May 18-20, 2018 in Sebastopol, California
The time of change is upon us. We are being asked at an unprecedented level to show up…and take a stand for our healing!

This weekend offers deep healing and powerful thresholds which will help you take your next steps in your evolution in a profound way.

​This intensive will be led by a council of female ascended masers of light who have made it clear that they want to help lead us in and through this healing, as well as transmit a huge amount of healing light in the process.

This council of ascended masters also made this clear…

Healing the patriarchal wound is NOT about wallowing in sorrow, NOR is it about pointing the finger…

It is about:

Awakening into the Light

The Light of Love.

The Light of our Freedom.

The Light of our Embodiment and Empowerment

This intensive is for you, if you experience:

  • Anxiety, overwhelm or a sense of unease from fears that you can’t get to the bottom of?
  • Difficult relationships with partners, family members or at work?
  • Fears of trusting men or trusting women who run aggressive energy?

If so, you could be like countless others suffering from patriarchal patterns that keep you limited and suppress your inner power.

Are you ready to:

  • Break free from the chains of inner patriarchy that bind you?
  • Understand and heal your specific subconscious patterns of patriarchal trauma that have negatively effected your life and hurt your relationships?
  • Shed the heaviness of depression, anxiety, sadness and fear connected to these personal and familial subconscious patterns?
  • Allow yourself to heal and live life beyond these patriarchal constructs and frequencies of oppression; opening to the beauty, freedom and empowerment that is possible in your life?
  • Heal your inner and outer relationship to the masculine and feminine; and step into the harmony this brings?

Change the world…as you heal, the world heals.

About the Healing Intensive:

In this intensive we specifically will address, engage and offer healing to women and the feminine psyche. We will utilize powerful healing rituals, Somatic Awakening®, inquiry, experiential exercises, and more to help shift, heal and move you toward freeing yourself of the patriarchal wound. This intensive will be guided by a council of ascended female masters: Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Green Tara, Isis and Hathor. They will also individually and collectively give transmissions of healing and wisdom regarding healing the patriarchal wound during this intensive.

Since this body of work is new, this intensive will be offered to women only, so that the deeper issues of women’s psyche can be addressed.


Friday–Sunday, May 18–20, 2018 in Sebastopol, California (exact location TBA)

Friday: 10:00am-6:30pm
Saturday 10:00am into evening (around 9:30pm)
Sunday: 10:00am–after lunch


-$350 for those who can pay in a single payment now

-$200 as a two time payment (one payment now and one payment in 30 days)

*Note the pricing scale has been changed so it is more accessible to a larger audience. I want to give the women who really want to be there a larger opportunity to do so.

The above cost does not include price of four delicious catered meals of $65, which can be paid for at registration on Friday of the event.

Limited lodging is also available for those who are from outside of the area.

The retreat will be held in a lovely private home in rural Sebastopol which is abounding with blooming gardens, and a beautiful pond.

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