Stepping into Wholeness

What does it mean to step into wholeness with Divine Love and how can this kind of Love change your life? 

Truly, we find our own individual answers as we each have our unique experience with this Love.  But, I have been called to share what I have learned from my own personal experience of walking with this Love as I step more into teaching and transmitting this Divine Love in the world.

The most significant thing I have discovered is that as I more fully surrender to the path of Love, it automatically pulls me into the vibration of the wholeness of who I truly am while at the same time healing my painful inner stories.

Being in Presence with this Love

I have found that in order for this to happen I need to be really open to allowing Love in—really allow it in—and not assume that I know how it’s supposed to look or feel.

When I open to Divine Love in this way, it shows up in the most surprising and unexpected ways of kindness, vulnerability, compassion and repeatedly it has broken my heart wide open as it brings back home the painful parts inside of me.    

Shining Love on the Painful Parts Inside

Committing to this path of Love has asked me to excavate every aspect of myself that runs any story that is full of pain, any part of my psyche that negates or limits me in any way. In doing so it shines the light of this Love on the most difficult and traumatized parts inside of me.

Living life from the presence of this Love has required great self-compassion and understanding to help these difficult parts find their way back home to a place of peace and freedom—in their own time, in their own way, allowing for all of their raw emotions and experiences.

This love has shown me that I am not better than or less than any other human being. Judgment (of self or other) actually closes down this love inside. Seen through the eyes of Love, judgment is merely a form of protection and not the truth of who we really are. 

Join the Sea of Love

Through this love I have been shown my humanity and humility in naming and loving back home these painful parts of my ego; while compassionately ever moving me toward union with this Divine Love like a river inevitably flowing toward the sea.

Through this process, this Love has also taught me how to stand in the glory of the Divine Love inside of me.

Our Divine Inheritance of Love

Because the truth is that this Divine Love is the inheritance of every single living being on this planet and beyond.  In fact, it is what unifies us together!

Stepping out as a human being, healer and teacher aligned with this Divine Love has shattered my heart open again and again into a million pieces and what is left is a tender raw outpouring of Love so great that at times I cannot even speak it or define it.

I stand now in open and humble service to this Love. As I do this it is asking me to share this Love and play my part in activating it in the world. Because this Love belongs to each of us, it is our divine inheritance and we need it now more than ever!

It is time for those who are ready to allow this Love to usher the painful parts of ourselves back home and help us remember who we really are.

This is a path worth taking!

This path will change your life for the better and open the doors to your wholeness! 

Are you ready?

Are you ready to step into this divine sea of Love?

Are you ready to bring back home the parts of you that have been suffering?

Are you ready to reclaim your divine inheritance of this Love?

If so, join us at the daylong event,

The Healing Power of Love

Saturday, Dec.1st 10:00-4:00

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