[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have spent the last week on the Big Island of Hawaii.  During this last week I have visited many sacred spots.  I have felt the energy of the island open me to huge shifts in my being.  And I have spent some beautiful time with soul family who live here. But, one of the most beautiful things I have experienced is swimming with the dolphins.  It has been life changing to tangibly be with these higher dimensional beings. This week I have had the pleasure of swimming with them three times. The last two swims I have been woken up very early 3:30 AM and 4:00 AM to “prepare” me so to speak to receive downloads from them. This morning I swam with 60 dolphins in a pod. The vast love I felt to and from them was immense and literally left me in tears. (Which was a little difficult with a swim mask on.  But, I seemed to have managed ;-).

The primary message that they have shared with me is one of what it really means to live from  unity consciousness.  In essence what they have shown me is that in order to live in this higher dimensionality one needs to be present with and heal any and all protective structures based in separation, judgement or blame.  In essence heal anything that divides us from opening to the oneness of humanity.  This has been (and will continue to be) a powerful process of healing for me and is one that I feel will make itself known in my being for a long time as I bring this “understanding” into my day to day life.

Today I received the following transmission from them upon my return from my time with them.  I invite you to take a moment to put aside all “doing mind” and the concerns of your hectic day to really receive this transmission to help you take your next step in your stepping into unity consciousness of humanity.

Transmission from the Dolphins:

We, of the Dolphin clan see that all of life is connected.  We live with this knowing in pod mind.  We share this higher consciousness with each other and would like those humans who are ready to step into this way of viewing each other and the world to do so now. 

Photo taken by Maria Christina Owl Gutierrez

Truly the ego in 3rd dimensionality “protects”  ones awareness from this because the ego feels unsafe to break down the constraints and boundaries that have been created to keep this perceived ego safety in check.

Another way of putting it is that when humans experience trauma they create boundaries that they think keep them safe.  But, in reality all they are doing is keeping themselves from experiencing the oneness of humanity.  This actually has the impact of keeping them feeling isolated, abandoned and alone. 

It is time now to name, address and heal these boundaries so that humanity can move into a higher 4th dimensionality.  This allows one to feel a sense of relaxed and peaceful ease in their life.  It allows them to really feel at home in their own body, with others and humanity.

Most humans have may layers and levels of these protective barriers depending on their history and the choices (subconscious and conscious) they have made to “protect themselves” over the years.  Many are not aware of these barriers which react to any perceived threat of safety with judgement, criticism, blame and a shunning of the “other” out of their field.  But, this creates isolation and pain. 

The way to heal this is through first choosing to want to experience this oneness and then being truthful to oneself to the actuality that the protective barriers are there and where they come from.  From here there are many healing tools that one can use to shift and release these barriers.

With focus, care and devotion to ones deeper truth, the truth of the oneness of humanity and all things; it is possible to step into this vast field of connection.  This is a step on the path to true peace. 

For peace blossoms when one is not in a defensive state and when one begins to view the world as a safe place, as a true home.

This is not a naive state of pretending everything is okay.  This is a place of acceptance of what is, a relaxing into the state of the world as it is with awareness and a commitment to being of service in the ways that are aligned to ones higher purpose. 

This is truly stepping into being a beacon of love, connection and service to the world because you naturally see the oneness of all life and the love that is underneath it all. 

Joining together in groups to do this healing work is a great way to step deeper on this path. 

But, the deepest path in service to this is a commitment to being honest, really honest to oneself.  It is a breaking down of one’s ego structure and a commitment to true humility and love over the protective barriers of blame and judgement…it is an important path in finding one’s way home. 

We are with you on the higher planes of existence.  We are cheering humanity on.  This is why so many of us are connected to humans now.  When one swims with us we are both being playful, yet more significantly we are transmitting vibrations of love, of oneness and remembrance of who we all are in the family of this beautiful earth.

Truly love is all that there is…and we are committed to helping you remember this.


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