Someone the other day asked me, “Why is someone like you teaching about healing the patriarchal wound?”

Good question. That has a good answer.

I am teaching this topic because…well…IT’S TIME!!!!

We are at a turning point in our history. The patriarchal paradigm is flailing. Between the “Me Too#” Campaign and our governmental leaders so clearly reflecting the shadow of our culture, we can’t ignore it any longer. Women and men alike are waking up everywhere with eye’s wide open at what is (and has been) happening in our world. We are seeing the world from a new perspective.

We are being asked at a very deep level to peer down the rabbit hole of our own psyche to name, see and heal our own patriarchal subconscious patterns. This movement is asking us to stand in the truth of how our shadows have been inundated by the patriarchy and see how these painful subconscious voices are still alive in our lives today.

To be clear this is not an anti-male movement this is a pro-sovereignty/pro-healing movement. One where we all can learn how to heal so we may live in more balance, equality, love and peace together.

In my last 20 years of practice I have seen both women and men effected by these patriarchal patterns and it’s usually on a subconscious level.

A huge number of my patients have come to me absolutely stressed out and exhausted recovering workaholics, type-A personalities, with OCD or deep anxiety-ridden patterns and they have no idea how to stop them until we unwind these patterns together.

I have also seen numerous patients (many who also belonged to the above group) who have experienced (sometimes intense) trauma and are riddled with feeling deep victim consciousness and are on the verge of collapsing until I help them find stability and healing. Some I have seen with unconscious perpetrator motivations who don’t like it at all, but just don’t know how to stop until we bring healing and understanding to these places.

Almost all of these patterns can be tracked down to patriarchal voices. Most of these patterns are passed down to us by our mother (yes mother’s can definitely pass down patriarchal patterns) and our father…which were passed down by their mother and father….and on and on it goes. Some of these painful patterns are from past-lives or socialization that comes from the collective wound. Wherever these patterns come from if there are still running they ultimately cause pain and suffering

After sitting with thousands of these patients for almost two decades I have been called to take this conversation and healing into a bigger format. It’s time to spread the healing to the larger community.

Ever since having an initiation into deeply painful patterns in the collective feminine unconscious (which came from patriarchal wounding) and my own healing in regard to it; I have been given the charge to stand up and help others heal these potentially lethal (and definitely painful) patriarchal programs in our psyches on a larger scale.

Healing these patterns go way beyond merely getting to know and bringing healing energy to the inner masculine and feminine. This is getting down to the root of how the patriarchal patterns have shown up in our deep psyche, to see where they come from and most significantly bring loving and compassionate healing to them.

I believe this level of healing is both for ourselves and the world. For this level of focus, courage, tenacity and healing is true spiritual activism! As we heal, we heal the world.

So, if you are upset at what has been happening in the world. If you are upset at how these patterns keep on playing out in your life no matter how hard you try push them down. If you are ready to stop spinning out in regard to these issues and do something about it…then it’s time to step in.

It’s time to join the movement…to step into your true healing.

I invite you to join me….

The Three Oracles Speak

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Healing the Patriarchal Wound for Women

Three-Day Intensive in Sebastopol, CA

May 18–20, 2018

It’s Time to Heal the Wounds!

The time of change is upon us; both sexes have been greatly wounded, hurt and are repressed through thousand years of patriarchy. We are being asked at an unprecedented level to show up…and take a stand for our healing!

Are you ready to

  • Break free from the chains of inner patriarchy that bind you and render you powerless?
  • Understand and heal your specific subconscious patterns of patriarchal trauma that have negatively effected your life and hurt your relationships?
  • Shed the heaviness of depression, anxiety, sadness and fear connected to these personal and familial subconscious patterns?
  • Allow yourself to heal and live life beyond these patriarchal constructs and frequencies of oppression; opening to the beauty, freedom and empowerment that is possible in your life?
  • Heal your inner and outer relationship to the masculine and feminine; and step into the harmony this brings?
  • Change the world…as you heal, the world heals.

About the Healing Intensive

This intensive specifically will address, engage and offer healing to women and the feminine psyche. We will utilize powerful healing rituals, Somatic Awakening®, transmissions from ascended masters, inquiry, experiential exercises and more to help shift, heal and move you toward freeing yourself of the patriarchal wound.

Since this body of work is new this intensive will be offered to women only, so that the deeper issues of women’s psyche can be addressed.

Friday–Sunday, May 18–20, 2018 in Sebastopol, California (exact location TBA)

Friday: 10:00am-6:30pm
Saturday 10:00am into evening (around 10:00pm)
Sunday: 10:00am–1:00pm

Cost: $350–$425 (sliding scale)

Does not include price of catered meals or lodging

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