The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program teaches an empowered awareness and engaged embodiment of this powerful healing modality and mystical, spiritual path based on the principles of the Divine Feminine.

This program is for those who want to go much deeper into the depths of your being:

  • to heal that which is holding you back,
  • to engage your authentic power and freedom,
  • to catapult you into your own powerful awakening and activation of who you truly are.
This program is for any who wants to dive into their personal healing and awakening. It is also the first step for those who want to become certified Somatic Awakening® practitioners.

The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program is for you if:

  • You want to go deeper with this powerful healing modality to heal the negative voices and unhealed trauma in your being. You are ready to transmute any painful program and step into full freedom and sovereignty.
  • Maybe you’ve done work to shift your sense of unworthiness and all of the other negative voices that have caused chaos in your life. But you are ready to go deeper and fully step into and claim your full worthiness, peace, grace, empowerment, and all that your higher self can shower in your life.
  • You are ready to step out of dysfunctional relationships and the feeling of lack in your life; and step into healthy, harmonious connections and the powerful flow of abundance that is aligned to your true essence.
  • You desire to feel better inside of your body. You long to be more fully embodied within. You yearn to live in deep alignment with your higher self, activate awakening, and align to your true essence within you. 
  • You are ready to step into divine empowerment, an awakening of your soul’s purpose, and claiming the miracles that are meant for you.
The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program offers a framework, scaffolding, and depth training that helps YOU remember the luminous divine being that you truly are.
Somatic Awakening® arose out of some of the darkest years of my life. I know what’s it like to feel frozen in lack, unworthiness, and fear. For years I navigated the depths of my own and the collective shadows of pain, suffering, and suppression.

Somatic Awakening® was shown to me by higher beings of Christed Consciousness, especially Mary Magdalene. It is a path of pure grace that transformed my pain into peace and opened the door to numerous awakening experiences which totally transformed my life.

I then brought this path into my clinical practice as a Naturopathic Doctor and Mind-Body-Spirit Specialist with amazing results. Here it became clarified and nuanced with many years of practice.

Now Somatic Awakening® is the potent healing modality and spiritual practice that it has become today and has powerfully healed and awakened many others.

The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program

The Level I Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program is a six-month program that runs from Nov. 2022 – April 2023

The Level I program deepens your experience and understanding of the healing, awakening, and evolution possible with the mystical path that is Somatic Awakening®.

In this program, you are taken through the foundations of deeply understanding your own psyche, somatic being, spirit, and soul. You are also taught how to fully engage Phase I Gestalt Somatic Awakening® and Somatic Awakening®: The Practice in your life.

This program also teaches aspects of Quantum Somatic Awakening® that will greatly help to stabilize and evolve your healing and awakening, as well as throw the doors open on embodying your higher self in your life.

This program takes the basics of what is taught in Embody Healing and Freedom and goes much deeper in the breadth of understanding, engaging, and embodying this work. Level I has been recently revised so that it is an inclusive program for everyone, both those who want to go deeper in their healing and spiritual path, as well as those who want to become Somatic Awakening® practitioners.

Upon completion of Level I, those who are interested in becoming certified Somatic Awakening® practitioners will go onto Level II, which is a 6-month program that focuses exclusively on the specifics of how to be a Somatic Awakening® Practitioner and how to share this profound work with others in a healing practice. For more information, go here.

This program is for those who are ready to:

  • Courageously step into deeply shifting the negative voices, beliefs, and programs that keep you hidden, frozen, and suppressed. You are ready to heal and shift all levels of victim consciousness, and any old worn-out way of being that suppresses who you are.
  • Fully activate your higher self in your life which powerfully heals that which suppresses your true power, your authentic voice, and your sovereignty. You are ready to go much deeper into who you truly are and step into powerful freedom.
  • Go deeper with what you have already experienced in the realms of Somatic Awakening® and the Divine Feminine Healing Principles to fully heal and embody the essence of your being.
  • Activate your awakening, step into your own Source Connection, and do what you came here to do. You have a FULL YES with stepping into your true and authentic life.
  • You feel and sense that Somatic Awakening®, and all it offers, will help you immensely in manifesting all of the above.

