My heart has been hurting and I’ve been in overwhelm…
At a CEU conference this weekend, we dove deeper into how bad it is with toxicity, GMO’s, vaccinations, 5G/EMF’s, our collective deteriorating health, and the health of our planet. Conversations with practitioners were rife with the epidemic of mass shooting. Then there are the fires in the Amazon…the highest ever the month of July. What’s happening?

I am breathing and I am taking it in.
I’m not turning away. Here we are.

I have a long history of activism. I’ve worked so hard…and so many others have too. Yet, here we are in what feels like a collision course for humanity.

My heart aches…tears flow…What to do?
All I know is this…
I need to feel my feelings…
But, not lose myself in them…

I need to be with what is…
But, not let that make me apathetic…

I need to allow my higher self to stabilize me…
But not do a spiritual by-pass over what’s happening…

I know in the core of my being to address the deeper problem we need to HEAL, EVOLVE, AND RISE..individually and collectively!!!


This prose that I recently wrote says it well…

Our True Power

We are one you and I. We travel this Earth together, all of us.
We are the burning forest in the Amazon…the dying animals and trees, the spirits in mourning at what is being lost.
We are the corporate executives and farmers, steeped in greed and power, who gave the orders to burn.
We are the indigenous mothers, fathers, and children crying out; our beloved home destroyed.
We are the ones that sign the deeds of mass destruction.
We are also the saviors that have the ability to heal the world with our deeds and love.
Within us lives everything and everyone. We are infinitely connected.
What we do changes the world…no matter how big or how small.
So we act, we give, we stand as best as we can.
But, when we stand and claim our TRUE BIRTHRIGHT OF POWER…everything changes.
Here our actions, our yes and our no, powerfully vibrates through time and space…and shakes the cages of what has been, into what is possible.
This power does not arise by claiming it with our mind alone.
This power arises when we do the work of healing the places that negate who we are and our true power.
It arises when we break the spell of the ego and dissolve the voices of better than, less than, and power over.
When we unlock the shackles of density and shift the mistruths, lies, and deception we’ve been telling ourself…
Then True Power flows and we remember the divine beings that we are.
Here the ceiling of density, that humanity has been living under for far too long, begins to dissolve…
For it cannot co-exists alongside the vibration of love and unification that we are.
Here we claim the truth of our being and are given what is ours to do because we are needed.
Here we turn the tide!
Friends – I do not know what is going to happen to the Amazon, or for that matter humanity or the earth.
BUT I DO KNOW THIS…if we heal, evolve, remember…and stand in this POWER; humanity and the Earth can make it through this birthing portal.
The core of what I have learned from being an activist all of these years is this…

The place that we make the most impact is in doing what is specifically ours to do.

This is where we can leverage the shift the most.

We are all being asked to individually sit with a very important question:

Why are you here? Why did you come here, at this time, to be on this earth school?

Answering this question gives you the wisdom of your next step.


What is mine to do is this…

To usher as many people as possible into healing and evolving into this higher dimensionality. 
This is at the core of why I do what I do.

And, just as my heart was crashing down and tears were flowing a few days ago, I also realized that I am indeed doing the work that I came here to do.

I am offering a hand to all who are called to step across the threshold into their healing and evolution…because as we individually do this…we also help the whole of humanity stabilize in evolution!

If your heart is hurting because of what’s happening and beating fast from reading this…
If you are longing for deeper healing that is aligned to being part of the change, but you don’t know how to get there…
If you are ready to evolve and step deeper into freedom…

Then I invite you to join me…

I am launching an online class to do just this…help people evolve into their higher potential! 

Join me for an 8-week online class called
The Quantum YoU
Sept. 11th- Oct. 30th.

Click here for more information.

Click here to watch a FREE webinar called the Five Keys of Healing and Freedom that is a stand-alone class plus talks about The Quantum You in more detail.

Whatever you do know that each moment we choose to heal, to evolve, to crack open whatever needs to be cracked open, to bring light into these places in our shadow, and heal the ancient wounding that lives inside of us…

So Much Love and Blessings To You!

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