I am very excited to announce that Infusions of Light officially begins this week. 

Infusions of Light is a global broadcast dedicated to bringing healing, awakening, and evolution to humanity by helping you connect to the power and light of your higher self. It is absolutely FREE to you and will be occurring on the third Friday of every month at noon; starting this Friday, Jan. 18th PST.

In this broadcast we will come together monthly to share wisdom teachings, as we also join together collectively through the power of prayer, meditation and transmissions from ascended masters and higher dimensional helpers who are aligned with our highest good and the Law of One (the Law of Unity Consciousness in the light of the Cosmic Christ.)

This months topic is:

Stepping Into the Light of your Higher Self

This broadcast will help you connect deeper to:

Commit to Your Spirit

In this months broadcast, you will be invited to commit to your spirit and to the light within your spirit in 2019 and beyond.


This broadcast will help you embody your spirit more into your being. The spirit will often go into hiding when trauma is experienced. Therefore, we will begin with bringing in a sense of safety so that your spirit can move out from being in hiding and step more fully into its natural light. Through this process, your spirit is welcomed back home into your body.


We will nurture a deep connection with the guiding light of your spirit so that you are supported by its inner light and feel its immense guidance in your life on a daily basis.


Through the presence of the light of your spirit, you bring more healing light into your experience of life. This shifts and heals the deeper parts of you that are afraid, overwhelmed and hiding out in your being. Ultimately, as these parts are brought back into this light they realize that they are never alone, but are always supported by the light and love of your spirit. 


This supportive grace of the transmissions helps you step even more powerfully onto your path of awakening with ease and grace, as well as connect you to a true knowing of who you are, why you are here and clarify your next steps in your life.

“…Melissa is an initiate into such powerful lineages….This is the kind of Holy Woman ministry we need more of on the planet to help us individually and collectively in our time of great transformation.” 

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School

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