By the end of the Level I program, you will:

  • Understand more fully the workings of your psyche, subconscious patterns, somatic body (and its internal contractions), and energy body. You will also know how to make contact with and bring potent healing to these parts inside of you.
  • Experience and embody the multiple aspects of your higher self (your adult consciousness, higher self witness consciousness, the conduit of divinity, and more.) Take a quantum leap in your healing and evolution through this personal awareness and embodiment. Because here, you don’t just “know” this practice cognitively; you embody it.
  • Understand and embody the spiritual principles that Somatic Awakening® is based upon, such as organic presence and the three awareness of the present moment, which allows this practice and modality to powerfully shift in gear and blossom in your life. You will be guided to move beyond a static mental understanding of these principles and utilize and engage them in your practice and daily life.
  • Be able to engage this modality and practice in some of the most difficult aspects of your life and inner psyche. Here, you come into contact with some of the deepest healing and awakening possible with Somatic Awakening®. And, it is here that even in the most difficult of circumstances, you come to powerfully know and trust that you can find your way through to healing, ease, grace, and peace.
  • More fully embody your holy higher self and engage the most potent levels of support, stabilization, and manifestation to help you evolve in your healing, awakening, and your life in general.
  • Fully step into this Embodiment practice so that you are guided in your daily life to live in deep alignment with your higher self and the embody this aspect of yourself in your being. This opens you to the powerful feedback, support, and guidance of your higher self and the divine moving into every aspect of your life. Ultimately awakening your own source connection of the divine in the center of your soul within.
  • Create a community of connection with others of like minds and hearts. Step into a community of others who are deep divers just like you. Those who share a powerful desire for healing and awakening. Here you are united to the deeper Somatic Awakening® community with others who share with you a mutual language, experience, and connection.
  • Those of you who go on to complete the Level II Practitioner Program will be able to bring this potent work into a healing practice with others. As someone who has practiced this for years, I can honestly say that there is nothing like sitting in the potent presence and healing container of the powerful divine healing that Somatic Awakening® opens us and others too. Very often, it borders on the miraculous and is an incredible boon to offer to others and to ourselves.

Here are what past alumni have to say about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program:

“exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds…
I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world”

“This training (the Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program) has been exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds. Melissa is a gifted teacher who truly cares. This training has been life-changing, and I am humbled, honored and so grateful that I get to do this work with clients. I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world.”

~Jane Sheppard CPC, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, Functional Medicine Coach, Health and Wellness Coach and Parenting Coach and Educator

“I have personally found the deepest healing from Somatic Awakening®”

“The practitioner program is unlike any other. It speaks to the essence of being a spiritual healer. I have personally found the deepest healing from Somatic Awakening® and I honestly feel grateful to be able to ground the work deep enough into my being that I can use it to support others.”

~Hannah Wasielewski, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Somatic Awakening® has had a profound impact on my life over the past few years.”

“The practitioner program has allowed me to have a much richer understanding of this practice, and I am learning how to support others in their healing and evolution. There is nothing more fulfilling than bearing witness to others in their evolution.

~Gail Garvey, Retired Corporate Executive and Energy Medicine Practitioner

What You Will Receive as a Student of the
Level I Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program:

Live and Interactive Zoom Classes Twice a month

In these classes, we will discuss different topics, which are designed to give you the background, personal experience, and know-how to bring Somatic Awakening® deeper into your own life. We will meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 4:00-6:30 PM PT. Classes will also include meditations, transmissions, council check-ins, one-on-one experiential processes with other students, and Q & A.

Multi-Day Retreats

In the Level I program, we begin with a 3-day retreat Nov. 4th-6th, 2022 (which begins Friday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.) In the middle of the program a 2 1/2 day retreat in the middle of the program Feb, 17th-19th, 2023 (begins Friday morning and ends Sunday mid-afternoon.) We end with a 3 day final retreat on April 28th-30th, 2023 (which begins Friday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.)

These retreats are included in the tuition below. They are offered to powerfully help you go much deeper into an embodied understanding of Somatic Awakening®. They include wisdom teachings, experiential exercises, meditations, transmissions, and more.

The retreats are offered both on line and in person. See below for more information.

