Professional Bio

I am a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and received a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000.

I am also a graduate of the Academy of Intuition Medicine and received a Master Certificate in Intuition Medicine® in 2003.

Read more about my teaching background.

Founder of Somatic Awakening®

Through my experience of healing others and myself, I created a powerful mind-body-spirit modality called Somatic Awakening®. This practice can lead to entire new vistas of healing and awareness on every level of ones being. With this modality, clients find peace, healing, freedom and reconnection to the divine within.

Learn more about Somatic Awakening®.

Holistic Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

I bring a broad-spectrum toolbox of healing to my patients, which includes many mind-body modalities that I can customize to meet your specific needs.

I am trained and certified in the following mind-body-energy based modalities:

  • Voice Dialogue
  • Theta Healing®
  • Intuition Medicine®
  • Reichian Breathwork
  • Upledger Craniosacral
  • Reiki: Master Level
  • Ananda Yoga: Instructor
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Holographic Memory Resolution
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Although these are all modalities I have been certified in, I primarily practice the modalities in bold. I find these techniques the most effective, and they resonate most with my healing style.

For full explanations of the techniques, see Mind-Body-Spirit Practices I Use.

Spiritual Initiation and Teaching

Spiritual Initiation

I have been a spiritual seeker and meditator for almost 30 years. During this time, I was led through a profound multiple year spiritual initiation (which is still unraveling to this day).

This time included an almost decades-long dark night of the soul experience, where I was asked to give up just about everything to find the deeper meaning of opening to spirit, humility, and surrender in a very profound way.

As this experience ended, I was called into a spiritual initiation, in which I stepped into many levels of awakening, and now, embodiment.
For more, see My Calling As A Healer.

I am being guided now to step more fully into the world as a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Priestess, and Oracle.

Spiritual Teacher and Oracle

I am a guardian, teacher and guide in the realms of soul and spirit. My intention is that my teaching comes from true Source. Therefore, it holds a high vibration and connection with the divine. The intention of sharing this is to connect you to your higher wisdom, as well as bring you into deep presence and peace.

As a spiritual teacher, I offer deep insight into the nature of reality, healing, awakening and embodiment. My focus is to help you find your own answers, wisdom, and truth inside of you, ultimately helping you connect to the divine inside. From this place powerful healing energy arises.

I have been a student of many spiritual traditions over the last 30 years. On the deepest level, I find that divinity is in all things, no matter the form.

However, the lineage that I am most deeply connected to is that of Mystical Christianity. I am a priestess in the Sophia-Magdalene lineage. Through my spiritual awakening experiences, I have been called to reclaim this lineage and help others who are called, do the same.

As part of this path I have been called to transmit a High Christ Council of Ascended Masters and Archangels, who call themselves The Council of One. The transmissions from these Ascended Masters and Archangels can help you evolve and heal your life on all levels, as well as bestow ease, grace, love, and support. Read more about these transmission here.

I have witnessed these transmissions take many people to their next level of physical, emotional and energetic healing, as well as spiritual evolution and awakening.

Indigenous Spirituality

Throughout my 20s and 30s, I studied and practiced many forms of indigenously based wisdom. Through these experiences, I walked through many initiatory portals including participating and co-facilitating in numerous vision quests and participation in a six-month women’s initiation process.

I have studied with various medicine people from diverse tribal backgrounds, including

  • Lakota
  • Cherokee
  • Crow
  • Dagara (African)

Studying indigenous wisdom has given me a profound respect for the Earth and how we are all connected to the web of life.

Teaching Background

I have been a teacher for many years, which has provided a powerful foundation for my practice and teaching.

  • Currently, I am launching even more into the world as a teacher of Somatic Awakening®, spiritual teacher and Oracle for the divine. I am continually offering new teachings. (See Teachings page for more information).
  • Medical Intuition instructor at the Academy of Intuition Medicine. From 2003 to the present.
  • Instructor of Medical Intuition at Energy Medicine University. From 2005 to the present.
  • Director and Instructor of the Consciousness, Healing and Ecology Program through The New College of California. From 2003–2008.
  • Instructor of Nutrition and Botanical Medicine at Bauman College. From 2001–2003.
  • Instructor of Holistic Theory, Massage, Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine and Botanical Medicine at Rainstar University in Scottsdale, Arizona. Served as Chair of the Health Department. From 1996–2001.


I am grateful to all of my teachers and mentors throughout the years. Here is a small list of some of who have greatly touched me: Adyashanti, Kaia Ra, Mas Sajady, Aubrey Degnan, PhD, Deborah Morris, McSW, Grace Galzagorry, Francesca McCartney, Caroline Petrangelo-Owens, Adam Gainsburg, Malidoma Somé, Francis Weller, Dr. Deborah Francis (Beautiful Little Dancing Crow), Little Night Bear and so many more…. Without you, my life would not be the same. Deep bow of gratitude!

I am also profoundly grateful for the support, grace and healing that has been bestowed upon me from the Council of One. Without these Ascended Masters, I would not be where I am today. Thank you does not even begin to convey my gratitude…

Lastly, I am eternally grateful for the Pure Source of All, that which is ineffable, is everywhere and fills us with eternal love.

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