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Today is the celebration of the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. So many are remembering their way back to Mary Magdalene and Magdalene Consciousness in these times. She is a powerful awakened master, mentor, and being of mighty love. She is also a potent symbol of the rising of the Divine Feminine that has been suppressed for eons.

Why Magdalene Consciousness Is So Important Now

Mary Magdalene planted seeds that are now ripening 2000 years later of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness and what it means on a deeper mystical level. Countless people are feeling the call to Magdalene Consciousness because she leads us to an inward transformative and evolutionary spiritual journey – that embodies The Way of Love, Authentic Power, Divine Sovereignty, Embodiment, and Unified Consciousness.

As the Apostle to the Apostles, and Yeshua’s koinonós (a Greek word that has many meanings varying from spiritual partner to marital partner), as she is called in the Gospel of Phillip, she learned a great deal from Yeshua. I believe she learned more than the other disciples because she was so close to him. Through this, she was able to embody her True Self – and activate her Divine Feminine Christed Consciousness.

Mary Magdalene as Mentor

Her energy has been activated in our times and is Shaking the Tree of Consciousness for Humanity. And in the process is activating the Divine Feminine energy that lives inside us – male and female alike. She also calls us to be fully HERE, which entails having a full YES to our healing, our higher self leading, awakening to who we truly are, opening to divine love, and ultimately the oneness that we all are.

As a mentor, she also holds this power of love in many different contexts. She can be the soft sweet mother who is completely present and loving for whatever is needed. She is the powerful, compassionate mentor who lovingly guides us through our initiations and what we really need. She is the loving sister who will be there with you through thick and thin. She is also a full-on primal force of nature that can come in with a Kali-like power that holds you accountable to show up with all parts of you…even the parts you may want to run from. And through it all, she lovingly stands WITH YOU while also reminding you that the time of playing small is no longer.

She is a Master Teacher of Love and Light! And she is here to lead humanity into understanding who we really are, the healing power of love that’s all around us, and Living the Divinity that We Really Are.

The Five Pillars or Ways of Magdalene Consciousness

I am grateful that Mary Magdalene has been one of my primary teachers. She has come to me in my darkest hours and has led me out of what felt inconsolable and unhealable. She has been with me through thick and thin. And has so powerfully guided my way that what she taught me is now the centerpiece of the healing modality and spiritual practice I teach in the world – Somatic Awakening®. These five pillars are the essence of what she has taught me and what it means to walk the Path of Magdalene Consciousness.

The Heart of the MagdaleneThe Way of Love

In this path, we are asked to choose over and over to be an embodiment of LOVE and to live in alignment with the Law of Love and all of the attributes of love, such as kindness, grace, and compassion. When we fully activate this love in our hearts and receive it through our direct connection of what Mary Magdalene called in her gospel “the Good,” we open to a conduit of divine love that arises from a direct connection to our higher selves, Mother-Father God, and the All. Within this conduit exists a divine love that heals the deepest wounds. With this love active and alive in our lives, we can bring it forward to penetrate and heal all levels of shadow within…the ego, subconscious, negative voices, somatic body, physical body, and all aspects of being. Through the healing that this love offers, we step onto the path of embodying our higher self in our daily life. We are also asked to be open to trusting this love so much that we offer it to the world.

The Way of Authentic Power

In this path, we are asked over and over to fully step into our courage and turn toward that which needs love. This means standing with the most difficult aspects inside even when it’s difficult emotions whether that be terror, fear, grief, or anxiety, so they are no longer ruling our lives. This naturally activates our authentic power. This happens because this process shifts us out of the shadow aspects of ourselves leading our lives and turns on the authentic power of our true essence. Thus a natural differentiation occurs between the false power of the ego and the authentic power of your higher self, heart, and soul. This opens a natural humility that knows how to differentiate between the two. With this authentic power activated, we can reclaim all parts of who we truly are – including the fierceness of the feminine principle (within men and women alike) that has been suppressed for eons. This authentic power also has the ability to face the darkness in the world…and offer it also the healing balm of love. Thus this power restores equilibrium to ourselves and the world. We embody fierceness without being aggressive and tenderness without being submissive. We learn to stand, as Yeshua says, “as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

The Way of Divine Sovereignty

This is an important aspect of Magdalene Consciousness…because it wakes us out of the slumber we have been in. With the primal force of our being and the primal force of Magdalene Consciousness at work, our inner Divine Sovereignty is activated. This is the Divine part of us that knows who we really are and where we came from. This part of us can also clearly see manipulations, deception programs, and negative tactics from within us, as well as from a mile away. It also can name them, offer compassion to them when appropriate, and create powerful and healthy boundaries with them. Divine Sovereignty breaks us out of any spell of power over control that we’ve been under. It knows the birthright of our spirit as divine, free, unbound, and the truth of the Divine Sovereignty of Your Soul. It opens us to the freedom of fresh air that the soul and spirit thrive in. Divine Sovereignty is not in contradiction to Unity Consciousness; it is a prerequisite for Unity Consciousness, for we must know ourselves as free from all structures that bind us before we know ourselves as fully aligned to the Oneness of all.