Online/In-Person Teaching

For ease, due to our national/international student base, all Sunday classes and retreats will be offered online for the upcoming program.

However, there will also be an in-person option for the retreats in Sonoma County, California for those who live close by or who can travel. There will also be a streaming Zoom option for those who can’t attend live.

*All classes and retreats will be recorded in case you can’t attend.

Guided Buddy System with Other Students

The Buddy System serves an invaluable purpose in helping students feel supported and connected to a community of like-minded fellow students. You will meet once per month with your buddy to discuss the topics presented, do practice sessions with each other, and share your own personal experiences regarding the practices. Buddies will rotate every two months.

Monthly Guidance

You will receive monthly guidance in the form of “homework” with inquiry questions, readings, recorded meditations, transmissions, and more. Some of these practices you will do individually and others with your buddy.

4 One-On-One Somatic Awakening® Individual Sessions

For those who choose Tier #1 (see below for more information), you will receive four one-on-one sessions, which will help you go deeper with the teachings and correlate what you are learning directly into your life with what you are specifically struggling with or need extra help on. These sessions help you uniquely embody the information taught with your specific needs. 

Monthly Recorded Meditation, Experiential Processes, or Transmissions

Each month, either a meditation or transmission recording will be offered. The type and focus of the recording will depend on what is most aligned with the content being learned.

The meditations and experiential processes will help take you deeper into the inner planes of transformation and awakening. The transmissions will help clarify high vibrational wisdom connected to the topics covered and bring powerful activations for the somatic body, your healing and embodiment process, as well as your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies overall. The intention of these transmissions is to help you go deeper in your healing and awakening process.

Membership in the Somatic Awakening® Sangha

As part of membership in this program, you will also have access to the monthly sangha spiritual gatherings, which discuss a variety of topics correlated to Somatic Awakening®. Therefore along with the information presented in this course, you will also have six more live teaching experiences to give you a broader understanding and application of this work. Also, you get to connect with a wider audience of the Somatic Awakening® tribe.

This is What You Will Learn in This Program:

  • The power and importance of grounding and being in your body with Somatic Awakening®
  • How to create sovereign and neutral space with yourself and others.
  • More fully understand the aspects of your inner self (the Ego, Psyche, Subconscious, Somatic Body, Higher Self, Soul, etc.)
  • Learn how to engage the Higher Self more in Somatic Awakening® and in your daily life.
  • A deep dive into more deeply understanding and knowing how to engage Gestalt Somatic Awakening® to engage in your personal life.
  • Also, a deep dive into more deeply understanding and knowing how to engage all phases of Somatic Awakening® The Practice: Including the many principles that allow The Practice to flow with ease in your personal life.
  • Learn how to fully engage the power of the Higher Self Witness Consciousness and the Conduit of Divinity to alchemically dissolve somatic trauma and ego density.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to work with higher dimensional guides as mentors in Somatic Awakening® and in your life.
  • Receive deep wisdom on how to shift and transmute common egoic programs such as the Trauma Triangle, Attachment Issues, and the “Less Than/I Am Not Worthy” Program.
  • Advance your understanding of engaging your higher self more in your healing, awakening, and everyday life with Quantum Somatic Awakening®.
  • Take your next steps in mastering The Power of the Word Decree in your life, which powerfully opens the doors to healing and, when it’s aligned with full trust and highest good…literal miracles.
  • Embodiment Part I: Activation of higher self and oversoul. The importance of the “Up and Out” awakening into your universal galactic self. Which will then move down and into your body to stabilize your life.
  • Embodiment Part II: Activation of Divine Feminine Awakening of moving the energy down and into your body to stabilize your life in the “Down and In” process of embodying your spirit, activating your soul, and the Spirit-Heart-Soul Complex.
  • Drop into a powerful connection with the spiritual aspects of Somatic Awakening®, the power of The Practice, and your deeper essence by spending two days in meditation and contemplation in the last retreat.
  • Final Somatic Awakening® Completion Ritual and Graduation.
This depth program is for you if you are READY to step fully into your healing and awakening to FREE your life.

You long to more fully integrate your higher self energies into your day to day living.

