2020 was a year of a lot of intensity. And out of the gate, 2021 looks like it’s going to follow suit. Let’s be honest change doesn’t always look like how we want it to. And, the bigger the change, the more adversity can be felt. Knowing that we are in a significant time of change as humanity evolves to a higher vibration, I predict that we haven’t seen the end of this disruption.

But, we DON’T have to be brought down. With awareness and focus, we can stay aligned to the higher vibration inside and the evolution that is well underfoot.

This blog is all about helping you do just that. It discusses seven significant ways that when utilized will help you stay sane no matter what is happening in the outside world.

Feel Your Feelings

First, feel your feelings…all of them. Yes, really. Feel that which you don’t even want to feel – anger, upset, outrage, fear, confusion, all of it. For if we don’t feel our feelings they WILL get lodged in our being. And, when these emotions become contractions in our somatic body they can cause all sorts of chaos and havoc in our body and life. They can increase stress and anxiety, harsh words can come out sideways to those that we love, or suppressed feelings can eventually cause physical dis-ease.

But, feeling your feelings can also be a slippery slope because the ego-mind will usually want to make a story about these feelings. It will often tell you things such as, “I can’t believe they did that. How stupid they are.” Or, “It’s all their fault. If only they would _______ everything would be okay”.

It’s true some of the issues are occurring because someone did something that feels “wrong”. But, nine times out of ten when we look inside we see that what’s stirring inside is usually triggered by something deeper. And, if we are really honest with ourselves we can often find that we are part of the issue.

The Power of Catharsis

When things get really hairy there is nothing like a good cry, a potent yell, or even acting your feelings out. But doing so in safe ways, to all involved, is imperative! This process allows your feelings, and any story you may be telling yourself about what’s happening, out of your body so it doesn’t get stuck. Take a stick and hit a down tree, throw some glass up against a wall, or one of my favorites write all of your feelings down on paper, and burn the paper. Allow yourself to express your feelings in a healthy way. Catharsis is vital and is a needed part of the healing process.

Bring in Adult Consciousness

When we are in the process of feeling our feelings and expressing them externally, it is also important to bring in the part of your higher awareness that can hold space for these difficult feelings, as well as the stories that your mind is making about them, and most significantly the underlying reason why you got activated in the first place.

This higher, wiser, more mature part of us has the ability to see things from a bird’s eye perspective and can be in relation to the deeper pain, hurt, or fear underneath the surface trigger.

In many instances, when we look at the chaos of the world we often will feel rage, frustration, or anxiety at what’s happening because a part of us is scared of a future possible scenario about what “could” happen and even how we or those we love could be put in danger. When this happens we can get even more triggered and we can rage at the most obvious culprits…the president, the bullies, the senators, the activists, or anyone that looks like a perpetrator.

But, being in adult consciousness brings great stabilization and mature awareness of the deeper issues at hand. And, in doing so we don’t get as activated by the latest brand of crazy that’s happening “out there”.

Higher Self Witness Consciousness

When you bring in your higher self, and the witness consciousness that arises from this part of you to the terrain of difficult emotions in your somatic body, it literally throws the doors to healing wide open.

These higher parts of you have within them alchemical codes that bring to the difficult parts inside what they need to deeply heal. This is the most primary and significant part of Somatic Awakening®. It’s so significant that I will be teaching a class in the upcoming year on it called The Alchemy Code.

In essence, when you connect to the difficult feelings inside of you, whether they be fear, rage, grief, or any difficult emotion, and create a relationship from them to your higher self witness consciousness, they finally feel deeply seen, held, and will receive what they need to heal. Eventually, they alchemically open to peace, dissolve into love, and finally rest.

This healing process is an incredible boon. Because it allows us over time, to become less activated about what’s happening out there, and gives us more opportunity to be with what’s happening in here. Eventually, we begin to see the world as a curriculum of learning and see how all of the triggers “out there” are guiding us into ever-deepening levels of healing, awakening, and freedom inside.

Be With What Is

When we have the adult consciousness and higher self witness activated in our lives we begin to hold evermore deepening levels of peace inside of us. This opens the door to “be with what is” and gives everyone permission to be exactly as they are.

To clarify “being with what is” is not giving permission for someone to act badly and get away with it. This is about giving permission, especially to ourselves, to not let what someone else is doing cause us to go into a frenzy. Because being with what is simply stops our fight with reality. You might not like how reality is showing up. You might want it to be different. But, you are choosing to not suffer by choosing to not argue with how reality “should” be different. You are allowing reality to “be as it is”, even if you don’t like it. And doing so frees you from that fight.

Acknowledge Free Will

One way to deeply do this is to acknowledge that everyone has free will to be who and how they are. Free will is a primary law that governs this reality and everyone has free will on this planet. Unfortunately, it can clearly cause chaos…think Hitler and the Klu Klux Klan…ouch!

However, when we acknowledge that everyone has already been given the divine right of free will to do, say, or be as they are (just as long as they don’t hurt other people) then we can breathe easier knowing that it is not our job to control or judge others. It is not our job to control our neighbor who doesn’t park their car in the right parking space or control the president who is out of control with his “tweets”. It is the HOA’s and Twitter’s job, along with the governments, to engage the consequences around people breaking the rules.

Of course, we can stand up and speak if we don’t feel or see that those in charge are doing their job. But in the deeper essence, in acknowledging everyone’s free will we are not just letting another off the hook, we are letting ourselves off the hook. Because we are acknowledging that we are not in control of what other people are doing, no matter how crazy it looks. And, in doing so we no longer use our precious energy on being high and mighty, judgmental, or continually looping through anger, anxiety, or fear. Instead, we free ourselves to see the bigger picture of this earth school, shake our heads, and chuckle under our breath at the crazy things that people do with their free will. See the difference. When we engage in acknowledging free will it is a powerful road to freedom.

Stand Up and Act In Alignment With Love

Lastly, as we step into our higher awareness and see what’s really going on in this school called Earth we can take a deeper breath and know that we can rest more easily in that which holds us all – the love the underlies all living things. No matter what people do and no matter how crazy it may get out there – we are ultimately held in divine love. And, as we feel this love flowing through us we are nicer to ourselves, to others, and even more understanding when we hear about the latest crazy things happening.

When we align with this power our own internal guidance system engages ever more fully to stand up and act in alignment with love in our life; whether that be in an action in our work, loving words with our family, being in service in our community or stepping deeper into our own brand of activism. Here We Stand In Love…not in fear, hatred, or rage.

And THIS my friend is how we are going to continue this evolution in earnest…no matter how crazy it gets out there.


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