The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program teaches an empowered awareness and engaged embodiment of the Divine Feminine Mind-Body-Spirit Modality and Spiritual Path of Somatic Awakening®.

This program takes you much deeper into the depths of your being to heal that which is holding you back, engage your authentic power and freedom, as well as catapult you into deep awakening, and activation of who you truly are. And, for those who want to become practitioners, you will also be trained in how to offer one on one Somatic Awakening® sessions with others…professionally and personally.

This program is for those who are ready to:

  • Courageously step into deeply shifting the voices, beliefs, and programs that keep you hidden, frozen, and suppressed. You are ready to heal and shift all levels of victim consciousness, and any old worn-out way of being, that suppresses who you are.
  • Fully activate your higher self in your life so that you heal that which suppresses your true power, your authentic voice, and your sovereignty. You are ready to go much deeper into who you truly are and step into powerful freedom.
  • Go deeper with what you have already experienced in the realms of Somatic Awakening® and the Divine Feminine Healing Principles to fully heal and embody the essence of your being.
  • Activate your awakening, step into your own Source Connection, and what you came here to do. You have a FULL YES with stepping into your true and authentic life.
  • You feel and sense that Somatic Awakening®, and all that it offers, is going to help you immensely in manifesting all of the above.

Here are what past alumni have to say about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program:

“exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds…
I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world”

“This training (the Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program) has been exceptionally powerful in healing my deepest wounds. Melissa is a gifted teacher who truly cares. This training has been life-changing, and I am humbled, honored and so grateful that I get to do this work with clients. I believe this work has the capacity to heal the world.”

~Jane Sheppard CPC, FMCHC, NBC-HWC, Functional Medicine Coach, Health and Wellness Coach and Parenting Coach and Educator

“I have personally found the deepest healing from Somatic Awakening®”

“The practitioner program is unlike any other. It speaks to the essence of being a spiritual healer. I have personally found the deepest healing from Somatic Awakening® and I honestly feel grateful to be able to ground the work deep enough into my being that I can use it to support others.”

~Hannah Wasielewski, Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Somatic Awakening® has had a profound impact on my life over the past few years.”

“The practitioner program has allowed me to have a much richer understanding of this practice, and I am learning how to support others in their healing and evolution. There is nothing more fulfilling than bearing witness to others in their evolution.

~Gail Garvey, Retired Corporate Executive and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“It’s a whole new way of relating to life.”

“… taking this class has helped me to hold a stronger space for myself on the healing journey… It’s brought a huge healing dimension to my life. The benefits of the practice continue long, long after the class is over. It’s a whole new way of relating to life and a skillful approach to spiritual growth. The tools I learned in this class have transformed the way I relate to myself and have enhanced my capacity to deal with painful situations. I feel stronger and more at peace with myself. If you feel called to the program, dive right in! You’ll find a lot of healing, grace, and resiliency.”

~Rachel R.C., Non-Practitioner Graduate

The Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program

The Level I Somatic Awakening Practitioner Program is an eight-month program and will run from Oct. 2022 – May 2023

The Level I program teaches and deepens your experience as well as an understanding of the healing, awakening, and evolution that’s possible with the foundation of Somatic Awakening®. In this program, you are taken through the foundations of deeply understanding your own and others’ psyche, somatic being, spirit, and soul. You are also taught how to fully engage Phase I Gestalt Somatic Awakening® and Somatic Awakening®: The Practice in your life, and in practice with others if you decide to become a practitioner. This program also teaches aspects of Quantum Somatic Awakening® that will greatly help to stabilize and evolve your healing and awakening.

The Level II program develops your awareness and embodied experience of The Practice further. It also throws the doors opens and helps you embody the higher self-healing energy in the field of Phase II: Quantum Somatic Awakening®. Dates for Level II will be announced in the future.

These programs are for those who are interested in going deeper in their healing and spiritual path, whether or not you would like to become certified Somatic Awakening® practitioners. However, for those that do become certified Somatic Awakening® practitioners, you will have the ability to share this profound work with others in a healing practice.