You are ready to take full responsibility for your life because you know that in doing so your feet are placed firmly on the path to freedom, healing, and awakening, as well as brings oceans of ease, grace, peace, power, love, sovereignty, and so much more into your life.

If you are resonate with this dear one we welcome you to our community.

Our community is a special group of healers, light-workers, way-showers, therapists, counselors, and others who are willing to do the work to open themselves to the power and love from their higher selves and the divine to transform their lives. This community is super-helpful, loving, and supportive. And when you join, you will be part of this special group too.

Financial Investment

The Pricing for the Level I Six-Month Program Varies According to Your Needs



Level I consists of 81 hours of live teaching, meditation, experiential process, and transmissions.

Price – $3999


Four One-on-One Somatic Awakening® Sessions with Melissa $150 per hour (discounted $50 per session.) Students in the past have found one-on-one sessions very important in the integration of the material.

Price – $700

You Will Also Receive As A Bonus:

Monthly Recorded Transmissions and Meditations Each Month for Six Months

Value – $200 YOU PAY: $0

Somatic Awakening® Sangha Membership During the Six Months of the Program

Value – $180 YOU PAY: $0

Grand Total: $4,699

$1000 Deposit Is Due After Application Process and Acceptance Into Program

Payment Options:

$3699 Due in One Payment OR

6-month monthly payments of $630
8-month monthly payments of $470


This tier includes ALL of the above EXCEPT it does not include the 4 one-on-one sessions. This tier is recommended only if Tier #1 is out of your financial range and you couldn’t attend this program otherwise.

Grand Total (without the one-on-one sessions): $3,995


$1000 Deposit Is Due After Application Process and Acceptance Into Program

Payment Options:

$2999 Due in One Payment OR

6 month monthly payments: = $511

8 month monthly payments: = $383

*If you are interested in the program and need more financial flexibility, there are other payment plans and options available, including partial scholarships for those in financial need.

Refund Policy: 

There are many programs out there that offer different healing processes. Some work great, some not so great. Therefore, my promise to you is that I’ll do everything I can so that this program will offer you a deep connection to yourself, your healing, and to your higher self in a way that will change your life for the better; a life with more authenticity, love, and freedom.

I hope that you feel deeply healed and satisfied by this class. However, I realize that not all teaching is for everyone. Therefore, if you are not satisfied, you have 1 month from the beginning of the first class of the program to get a refund minus any classes already taken. Full Details Here.

Here are what past alumni have to say about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program:

“This is a missing piece to the depths of wholeness.”

“This modality is true healing. Melissa is an outstanding teacher. This modality provides true and deep healing for all who are available for it and open to it. This is a missing piece to the depths of wholeness.”

~Cathy Wasielewski, Yoga Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“It’s the ultimate awakening…It teaches you that there is no outside magic wand…you are the magic wand.”

“Somatic Awakening has returned my authentic power to me. it’s helped me acknowledge that I am a sovereign being and a fractal of God. I have moved into my higher consciousness and I see the big picture. It’s the ultimate awakening. It’s not easy, but it’s so authentic and real. It teaches you that there is no outside magic wand…you are the magic wand.”

~Ruth Antonini, Psychotherapist and Master Teacher

“It’s a whole new way of relating to life.”

“… taking this class has helped me to hold a stronger space for myself on the healing journey… It’s brought a huge healing dimension to my life. The benefits of the practice continue long, long after the class is over. It’s a whole new way of relating to life and a skillful approach to spiritual growth. The tools I learned in this class have transformed the way I relate to myself and have enhanced my capacity to deal with painful situations. I feel stronger and more at peace with myself. If you feel called to the program, dive right in! You’ll find a lot of healing, grace, and resiliency.”

~Rachel R.C., Non-Practitioner Graduate

Ready to Apply to Level 1?

