Many of you know that I have been in a spiritual process of awakening and embodiment for several years. Out of this process, I have stepped into the role of spiritual teacher, as well as an oracle for awakening energy and wisdom from Divine Mother Sophia and the Council of One, (a council of ascended masters and other higher dimensional beings).

Clearing the Way

Every time I prepare myself to teach, it is common to go through a process of being cleared out energetically, so to speak, to make more room for spirit to come through.

However, in preparation for a recent intensive, a doorway opened that turned out to be much larger than merely preparing for a daylong intensive. Weeks ago before the event, I started having one turn of events after another…past-life memories, dreams, transmissions, healings, meditations, and conversations, all compiled on top of another. Eventually, it led to a great turning in the spiral of my life. It was as if an ancient soul level awareness clicked in. Because of this, I started having more of a day to day lived experience of divinity and a heightened awareness of who I am, and who we all are.

Initiatory Process of Becoming an Ordained Oracle

In a long meditation a few days later I was ushered by the ascended masters to a place that I can only describe as the holy of holies. There I was taken into an initiatory process of stepping into being an Ordained Oracle for Divine Mother Sophia and the Council of One. This was an incredibly beautiful and profound process that I am still integrating into my being.

I’ve been connecting to what it means to be an “Ordained Oracle” and it includes being a channel for the wisdom, light, and love of Divine Mother Sophia and the Council of One. But, it is much more…on a deeper level, this is a consecration of my will to the will of the divine, every day and every minute to the best of my ability. To be even clearer, this is not a divine outside of me. But, the divine that lives beyond the core essence of “me”. A place where all pronouns loose meaning, where a true confusion arises, “Is this Me or is this God”? Because in this place there is no separation. This is the place of higher dimensionality and unified consciousness. Where all is brought back home into the oneness of our being.

The Decree to “Fully Show Up”

I am telling you this not to brag or boast. I am telling you this because I have a mandate to step out and be the Ordained Oracle that I am being called to be. It’s not just a desire anymore. It is a decree to fully show up, to stop living in the cloistered closet that I’ve been living in, hiding who I truly am and what I am really up to. My life is more than the small voice that wants to keep me safe. I am being asked to step even more into the light that I am…so that others may remember the light that they are.

We all have a choice to live our lives in safety and smallness or be the glory that we are and fully step into the world. Well, I am stepping in. And, whether people judge me and think I’m crazy or put me on a pedestal it is not my job to be concerned about that. It is my job to do what I came here to do.

With that…I don’t think that there is any coincidence that this ordination is coming at a time when I am getting ready to step out even more as a teacher. The channel is open and it’s bubbling over with love, wisdom, and power. If you are ready to take your next steps in your healing evolution then I invite you to jump in and come to the upcoming daylong intensive. Yes, the water is deep, but it is also incredibly healing to be loved and held by the divine at this level.


This blog was originally a post on Facebook, as well as in my newsletter the week of April 1st, 2019 in connection to the daylong intensive Living Love: Allow the River of Love to Heal Your Core Wounds, that took place on Saturday, April 6th

During this daylong the most amazing thing happened at the end of a powerful transmission of healing, love, and oneness that came from Divine Mother Sophia I said the closing prayer and my cell phone on its own (without anyone touching it) said out of the blue, and right on cue, “You’re Welcome”. SERIOUSLY! I was absolutely astounded and so was everyone else. The only remark I could think to say was “Hallelujah”. As one woman put it, “The Golden Age of Miracles is Here”. If anyone had any doubt that we weren’t really connecting into the divine that doubt was assuaged. The higher dimensional doorways are opening even wider. More teaching is coming and even more invitations to step into this beautiful river of love and healing. 

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