allow me to feed you this love that you have always been wanting; that you have been grasping for or that you have been desiring, but pushing away. I Am the answer, in the perspective of the bigger I Am…the I Am that I Am…this is the answer”.

This part of you has the love that you need in order to stand in your completeness, to stand in your wholeness and to be able to have the kind of relationships that you want on the outside.

This is the way. This is the journey.

It takes great courage for all of these parts that are so scared to receive love. It takes great courage for the will of the adult self to say, “I’m ready for this. I’m wanting this. Higher self show me how this is done. I’m going to take the time now to do this. I’m going to stand here even if my knees are shaking, because the fear is so great. I’m going to stand until I feel this love, until I know that this fear is not the only thing present”.

That kind of commitment and intention opens the greater gate of love of the divine to flow through.

The alchemical combination of this powerful divine love showing up to the scared, contracted parts changes everything.

It brings in powerful healing so that you may step into a deeper knowing and understanding of your completeness.

It is a path that happens over time, you come back to it again and again. Every time you come back to the divine you, this higher You flows in deeper and deeper.

You know this love with your experience of it. It’s not something that you are grasping outside of yourself. It’s something that you open and “know” in your depths, in your meditation, in your inquiry, in your deeper process. For truly the path of awakening and embodiment is allowing this love, this healing love that has the capacity for dissolving all contractions to flow inside of you.

As you dissolve more of these contractions, then you become embodied with your own holy sprit; with your I Am consciousness and with the love that never dies. Then you know, live, talk and walk the divine love of your being.

That doesn’t mean that you have to do it perfectly or that you will do it perfectly. But, the more you do this, the more you are flowing inherently in the love that connects us all, that is underneath and behind all living forms.

When you begin to tap into love as the essence of life you begin to flow with the river of life, with the river of love, because they are truly one and the same. Life becomes easier. Love becomes your daily, hourly, minute by minute, second by second companion. Even when you are struggling, the more you experience this love the more you can relax back into it. So I offer this to you. I offer these words to you. And, more significantly I offer this transmission of this divine love to you.

Here is a short transmission meditation from me to you to bring this love in:

Believe, Feel, Know…This Love Is Real!

Close your eyes and breath deeply

Bring your awareness into your heart

Allow the stream of divine love to flow from above your head, into your body and directly into your heart.

Allow this love to fill your heart completely and fully.

Now feel this love moving into all parts of your being, blessing you.

Blessing especially all parts of you that believe that you aren’t worthy of love,

that believe that you won’t get this love, that you can‘t get this love.

Allow the right and perfect amount of this love to flow into these hurt parts now with ease and grace.

Feel it settling into these parts of you. Feeling these hurt parts of yourself soaking up this love like a dry sponge that is taking in water.

Take your time….Take as long as you need here.

When these parts feel ready, move your awareness to allowing this love to fill all parts of your physical body. Filing it so much that it overflows and moves out into your energy body.

Filling the part of your being outside of your body with this love too.

Continue filling your being with love until it feels complete.

Then move forward with your day filled with love.

Come back to this love as often as you need or want…for it is always here for you.

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