In order to be accepted into the program, you will need to:

  • Complete the pre-requisite course of either Embody Healing and Freedom, and right now, this course is being offered at a reduced fee, or you have previously completed The Quantum You course. NOTE: If you apply for Embody Healing and Freedom now, you will need to have completed Modules 1 & 2 to be admitted into this program. 
  • Go through an application and interview process. To begin that process, fill out the application here. Then follow the directions outlined on the application. After you turn this in, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

If you want to find out more before doing so…Let’s talk…

Schedule a Discovery Session with Dr. Melissa to find out more about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program and see if it’s a good fit for you. Or email

Questions you may want to have answered before fully stepping in…

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I’m going to learn and step into inside this program. Are you sure I can do this?
This program has a lot to offer that will positively change your life for the better in terms of healing, awakening, and stepping into more freedom in your life. However, Somatic Awakening® is not just a healing modality; it is also a spiritual practice. And spiritual practices are a path, not just a destination. So, it can and will go much deeper for those who resonate with this work. This program has the ability to embody the teachings more deeply in your being and also help you embody your higher self in your daily life over time.

This program is offered in a live format so that you can more fully align these teachings into your life. This format also gets your questions immediately answered and promotes powerful conversation together. Both help you go deeper into your understanding and embodying of this work.

The classes have been scheduled every other week, so you have time between the classes to integrate the information. Also, if you miss anything, all classes and retreats will be recorded so you can make them up in the time that works best for you.

You will also have a 5-year membership to the recordings of this course, so if needed, you can take your time viewing and listening to the classes, meditations, and transmission, as well as you can go over them again and again if desired.

It feels like a big time commitment, and I’m already busy. Is this workable for someone who is busy?
The class have been scheduled in a way so that there is spaciousness between the classes so you can more fully integrate the material. Also, if you miss anything, all classes and retreats will be recorded so you can make them up in the time that works best for you.

You will also have a 5-year membership to the recordings of this course, so if needed, you can take your time viewing and listening to the classes, meditations, and transmission, as well as you can go over them again and again if desired.

You will also have a 5-year membership to the recordings of this course, so if needed, you can take your time viewing and listening to the classes, meditations, and transmission, as well as you can go over them again and again if desired.

I’m tight on money, and I’m not sure I can make a financial commitment like this right now. Can I afford this? Are there scholarships available?
If you are interested in the program and need more financial flexibility that what is listed above, other options are available:

  • including partial scholarships for those in financial need, especially if you are from a BIPOC community.
  • also there is another tier for those who couldn’t attend otherwise financially that does not include one-on-one Somatic Awakening® sessions that is offered in 6-month, 8-month, and 12-month payment plan.

For more information on both schedule a Discovery Call with me to find out more about this.

Do I receive a certificate as a Somatic Awakening® Practitioner after completing Level I?
After completion of Level I, you will receive a certificate of completion for Level I Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program. However, you will NOT be a certified practitioner of Somatic Awakening®. In order to receive this certification, you will need to complete Level II. Information on Level II is at the bottom of this web page.
I’m unclear about the prerequisite process. Can you clarify what I need to do?
The prerequisite course for this program is the introductory course on Somatic Awakening® Embody Healing and Freedom and currently, this program is half-off to help make onboarding into the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program super easy. Also, previous graduates of the course The Quantum You qualify.

Prerequisites are important because it is important for you to understand the basics of Somatic Awakening® before diving into this deeper program. Also, for those starting on their spiritual path, this modality and practice may be more advanced than what they are ready for. Also, some once they more fully understand it may, for whatever reason, not resonate with it. Because of all of these reasons, thank you for understanding the need for a prerequisite course.

Also, it is HIGHLY recommended to watch the ENTIRE Embody Healing and Freedom course. However, for those who purchase this course close to the program begin date, you must have completed at least half of the Embody Healing and Freedom course (two modules) to be admitted into this program.

Can you explain the application process?
To enroll in the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program, you need to fill out the application here Once received, I will reach out to you to set up an interview. During this interview, we will discuss your background, answer any questions you have, and discuss your alignment with this program. Once accepted into the program, we then take the next steps to get you on board.

Those who aren’t ready yet to fill out the application form and want to find out more if this program is a fit for you can schedule a Discover Call where we can talk one-on-one.