Each Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program consists of the following:

  • Live and Interactive Zoom Classes Every Other Week – In these classes, we will discuss different topics which are designed to give you the background, personal experience, and know-how to bring Somatic Awakening® deeper into your own life. Everyone will meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. Those studying to be practitioners will also meet on the 4th for most months to gain the know-how to lead Somatic Awakening® sessions with others. Classes will also include meditations, transmissions, council check-ins, one-on-one experiential processes with other students, and Q & A.  Note: There are many “practitioner” classes, and days during retreats, that non-practitioners can take. However, it will require permission and there will be a class fee for this. 
  • Multi-Day Retreats – In the Level I program there will be a beginning 3-day retreat (2 days for non-practitioners), a 2 1/2 day retreat in the middle of the program (1 1/2 day retreat for non-practitioners), and a 2-day final daylong retreat at the end (1-day retreat for non-practitioners). In the retreat days that are for student practitioners classes, we will focus on the nuances of working with others in a healing practice. These retreats will help you go much deeper individually, in your budding healing practice as a practitioner, and collectively as a group in our practice together.
  • Online Teaching: For ease, due to our national/international student base all classes and retreats will be online for the upcoming program.
  • Recordings: All classes and retreats will be recorded in case you can’t attend. If student practitioners miss they will be required to demonstrate that they have listened to the recording by turning in notes taken for the class(es) missed. And, if non-practitioners decide to transfer to practitioner track they can do so by making up student practitioner classes through listening to these recordings.
  • Guided Buddy System with Other Students – The Buddy System has served an invaluable purpose in the recent SAPP program to help students feel supported and connected to a community of like-minded fellow students. You will meet twice per month with your buddy to discuss the topics presented, do practice sessions with each other, and share your own personal experiences regarding the practices. Buddies will rotate every two months.
  • Monthly Guidance – You will receive monthly guidance in the form of “homework” in the form of inquiry practices, readings, recorded meditations, transmissions, and more. Some of these practices you will do individually and others with your buddy.
  • Mentor Sessions – Throughout the program all students will receive four Somatic Awakening® sessions with Dr. Melissa or another Somatic Awakening® practitioner to help guide your own process with Somatic Awakening®, as well as help you engage your next steps in healing, awakening, and embodiment.
  • Practicum Internship – For those who choose the practitioner track you will have a practicum internship you will need to complete to receive the certificate for Level I. This consists of doing 30 practice sessions with others. As part of this process, you will also have four individual guidance and assessment sessions where you will be witnessed in giving a Somatic Awakening® session by Dr. Melissa and at the end a short oral exam to help you solidify your evolution as a Somatic Awakening® practitioner.
  • Non-Practitioner Tract – For those students who are not on the practitioner track, as mentioned above, some classes and portions of retreats will be optional since portions of these classes will be focused on teaching practitioners. Therefore, the costs for this tract will be less (with additional add-ons according to what you choose and what is available).

Topics Covered for Practitioners and Non-Practitioners:

  • The importance of grounding and being in your body with Somatic Awakening®
  • Creating sovereign and neutral space with yourself and others.
  • Introduction to the aspects of self (Ego, Psyche, Subconscious, Somatic Body, Higher Self, Soul, etc.)
  • Engaging the Higher Self in Somatic Awakening®
  • Instruction in all phases of practicing Gestalt Somatic Awakening® to engage in your personal life.
  • Instruction in all phases of Somatic Awakening® The Practice: Including the many principles that allow The Practice to flow with ease in your personal life.
  • How to fully engage the power of the Higher Self Witness Consciousness and the Conduit of Divinity to alchemically dissolve somatic trauma and ego density.
  • Working with higher dimensional guides as mentors with Somatic Awakening® and in your life.
  • Working with common egoic programs in Somatic Awakening® and your life, specifically the Trauma Triangle, Attachment Issues, and the “Less Than/I Am Not Worthy” Program
  • Quantum Somatic Awakening®: Engaging your higher self more in your healing and awakening
  • Fully engaging The Power of the Word Decree in your life.
  • Embodiment Part I: Activation of higher self and oversoul “Up and Out” energetics, which will then move down and into your body to stabilize your life.
  • Embodiment Part II: Activation of Divine Feminine Awakening of the “Down and In” process of embodying your spirit, activating your soul, and the Spirit-Heart-Soul Complex.
  • Final Somatic Awakening® Completion Ritual and Graduation.

