Happy Independence Day. Our Forefathers told us that “Freedom is self-evident”, but sometimes it’s not so self-evident, at least when it comes to the subconscious realms.

Laid Out Flat

Over the last few days, I literally have been laid flat on my back. The eclipse, on Tuesday, was a doozy. And as I looked deep soul level exhaustion right in the eye I realized I am not truly free until I release the grip of the inner voices that keep me from my freedom…
The last few weeks I have been on one speed…HIGH. On Tuesday everything came crashing to a halt. I had been on the autopilot “Go voice” the one that gets s____ done. You may have your version of it, it’s the one that says you have to move as fast as you can and do it perfectly to make sure that you’re good enough. Ouch!
But, on Tuesday I connected deeper than the “go voice” and realized that this voice was sitting on top of a much more foreboding energy underneath that was bone-deep soul tiredness which contained very old pain. This pain and exhaustion wasn’t a single story, but a conglomeration of stories and pain from the last few thousand years of living through the pain and suffering of our violent patriarchal society.

Veil Ripped

For better or worse I remember a huge amount of my past lives. I know this might sound weird. But, this has been a part of my daily reality for years. Twenty years ago the veil that normally divides us from our past lives ripped for me. And, ever since then I have had an awareness of a multitude of past lives (most of them painful).
Although mountains of healing have happened since then, there is a lot more healing and love that is needed for these deeper core parts to walk in true freedom…and my higher self is truly hot on the trail of this healing.

Soul Motivation

This is what motivates me, in my own healing and spiritual journey, as well as the discovery of the healing modality Somatic Awakening. Honestly, when I committed to figuring out how to heal on this very deep level the modality magically showed up. My own sense of the suffering of the world is now greatly motivating me to share this with the world.
Yet, I’ll admit, there are parts of me that don’t want me to teach at all. To these parts teaching is dangerous. But, my soul drives me on because I know there are people out there who are waiting to receive what I have to offer who need this in order to be truly FREE and truly INDEPENDENT!
So, I show up. I lay the foundation for the work. I don’t back down. Next week I take a huge step in this by spending it up in Mt. Shasta writing chapters for a book specifically about Somatic Awakening.

True Independence

I have found that this process of healing and sharing is a beautiful movement of healing because as I heal, awaken, and share this out to the world…it leads me to more healing and freedom; which I then share back out into the world. It is a healing domino effect that ultimately leads all willing to take the journey to true independence.
Independence from that which holds us down and back,
Independence from any inner voice that keeps us in the spiral of pain,
Independence from attachment to that which causes us suffering.
Independence from those who do not support our healing, truth, or sovereignty,
Independence that leads us to stand in Our TRUE FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY.
May we learn to live from our higher self day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. On my best days, I live this and know that it Is Possible!!
Yes, that includes me…I am my own best student! 🙂
In Humble Joyful Service to the Healing of Humanity,
Melissa Sophia Joy
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