I don’t really know you as a teacher. What are your credentials and background?
This is an important question because you want to make sure that I know what I’m talking about. I get it, and here is the short of it: I’ve been in practice as a naturopathic doctor and mind-body-spirit specialist for over twenty years. I have been a teacher of spirituality, consciousness, energy medicine, and holistic health for even longer. I have also had numerous personal awakening and healing experiences. Most significantly, I’ve had a ten-year dark night of the soul that popped me into multiple awakening experiences and a direct relationship with Sophia Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, and multiple other ascended masters…which led me to Somatic Awakening® blossoming in my life and my healing practice. I’ve also discovered many secrets along the way to life-changing healing and connection with our true nature. And many of these secrets are found in this program.

To find out more about my journey as a healer and awakening experiences click here.

To find out more about my professional background click here.

Does this really work? Is it really going to make a difference in my life?
If you are a person that is connected to an awareness of your body, you deeply feel emotions, have a general ability to meditate, sense energy, and you are spiritually inclined, then chances are you will deeply resonate with this modality and healing practice and that it will make a big impact on your life. Also, remember the more you experience, the higher healing energy possible within this work, the more this practice continues to open you to healing, awakening, and embodiment. But, don’t take my word for it. If you are really unsure listen to some of the free meditations, transmissions, watch interviews, listen to the podcast, attend some of the Somatic Awakening® Sangha Gatherings, read the testimonials found throughout this website, read my free e-book, or read the many blogs. After doing so see if you feel a resonance with what is shared then I hope that this leads you to your answer.

In all honesty, I have seen countless people heal from this modality. This is why I am teaching it now…because it is time for humanity to remember who we are, and to do so, we need to heal the aspects of us that limit us and awaken to our true divine nature. I believe in Somatic Awakening® so deeply because it has also powerfully healed me, shifted my life, and opened me to numerous awakening experiences. I’ve seen the same happen to so many people.

If you show up, do the work, and are sincere about embodying this information, your life will change, heal, and shift for the better. And, if it doesn’t work for you, there is always a money-back guarantee for more information on that, click here. (hyperlink to the money back guarantee section)

Still Thinking About It?

I invite you to give Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program a month-risk-free trial if you’re motivated by any of the following:

You have arrived at the place where you are not willing to compromise anymore…

You are ready to:

  • step into the balance that comes in your life when you are living in Adult Consciousness and in relationship to your triggers, instead of your negative voices ruling you.
  • step deeper into the journey of transmuting the density in your shadow and pain body and begin living the peace and love that you truly are.
  • heal the ancient dysfunctional patterns, programs, and imprints of this life and beyond that live in your somatic body and psyche so that you are free.
  • embody your higher self and all that it has to offer in your life, including stepping into your authentic power, sovereignty, freedom, and truth! You are done with being in reaction to life. You are ready to wholly know yourself, stand in your true power, and manifest your soul vision of your life and in the world.
  • throw open the channel of Divine Love and allow it to flow into and through your life like a river…healing, stabilizing, and offering oceans of grace and ease. You are ready to know at a core level that you are not only receiving this love from the divine…but that you are ALSO THIS LOVE!
  • reclaim all aspects of yourself and step deeper into this Divine Mystical Feminine Healing Path of essence, spirit, and soul…a path that powerfully heals awakens, and welcomes you back home into the essence of your being.

Speaking honestly heart to heart…

This deep dive 6-month program has the ability to totally transform the lives of those who say yes to the call.

If you long to deeply embody who you really are more than ever before, powerfully heal and transform the density, programming, and pain within, as well as bring more peace, freedom, compassion, and love to your life…then this program has been created for you.

To be fully transparent, I teach this path because I am reminded, almost daily, through others and my own experiences, how incredibly powerful it is. Its potency and effectiveness in healing and awakening others continually blows me away.

This program of transformation places your feet firmly on the higher path of evolution by aligning you to the light and divinity of your higher self, your true essence, and the Divine.

We are all being called now to remember that we are so much more than the painful voices and somatic contractions that have ruled our lives.

We are being called to align to the Higher Power of Who We Really Are and the Divine Inheritance that is Our Natural Birthright to Dissolve All Painful Density Within Our Being and Reconfigure Our Lives to More Ease, Grace, and Peace.

When this happens, we awaken and embody the Divinity that lies in the essence of our being. And when this happens, it changes everything.

Here we live in alignment with our soul’s passion, authentic power, and true freedom!

