This has been a powerful week of transformations for many of those that I work with in regard to healing trauma. One patient after another has been opening doorways of trauma that have been long closed. For all, it has been a significant step toward healing and freedom. However, when these doorways are opened difficult emotions come pouring out such as hurt, rage, shame, and anxiety. Yet on the other side of these feelings lies healing and freedom.

Until the doors of old and hidden trauma are opened the painful underlying emotions connected to these painful experiences are stored in our bodies. Unfortunately, this stored trauma, and the difficult feelings and protective stories they hold, will continue to run our lives. Yet, when we allow the trauma to be seen and the feelings to be felt for what they are, without allowing them to rule our life; we learn how to be with these difficult feelings. We learn how to offer these hurt parts of ourself healing compassion, we heal and allow more of our true light to be uncovered.

Transmission from Mary Magdalene:

This morning I received a transmission from Mary Magdalene regarding trauma and this is what she said:

“Every time you experience some type of trauma that is overwhelming to your body your psyche puts a layer of protection around you. This protection often comes in limiting beliefs, such as, “Others aren’t to be trusted”, “The world isn’t safe” or “It is all my fault”. Although the intention of these beliefs is to protect you against pain happening in the future, the outcome is that these layers of density dim the light of your soul. It does this because these density patterns are in exact opposition to the freedom and vastness of who you truly are.

The more trauma you’ve experienced in this life and others, the more layers of density are around the light of your core essence. To move into the process of awakening, embodiment, and ascension; one must address, turn toward, and be in a loving relationship with these aspects of self that feel scared, hurt, alone and are still suffering from the trauma that you experienced long ago. Unprocessed trauma causes multiple levels and layers of density patterns that are frozen in your being. So, to allow them to heal you must allow these subconscious frozen parts to thaw and be with the feelings can arise when this occurs.

However, the more you are connected to your higher self the more easily this process unfolds because then you no longer sink into the negative feelings, and feel like you are drowning in them. Instead, you are buoyed and steadied by your higher self. This changes everything and allows the spiral of healing to move with more ease and grace. It also allows the part of you that has been scared to address your trauma to settle because you now know that your mind and ego doesn’t have to do this alone. You start to trust your higher self and realize that its power, love, and light has the ability to stabilize your being and usher you into healing with more ease and grace than you ever imagined. You begin to viscerally feel that healing is possible with the light of your higher self, realize that you are not alone in the process and that the guiding light of your higher self is always with you.

We are with you every step of your journey to heal, free yourself, and help you remember who you really are”.

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