The Way of Embodiment

Embodiment is the movement of our higher self and divine energy down and into our bodies.  When our higher self makes contact with the density held within our being – the negative parts, societal programs, and inner critical voices – begin to shift, heal, and transmute. In this process, there is more space for our higher self to embody inside of us. The more our Holy Higher Self embodies within us, the more guidance, love, joy, ease, peace, grace, and awakening experiences arise in our lives. As we come into more awakening experiences, that divine energy too moves into our being. It continues to light up any other density inside – such as that which believes itself as not good enough, holds trauma, or other negative beliefs. This bringing of the light into the density eventually transmutes the density the shadow holds thus it brings in even higher energy manifesting and embodying into our lives. This process ultimately enlivens and activates our soul more fully, turns on the ascension process inside of us, activates our divine genome, and more… In essence, embodiment opens the gateway to a super highway of divine support, love, and grace to arise in our lives. This path also has the ability to open the door to the highest levels of Gnosis – the knowing and feeling of the Divine within. It is here we become enlivened to live our truest life and the highest vibration of what we can be in these epic times.

The Way of Unity Consciousness

The Way of Unity Consciousness opens us to move into direct alignment with the Law of One. Here we understand and live as a unified whole with humanity and the Web of All Life. This process asks that we do the work required to have our ego-mind no longer leading our lives so we can open this unified field. The process powerfully deconstructs any limited ideas, thoughts, and programs arising from separation. In doing so, it opens us to an awakened field. It also brings our inner dualities in harmony together…the inner male and female (the High Holy Inner Hieros Games as it is known in the deeper mystical paths), the light and the dark, outside and inside, individual and collective. And, the two become one…unified together in Divine Christed Awareness. In this place of oneness, we can claim the seeming paradox of living our individual divine sovereignty while also living in oneness with the All. Here we become true co-creators with Creator, and our lives step into miraculous grace, joy, abundance, love, and our divine inheritance of the Great Unconditional Love that never dies.

Do You Hear the Call of Magdalene Consciousness?

Many are being called to this path…Because It Is Time. Mary Magdalene and the specific energy of her embodiment of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness is rising now in our collective awareness. She is a powerful messenger of balance, harmony, joy, and powerful and all-consuming love. She is a beacon and awakener of what our world needs now to evolve.

If you feel the call in your being, know that this path does not expect perfection. But, it does require commitment. It is a path of mastery that may take years, decades, or even lifetimes to master. This path asks everything of you and gives back more than you could ever imagine.

For me living and teaching the path of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness is like continually riding a wave of my next biggest growth edge. Being willing to go to the next step because I know the beauty of homecoming as each part finds its way back home to love. Mastery is a living, breathing moment-by-moment surrender to love, presence, and the highest good.
It is a path that requires patience, humility, stamina, surrender, and opening to the biggest river of love you can possibly imagine. A love that WILL reconstruct your life as you say YES to it.

So as we acknowledge the being that Mary Magdalene was (and is) today, let us remember this is not just a day. But, that this day represents a much bigger path that has the power to awaken us, guide us to divine embodiment, bring balance and evolution to our world, and completely transform our lives.

Now is the time of remembering who we truly are!!!

So Much Love and Many Blessings,

Melissa Sophia Joy


This blog is an edited version of the blog “What the Path of the Magdalene Really Is,“ published on this website on July 21, 2021.

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Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is the founder of the healing modality and spiritual practice Somatic Awakening® (the modality spoken of above, which Mary Magdalene taught her very significant aspects of.) She is also the Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy, is a Naturopathic Doctor, and a specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Oracle, Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia tradition, Mystic, and Medical Intuitive. She helps her patients and students tap into their own unique connection to the divine and the potent energy of healing that resides there. She supports others in their deep healing and evolution as they remember their inner light and shift from dis-ease to healing, freedom, and sovereignty.

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