Mary Magdalene Speaks:

It is time for the cycle of misery and suffering to come to an end for humanity.

However, it might not look like what you think or perceive this to mean.

To open to love one must go through the initiations of the heart.

To see clearly with spiritual eyes one must wash away the impure and hurtful ways of seeing based in the past with the healing waters of love.

To break open the halls of power one must surrender power over to power with.

The process of pain can lead us through all of these initiations.

However, misery and suffering are optional.

Suffering and misery occur when one does not know how to or refuses to give up power over mentality, their inherited suffering, and victim/victimizer consciousness. For those, this cycle of misery and suffering will linger and even increase until they, of their own free will, OPEN to that which is not suffering.

This opening is what changes everything…it is an opening of the heart, of the hand, to a true surrender to the divine inside and outside.

It is the cracking open. It is the knowing that one cannot endure this suffering, these hurtful voices, this inherited vitriol any longer.

This opening is what will, and is, shifting humanity.

So the time of pain is not over. But, the cycle of suffering and misery ends when we choose to open.

So beloveds use your pain, your confusion, your anger, even your suffering, and misery…

Use it to crack open.

Use it to remember.

Use it to break open to the understanding of WHO YOU ARE!

You and all of your brothers and sisters of humanity are daughters and sons of the most high.

And as daughters and sons of the most high…you have the light of the divine living inside of you.

In your cells, in your DNA, in your atoms….as trillions of flickering sparks of divine light, love, power, and truth….holding you, supporting you, speaking to you, moving you always toward this/your light, love, power, and truth.

This movement also heals and eradicates the pain and dark shadows that you have inherited and brought forward from thousands of years of suffering.

You who are alive now have the monumental task of healing all that came before that lives within you, in this now.

And as you do this work of healing and transformation inside, you will find the answers to all of the earth’s problems.

You will learn how to live together in peace.

You will learn how to step into the rainbow light of wholeness and equality.

And most significantly you will know that you are worthy of being washed clean in the river of love…and allow this love to lead you to your highest mission and expression of divine love on this planet.

It is time Beloveds to Stand Now!

To stand in the knowing of what is yours to do.

To stand in your heart…knowing that it will lead you home.

To stand in your higher self…knowing that it has the ability to open and heal all of the pain inside.

To stand in your divine birthright and inheritance of a love that this planet has only tasted in the last few eons, but now humanity is being asked to embody this love together…in its oneness.

All you have to do is play your part.

Do not worry about what other people are doing or not doing.

Leave it to the precise perfectness of the divine unfolding to shift this land.

And know that even if it looks dark…that it is all moving toward love and oneness.

The time of remembering is at hand.

Know that your brothers and sisters will remember in their own way, always in alignment with their free will even if it looks painful…this is theirs to do.

All is brought back into balance as each human opens to the pillar of divine light and love that they are and that has always been here inside…just waiting to be remembered.

Your job is to do what is yours…

Align to and live from your soul mission.

Live with your integrity and honesty intact.

Stand in and speak from courage and compassion.

Learn how to have faith and trust.

Use the healing power of love to heal yourself

And, love with a heart wide open, especially loving yourself first.

With this, you will be led to the Holy Land that is always here Inside and out.

Heaven on Earth is coming Beloveds…and is already here for those with eyes to see.

Hold tight…We are with you always!

Mary Magdalene, the Order of the Magdalene, and The Council of One


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