I am so excited about what is happening…

As I prepare to teach the upcoming intensive Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound, the divine is guiding me every step of the way in my preparation for teaching.  I’ve had divine guidance before, but this is off the chart.

The female ascended master council that will be guiding this intensive is already beaming so much light to heal, shift and transform all who will be in attendance.

They are sharing with me so much of the intensity of this beauty, healing and power that I am being called to ground it in with every thing I have.

They are conveying to me that we are so ready for and need this healing to take our next steps in our life and also to shift the collective through this transforming work.  I am so grateful that I have the many assistant’s/priestesses who will be with us helping to hold this grounding field.

It’s going to be a powerhouse of healing!

We still have a few spots left if you are called to step deeper into your healing, peace and embodiment in the world.  But, please let me know soon space is very limited.

Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound Intensive,

May 18-20

At a Private Retreat Center in Beautiful Rural Sebastopol

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In this intensive we will be guided and led by these female ascended masters through inquiry, breath work, transmissions galore, healing ritual, Somatic Awakening® meditation and more.

The process will also be based on four steps of deep healing that I have seen over and over in the lives of patients, students, as well as my own life.  I have written these steps down to share with the students and want to share them here with you as well.  They are so aligned to the the crux of healing all deep trauma that I wanted to pass them on so that (whether you join us or not) you can benefit from this information in your own healing.

The Four Steps of Healing the Patriarchal Wound

Acknowledge:  The first and in many ways the most difficult step is to acknowledge the pain that you and the world carries in regard to the patriarchy.  It is a looking at what has happened and seeing it clearly for what it is, not making it bigger or smaller than what it really is.  It is asking yourself to really see what has happened in your life, your family’s lives (and how it has effected you) and the world.  There are many layers upon layers here to be acknowledged and I encourage you not to expect yourself to face it all at once; yet rather see each experience as a stepping stone on a path that is going to unfolded overtime.  So, for now ask yourself what is alive inside of you that is causing you pain or hardship?  Then allow your awareness to look at that one memory or awareness at a time.

Be With:  After acknowledging the issue that is at hand, the most important way to engage with it is to see it from your “witness” consciousness.  This is a part of your higher awareness that has the ability to be with what has happened from a place of neutrality, presence and compassion.  This is not discounting what has occurred nor is it brushing over the difficult emotions that might be there.  Rather this is allowing your witness consciousness to be in a dynamic relationship with the pain so that you don’t feel swallowed up by it, while also allowing the feelings to be fully felt. When you are in this kind of “witnessing” relationship with the contraction (the part of you that has had and still feels this difficult experience in your being) it will begin to feel seen, held and taken care of in a profound way that allows it to soften and relax.  Eventually, from this powerful witnessing, this painful part of you will move into a place of peace.  In essence this is the foundation for Somatic Awakening®.  For more information on this process click here:  https://somatic-awakening.com/somatic-awakening/

To listen to a Somatic Awakening® Meditation which will help you learn how to utilize this process click here:


Compassion:  As you begin to create a relationship with the parts of you that have been hurt there is a natural compassion that flows from your witness consciousness (higher awareness/higher self) into both the energetic/emotional contraction, as well as the memory of what occurred.  As these parts of you become full of compassion they soften even more and this compassion naturally wells up inside of you.  As you begin to feel more and more compassion it spills over you and ultimately can be shared with those around you.  As you are “with” more and more of your pain and wounding from your witness consciousness compassion naturally grows inside of you.  Eventually this compassion spills out even to those who have hurt you or those who represent the patriarchy.  Through this compassionate lens you begin to see that they are actually acting from their own pain inside of themselves.  When this happens it’s actually possible to begin to step into the process of forgiveness.  For in forgiveness we let go of the charge of and free ourself to live without the negative energy that weighs us down.  Forgiveness is not forgetting or making what another person did right.  It’s simply letting go of the negative charge of it in our body so that we are free.  Forgiveness usually has many layers so take one step at a time toward freeing yourself from this weight in your life.

Embody:  Each time you go through this round of healing you step more fully into compassion and forgiveness.  This allows you to embody each level of healing in your being.  This embodiment brings profound peace, the more healing the more peace.  As you embody peace more and more you find that you become free to live your life from who you really are and live it less from the inner and outer authoritarian hurtful voices.  As this happens there is a natural arising of positive self talk and more self-love.  With this shift into inner self love blossoms empowerment for you to live as the person that you truly are; a person full of strength, power, love and peace.  As you step more fully into this larger version of yourself you are more able to manifest your true passions and your true gifts; as well as open to the giving and receiving the bounty that the world has to offer.

These four steps are a process that you go through again and again through the healing process.  Each time an experience, memory and/or patriarchal perspective is healed you bring that healing into your self and in the collective.  As this completes you get to enjoy the harvest from that healing.  And, then when it is time you start again…  This process repeats until all parts of you are healed and you are in alignment with your true self.  When you are no longer ruled by that which is outside of you or your negative inner voice, you live from your true soul essence inside.  From here you begin to live in true sovereignty and a powerful alignment with your higher self in your life.  This allows us to step deeper and deeper into both awakening and embodiment and shift into the love, peace and inner authority that is our divine birthright

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Awaken to Light through Healing the Patriarchal Wound for Women, May 18–20, 2018


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