Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and my daughter and I just watched some videos about him.  We had tears flowing down our cheeks from the emotion of it all, especially from his last speech where he said. “I have seen the glory and I am not afraid of any man” and then was killed the next day.

When it was done she looked up at me and asked, “Why was he killed mama?” Then my heart broke even more. Why? One of the most difficult things that a parent can do is to try to explain the craziness of this world. Why? What was I to say? I stumbled the best I could trying to delineate what he was up against and why some people were against him. But, what I was left within my heart was why do we kill our prophets. WHY? 

All I know is that I am called to carry on his legacy of LOVE, of nonviolence, of seeing the glory land, calling it out and helping others step into this LOVE. 

Almost twenty years ago, on a sacred pilgrimage, I was asked by my higher self and guides, “If you could change the world would you lead as MLK and Gandhi led, knowing that you might be killed in the end?”

“YES”, I said, “I would. The world needs to know that LOVE is the greatest power and that it can heal anything”.

This was the beginning of my life moving me toward leadership.

Because in the core of my heart I KNOW that LOVE can heal EVERYTHING!

With tears flowing down my eyes now I know that this deep heart/soul commitment is still intact. No, I don’t want to die for a cause. But, no matter what I am committed to leading, to the best of my ability, others home to the glory and power of LOVE…because my eyes have seen the Glory and I am called to share it!

And, on some deep intuitive level, I know the beauty, the good and the glory that humans are capable of. I know that there is love at the heart of humanity.

No matter what it looks like now.

In the words of my brothers and sisters of the south, I say to you all with a powerful and heartfelt…”Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters! May we all see the Glory Land of LOVE one day!” And so it is.

Stay tuned…the next Infusions of Light Global Broadcast will be on “Self-Love” on Feb. 15th at noon PST for FREE. Details coming soon!

With So Much Love,

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