If your body is vibrating a yes as you read these words, then I want to invite you to join this powerful program.

It has embedded within it teachings and experiences that will:

  • throw the doors open of the light of your higher self and the divine,
  • free you of what has weighed your down,
  • and align you with the glory, majesty, and inherent love that is in the essence of who you truly are.

With All My Love and Oceans of Blessings,
Melissa Sophia

P.S. Whatever you chose I want you to know that you are love in the essence of your being, you are divine, and you are absolutely completely worthy of remembering and living this!

Are you ready to dive in?

  • Have you completed the pre-requisite course Embody Healing and Freedom or The Quantum You (a previously offered course?)

If not, go here to learn more about how to sign up for this class with a reduced fee. 

  • Fill out the application here. Then follow the directions outlined on the application. After you turn this in, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

If you want to find out more before doing so…Let’s talk…

Schedule a Discovery Session with Dr. Melissa to find out more about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Or email:

For those who want to go onto become a certified Somatic Awakening® Practitioner here is information on the Level II Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program.

Level II Practitioner Track

This program offers the foundations, principles, and know-how to utilize Somatic Awakening® in a healing practice or with your friends and family.

Level II includes 2 monthly classes per month over six months, plus two – two-day Retreats. The dates for this program have not been set yet. The start date is enrollment-dependent. It will Ideally begin shortly after Level I completes.

To be a fully certified Somatic Awakening® Practitioner, students must complete the Level II curriculum. They will also need to complete a practicum internship consisting of 30 practice sessions offered to others. As part of this process, you will also have four individual guidance and assessment sessions with Dr. Melissa and complete a short oral exam.

Topics Covered in Level II Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program:

Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling Part I, II, and III, which includes:

  • Attunement with Others and Clients
  • Empathy Versus Clarsentenience
  • Listening, Reflecting, and Tracking
  • Understanding Transference and Counter-Transference In Working With Others

Keeping Clients in the Window of Tolerance Part I and II

  • Understanding Trauma and Trauma Reactivation
  • The Reptilian Brain
  • The Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn Response
  • The Animal body in Relationship to the Ego and Somatic Body
  • Working within the Window of Tolerance – Hypo and Hyperarousal
  • The Importance of Safety and Regulation in Somatic Awakening®

Also, learn how to:

  • Utilize Gestalt Somatic Awakening® in a Healing Practice.
  • Utilize Somatic Awakening® The Practice in a Healing Practice.
  • Engage The Power of the Word Decree (plus how to engage timelines and closing protocols) in a healing practice.
  • Work with those who are very traumatized/and or have mental illness and how to make appropriate referrals.
  • Engage the business of how to create a practice.
  • Be a Somatic Awakening® Practitioner in the world.

Practitioner Students In Level II Will:

  • Receive a total of 81 hours in Level I and 54 hours in Level II for a total of 135 hours of education for both levels.
  • Receive 4 Practicum Mentorship Sessions in Level II.
  • Complete a Practicum Internship consisting of 30 Hours of utilizing Somatic Awakening® in sessions with others.
  • Upon completion will be a Certified Somatic Awakening® Practitioner.

**Note: For Licensed Therapists and Psychologists, since you are already educated on much of this information, one-on-one mentorships are available for certification.

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About Dr. Melissa and Sophia Healing Academy

Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy, ND, is the founder of Somatic Awakening® and is an internationally-known spiritual teacher and author. With the support of many higher dimensional guides, she is trailblazing a roadmap to transformative healing and spiritual awakening through the path of Somatic Awakening®. She is the Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy and is a Naturopathic Doctor. She is a specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling, Ordained Oracle, and Intuitive. She is also an Ancient Starseed who remembers many earthly and galactic incarnations and has a profound understanding of the importance of the evolutionary arc of healing, awakening, embodiment, and evolution that humanity is currently in.

She is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. She discovered this path by walking through her own profound healing and awakening over decades. She sees this light of the divine within us all. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal, awaken and embody their true essence and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, self-love, sovereignty, and peace.

Sophia Healing Academy is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice that arose from these principles, Somatic Awakening®. The teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered at Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and alignment with our authentic divine power. The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on these principles.

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