Recently there has been an increase in the amount and intensity of solar flares over the last few years and even more over the last couple of months (April and May of 2022.) As a matter of fact, a study confirmed that there has been an overall increase in solar flares over the last century, and during the last decade they have stabilized at this higher level.1

These solar flares are. “large explosions from the surface of the sun that emit intense bursts of electromagnetic radiation” according to  And, they can dramatically shift our consciousness and affect our being on all levels.

Earth and Solar FlaresSolar Flare Symptoms

When the energy from these solar flares hits the earth, if strong enough, they can cause electronic and radio blackouts, as well as geomagnetic storms. Some scientists have even found a positive correlation between these solar disturbances and an increase in earthquakes.3

Solar flares can also intensely affect our bodies. Since there has been quite a bit of solar flare activity over the last couple of months if you’ve been feeling a little loopy, anxious, or generally out of sorts it could be very well connected to solar flares.

These ejections from the sun can cause physical symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and hot-cold flashes.

Solar flares not only affect your body, but can also affect you on any level of your being – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually.4 If you are sensitive, like me, and the majority of everyone I work with, these symptoms can be even more pronounced and exaggerated.

Many people, myself included, sense that solar flares are also impacting humanity in a much deeper way affecting our emotions and even our awakening.

Solar Flares and Emotions

Some people have reported feeling an intense emotional purging during times of increased solar flare activity. Because these flares can activate old trauma and negative dysfunctional ways of being. For many, there is an arising of trauma that was thought to be healed. But, the next level is actually arising for healing and clearing.

The solar flares activates us to clear out emotional ways of being and dense energy which no longer serves. It does this because these flares are literally injecting more light (as electromagnetic energy and solar plasma) into our system. As an intuitive I perceive this light going into the darkness of our being and clearing out our shadow. It also affects our energy field and stirs the pot of anything hiding that is not in our highest good.

If you feel this is happening to you it’s imperative to bring awareness to what’s occurring on a deeper level. Any healing or spiritual practice, such as Somatic Awakening®, which supports you to more fully be present to and tend to the trauma or wounding underneath the negative story, memory, pain, or contraction that is arising for healing is important. Also, it’s important to take the time to deeply listen to your body, heart, and spirit. This will help guide you into more clarity about what is needing healing and even lead you to what is needed to heal it.

Woman and the sunSolar Flares and Awakening

The good news is that on the other side of the experience of the solar flares – there can be a big relief and even a feeling of awakened ecstasy and euphoria.

For many people, great understanding and awareness can arise in one’s life. A deeper love for oneself, others, and even humanity can come on board. And, a general increase of our vibratory field occurs and integrates more fully into our daily lives.

In the big picture, these solar flares are upgrading our being on multiple levels through this clearing-out process. It also activates the next level of our Divine DNA Genome coming online, which also greatly upgrades our being and helps us sustain a higher vibrational field overall in our lives.5

Through this process, psychic gifts can also come more fully online. New inspiration and clarity can flow into our consciousness and we see our lives from a new higher perspective.

In essence, this process, even though it can be a bit uncomfortable at times…is leading us to a greater awakening of our being and who we truly are. Thank You, Sun!!!

Self-Care During Solar Flares

Although the solar flares are leading us to our higher healing and awakening, during times of increased solar flare activity we can feel S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D. Therefore, it’s super important to take care of yourself during these times, especially if you are highly empathic and sensitive. Good rest (especially if you have insomnia), hydration, and exercise become super important at this time. Meditation and prayer are also important during solar flares since the nervous system and the emotional body can be on edge. On that note, if you are feeling a lot of intensity in your being make sure to do physical activity to move it out. Therefore, incorporate wild ecstatic dancing, chugging up a hill during an invigorating hike, powerful swimming, or whatever calls to you to move your body and shift the energy.

Also, getting and staying grounded through meditation and spending time in nature is imperative. Remember our nervous system is electrical and one of the things the flares do is activate our being on an electromagnetic level. Therefore, grounding in the earth literally helps ground our electrical nervous system which provides for more ease and grace in this process. Thank You, Earth!!! Here is a link to some great grounding meditations. (Once on the web page scroll down to the grounding meditations.) 

The big picture is that we are all evolving, including Gaia herself. These Solar Flares, although they can trigger us through an increase in symptoms and even cause more earthquakes in the earth herself, they are ultimately here to help guide us back home to the truth of our being, to the evolution of humanity, and the evolved New Human. Ultimately, they too are contributing to help us step into the new evolved aspect of being human, which has been called the Homo Noetics or the Self-Knowing Human. This version of us knows who we really are…Divine Beings At One With the All.

May your process of healing and awakening be filled with ease, grace, power, and love!

If you need help on this journey, I would be honored to assist in any way that feels aligned.

Love and Blessings,

Melissa Sophia Joy


Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is an international spiritual teacher that has been in practice as a naturopathic doctor, mind-body-spirit specialist, and medical intuitive for over twenty years. She is the Founder of Somatic Awakening® and Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy. She is a Divine Feminine Messenger, Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia tradition, Ordained Oracle, and Mystic. Most significantly she has gone through multiple layers of healing, spiritual awakening, embodiment, and mystical unfolding arising from a living relationship with the Divine.

She has been given a torch to be a leader of Divine Feminine Healing and Awakening through the practice of Somatic Awakening® and beyond in today’s world. She helps her patients and students get in touch with the inherent healing nature of their higher selves and the divine conduit of energy that potently heals, awakens us to remember who we truly are, and assists us in embodying our own divinity within.

To find out more about this healing path and spiritual practice based on the Divine Feminine – Somatic Awakening®,  go here.

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