During this time of the celebration of Mother’s Day – may this prayer help us align more fully to the Divine Mother of us all who is one with all of creation. And, may it also shower your life with all that you need to know yourself as the Divine Light and Co-Creator that you truly are.


Oh Holy Mother – Cosmic Birther of Life

Show us how to remember your ground of peace, love, and harmony where we arise from.

Teach us through your grace how to move into the fullness of Your Presence and be held by the ground of your being – the void, the nothing, and the everything.


You – who eternally embraces all of life hold us with your love, Divine Mother,

so that our worried and anxious animal bodies 

know that they are safe now to surrender into your embrace, 

and receive your all-encompassing healing care.


Guide us to surrender the contractions of pain and suffering to your love.

Help us shift our staunch and busy mind, that thinks it knows all, 

to the open and empty mind of the All.


Help us to feel your love and embrace so deeply that we know how to…

Just Let Go!

To be like the trees swaying in the breeze letting go of their leaves with ease,

to be like water flowing down a river, not knowing where it’s going, but knowing it’s going home.


With your fortification of our courage, guide us, Divine Mother

to step through the initiatory doorway of knowing who we truly are…

A Divine Sovereign Being of Power and Love at One with the All, with You, and the Totality of Love.


Mother show us our lives from your perspective…

How we are glorious ribbons of ecstatic love and light radiating out from our being ~ connecting us all together,

our spirit so enraptured with the glory it shouts, “Hallelujah and Amen!”


Guide the totality of humanity, Mother, to open our collective hands and hearts in surrender 

to this magnificent Divine Love, 

so that the web of humanity becomes ever more pregnant and stabilized

with your vibrating field of love, that guides us on to our awakening and our coming home.


Help us to know that we are children of the stars, 

and that it is our birthright to divinely co-create with you.


As we know who we truly are Divine Mother guide us to our new future together as we manifest reality with you.

Stabilize within us the deep knowing that we have everything we need to heal, awaken, and elevate ourselves and our world.

Help us to know that as we live from our True Divine Selves our lives become a map of ascension, that will be our heritage and shining legacy to those who come after us.

Show us, Mother, the place beyond time where THIS IS ALREADY SO!

And So It Is!!!


With So Much Love and Oceans of Blessings,

Melissa Sophia



Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is an international spiritual teacher that has been in practice as a naturopathic doctor, mind-body-spirit specialist, and medical intuitive for over twenty years. She is the Founder of Somatic Awakening® and Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy. She is a Divine Feminine Messenger, Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia tradition, Ordained Oracle, and Mystic. Most significantly she has gone through multiple layers of healing, spiritual awakening, embodiment, and mystical unfolding arising from a living relationship with the Divine. She has been given a torch to be a leader of Divine Feminine Healing and Awakening through the practice of Somatic Awakening® and beyond in today’s world. She helps her patients and students get in touch with the inherent healing nature of their higher selves and its divine conduit of energy that heals all and helps us remember who we truly are…which brings deep healing, awakening, and an embodiment of their true essence.

To find out more about this healing path and spiritual practice based on the Divine Feminine – Somatic Awakening®,  go here.

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