Non-Practitioner Students will Receive:

  • 71 Total Hours of Curriculum
  • 4 On-On-One Somatic Awakening® Individual Sessions

Topics Covered for Practitioners:

  • Attunement with Others and Clients
  • Empathy Versus Clarsentenience
  • Working within the Window of Tolerance of Hypo and Hyperarousal
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling
  • The Reptilian Brain, the Fight, Flight, Freese Response, and the Animal body in Relationship to the Ego and Somatic Body
  • Utilizing Gestalt Somatic Awakening® in a Healing Practice
  • Utilizing Somatic Awakening® The Practice in a Healing Practice
  • Understanding transference and countertransference in working with others.
  • Understanding the Fourth “F” of Fight, Flight, and Freeze – “Fawning” and how to utilize this information with clients.
  • Engaging The Power of the Word Decree (plus how to engage timelines and closing protocols) in a healing practice.
  • Working with those who are very traumatized/and or have mental illness and how to make appropriate referrals.
  • The business of how to create a practice
  • What it means to be a Somatic Awakening® Practitioner in the world.

Practitioner students will:

  • Receive a total of 100 hours of curriculum
  • Receive 4 one-on-one individual Somatic Awakening® Sessions
  • Receive 4 Practicum Mentorship Sessions
  • Do a Practicum Internship consisting of 30 Hours of utilizing Somatic Awakening® in sessions with others.

How to Apply:

In order to be accepted into the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program, you must complete the pre-requisite course Embody Healing and Freedom or the previous course The Quantum You. There will also be an application process to be accepted into the program. Learn more here.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Understand more fully the workings of the psyche, subconscious patterns, somatic body (and its internal contractions), and energy body, as well as how to make contact and bring potent healing to these parts inside of you. (And, if you are a student practitioner learn how to help others make contact and bring healing to these parts as well).
  • Experience and embody the multiple aspects of your higher self (your adult consciousness, higher self witness consciousness, the conduit of divinity, and more.) Through this personal awareness and embodiment, take a quantum leap in your healing and evolution. Because here you don’t just “know” this practice cognitively, you embody it.
  • Understand and embody the spiritual principles that Somatic Awakening® is based upon, such as organic presence, that allow this practice and modality to powerfully shift in gear and blossom in your life. You will be guided to move beyond a static mental understanding of these principles and deeply utilize and engage them in this practice and in your daily life.
  • Be able to engage this modality and practice in some of the most difficult aspects of your life and your inner psyche. (And, if you are a student practitioner learn how to do this with others.) It is here that you know the deepest healing and awakening that’s possible with Somatic Awakening®. And, it is here that even in the most difficult of circumstances you powerfully know you can find your way through to ease, grace, and peace.
  • More fully embody the deeper wisdom of how to engage your holy higher self with the Power of the Word. Here you engage the most potent levels of support, stabilization, and manifestation to help you evolve in your healing, awakening, and in your life in general.
  • Fully step into this Divine Feminine Embodiment practice so that you can be guided in your daily life to live in deep alignment with your higher self, and the embodiment of your higher self in your being. Here you open to the powerful feedback, support, and guidance of your higher self and the divine moving into every aspect of your life. Ultimately awakening your own source connection of the divine in the center of your soul within.
  • Create a community of connection with others of like mind. Step into a community of others who are deep divers just like you. Those who share a deep desire for healing and awakening. Here you are united to the deeper Somatic Awakening community with others and can share a mutual language, experience, and connection.
  • For those of you who complete the practitioner program, you will be able to bring this potent work into a healing practice with others. As someone who has practiced this for years, I can honestly say that there is nothing like sitting in the potent presence and healing container of the powerful divine healing that Somatic Awakening® opens us and others to. Very often it borders on the miraculous and is an incredible boon to offer to others and ourselves as healers. 

Interested in finding out more?

Schedule a Discovery Session with Dr. Melissa to find out more about the Somatic Awakening® Practitioner Program to see if it’s a good fit for you. To schedule a Discovery Call click here.

Ready to Apply?

Please note that in order to be accepted into the program you will need to:

  • Complete a pre-requisite course of either Embody Healing and Freedom or previously completed The Quantum You course.
  • Go through an application and interview process. To begin that process fill out the application here.  Then follow the directions outlined on the application. After you turn this in you will be contacted to schedule an interview.
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