We were evacuated due to fires here in Santa Rosa last week. We and our home are gratefully okay. Although, we are a bit shaken. But, it broke me open even more and left me asking the question “With all of the chaos in the world right now what do I need to know on the biggest level?” As, I sat with this question in meditation the following transmission from the Council of One, a council of ascended masters, came in. I hope that it offers wisdom and solace to you.

Transmission from the Council of One

“Hold steady…much is changing.
What seems true is not completely true and what seems false is not completely false.
Much is being turned upside down.
This is the time to question what you think you know and don’t jump to judgments or conclusions based solely on your mind.
This time is rife with complications and confusion based on politics, ideologies, and beliefs….but it goes much deeper.
The very fabric of your reality is elevating and the old ways of your political systems, governmental and business structures, societal systems, and even how you have been with yourself are shifting and dying.

This change is much bigger than merely what is on the outside.

The outside is merely a reflection of what is happening to millions on the inside.
And, for those committed to the good, to love, and to peace…Hold Steady!

Holding steady is taking refuge in what you do “know” on the inside…your source connection, your connection to love, peace, calm, and higher vibrations.

Taking refuge in this now is absolutely important, for it will help you navigate the difficult terrain ahead and will help steady the collective.
The next few months will be full of shift, tumult, and information that may seem shocking to many.
We, and multiple councils of light, have been given permission to intervene and bring peaceful stabilization into what could be a very difficult time.
Know, we are with you.
And, you are being asked to play your part by questioning the parts of you that automatically judge beliefs, people, ideologies, and perspectives.
Truth is a relative duality in relation to the bigger evolution that is moving through your planet, country, communities, and yourself.
Take refuge in the love that holds all together, especially when the mind feels like it needs to know the truth based on what is outside of self, a place where confusion reigns.
Take refuge in the understanding that no matter what the outcome of the upcoming election that eventually love and peace will reign and the highest truth will be known.

And, again we repeat ourselves because it’s so important…

You who have the ability to connect into your source connection are needed now to HOLD STEADY!

You, beloved light-bearers, star seeds, and awakened ones are being asked to walk through the eye of the needle aligned to your source connection…veer but a little to the left or a little to the right, and the course of history changes. Yes, it is that important to play your part in holding steady.
The more people can hold steady while the outside looks chaotic, crazy, and even violent…the easier this birth will be.

So, trust and stay true to the love that never dies inside of you,

The love that flows through the unified field of humanity and the earth.

Stay true to the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Stay true to the field of balance you vibrate out into the world while you hold steady inside.

It is time to stop trying to figure out lower vibrational truth with the mind only and Stand in the Deepest Truth of Your Source Connection and the Unified Field of Who You Truly All Are!

You are not alone. Millions of higher dimensional beings of light are with you. And, we are acting on behalf of the good, of the collective of humanity and the unified field of love.

We are all helping the Earth and her inhabitants Hold Steady as you shift into a higher vibrational reality”.

And, with this transmission, I was given the guidance to help us “Hold Steady” and step deeper into our evolution by offering the event…

Hold Steady: From Darkness to Light an Activation, Ceremony, and Transmission with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germaine, and Mother Mary
on Tuesday, Oct. 20th from 6:00-7:00 PDT.
This will be a Zoom event by donation.
For more information and to register click here.
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