I recently just completed an 8-day meditation retreat. The depths of this retreat helped to clear the dense energy of multiple lifetimes of trauma. It also brought me deeper into alignment with the truth of my core being and threw the doors open wider on who I am and why I am here.

I am here to be a spokesperson for the divine, to help repair what has seemingly been broken and lost over eons, as well as help others heal, awaken, and guide them in reconnecting with their core essence.

During this retreat, one of the most significant things that I utilized to help me open to this level of awareness, healing, and freedom was the core of the wisdom tradition that I utilize with patients and teach…Somatic Awakening® The Practice.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the honor of seeing The Practice deeply change countless people’s lives. And, I continue to witness its powerful healing in my day-to-day practice in working with others. The Practice holds powerful keys of healing and freedom.

Because our community has grown by leaps and bounds this last year, I want to make sure that you know exactly what The Practice is. Because knowing this information will help you decide if this is something you want to go deeper into with your own healing and awakening in the future.

I believe in the core of my being that Somatic Awakening®, especially The Practice has the potential to powerfully contribute to the healing and awakening of humanity…one person at a time.

The Practice is the second phase of Somatic Awakening®. It is so powerful because it shifts our awareness away from only using our cognitive minds and ego in the healing process. It does so by accessing what I believe is a very under utilized aspect of our being, our Higher Selves, also known as our Spirit. This part of us has the ability to completely shift and heal our lives. In my twenty-plus years as healer, I have found that the deepest healing comes from the power inherent in our higher selves and the divine energy that this part of our being channels.

Albert Einstein said it well in his famous quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

In engaging your higher self in the process of healing the parts that are painful, contracted, and frozen:

    • you gain the ability to see your life, and what needs healing, from a much higher and more compassionate perspective,
    • you make a powerful healing connection to the density or pain that resides within you from this higher and greater part of you,
    • and here you have the ability to significantly heal and open your life to the powerful healing, freedom, and embodiment of who you truly are which your higher self leads and opens you to.

What The Practice Is

The Practice aligns you to and activates a part of your spirit called your higher self witness consciousness. This part of your spirit/higher self has the ability to be powerfully present, compassionate, and loving with any density, hurt, or contracted part inside of you, no matter how painful it may be. It has the ability to bring to these contractions what they need to soften and deeply heal.

In this process, you bring this powerful part of your higher self down and into your somatic body in direct relationship to any pain, trauma, or contraction that is there. Your somatic body is the meeting place of the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of self. It also holds multiple levels of trauma, usually in the form of frozen emotions and stuck energy from past traumas.

When your Higher Self Witness Consciousness meets these parts inside it allows the pain, hurt, or stuck energy to be truly seen, held, and loved, often in a way that these parts have never experienced before.

In doing so it brings understanding, powerful presence, stabilization, and healing into these frozen and traumatized aspects of your being. And, it offers these contracted hurt parts exactly what they need to more fully relax, let down their guard, and fully heal. As it does, these parts alchemically transmute and dissolve the dense energy within the contractions as well as any emotional, energetic, and physical symptoms connected to them.

Many of you may have practiced mindfulness before and you may sense the similarities here. Yes, this is similar. But, it’s also VERY different because in mindfulness you are merely being present with what is arising. Don’t get me wrong this in and of itself is powerful.

However, in The Practice, you are being present with your powerful higher self and the conduit of divinity that your higher self is connected to in relation to these painful parts. So, these higher aspects can offer whatever is needed to the traumatized part inside, magically, divinely, and immaculately, it offers the exact right and perfect energy to them so they can shift and heal.

The divine truly wants to help you in your healing so you can come back home to your true self. But, in order to fully receive this divine healing we need to both ask for it and create the right circumstances for this healing. The Practice was formed to create the right and perfect environment to do just that. It literally throws the doors wide open so that you can receive the divine healing that you need to evolve!

Beautifully, the more you do The Practice the more the density within your body literally dissolves. In doing so it helps you shift from perceiving your life and reality from the old dense, hurt, and ‘less-than’ consciousness to the healed and awakened consciousness of your true freedom, worth, harmony, peace, joy, abundance, and love.

This experience frees your being and fuels your next steps in awakening and evolution. It also helps you to live life from your true nature; a sovereign divine being that has the ability to be truly free, as well as manifest and fulfill your soul’s destiny.

Engaging the Conduit of Divinity

As you engage in this practice you gain the ability to see, know, and feel that your Higher Self Witness Consciousness is fully present and supporting your life. But, this isn’t all. This higher part of you also acts as a conduit of higher and higher aspects of your spirit and ultimately the divine that you are one with.

This is a game-changer in healing because this divine energy carries with it a powerful soothing presence and balm that shifts any pain or contractions and continues to even more deeply alchemically heal, soothe, and dissolve the densest contractions from difficult past traumas.

This energy is palpable as it pours into painful contractions whatever is needed for its specific and unique healing, whether that be love, strength, presence, courage, spaciousness, integration, and more, for as long as it is needed.

This process allows these contractions to relax and receive what they have always longed for: the healing presence, ultimate compassion, and unconditional love from the divine flowing through you.

This healing process powerfully transforms the deepest darkness as the light of your higher self meets this darkness of your shadow and they align together. During this process a third alchemical energy is created; a powerful energy of healing that deeply repairs your entire being through time and space.

In essence, your higher self, and the divine energy flowing through this conduit, heroically step into the role of showing up to and holding your deepest pain with immense compassion, love, and understanding. It is here that the deepest alchemical magic of healing occurs.

As this process unfolds you begin feeling more spaciousness and freedom. You don’t lose your memories of the past. But, what you do lose is the difficult energetic charge of the memory that fueled anxiety, depression, somatic symptoms, and more.

The magic of this special relationship opens the door to deep integration and true healing.

When you are in alignment with your spirit in this way, you start to feel better on a very profound level and a whole new kind of healing and living becomes possible and integrated into your life.

The Practice ultimately offers an initiation threshold that brings you some of the deepest levels of awakening and embodiment.

Spiritual Awakening and Embodiment

Through The Practice, as you shift the density of trauma, pain, and suffering that you have been carrying, sometimes for lifetimes, you begin to perceive your higher self and spirit on a very significant level. This is because the more you do this process the more you become intimately connected to, trust, and allow your higher self to be more integrated into your life.

You also find that the more you heal the density within your shadow the more spaciousness and room there is for your higher self to embody in your being and life. Because now there is room for the light of your higher self to blossom.

This embodiment process of your higher self is a path that continues as you heal and remember the truth of your being, as your internal soul’s light begins to shine more, and higher and higher states of awakening unfold. Until you eventually come into direct contact with Your Own Source Connection of the Divine held within the core of your soul inside of your being.

Once you start to experience an awareness of the spacious divinity living inside you…that You Are…Everything Changes! This is the promise that The Practice offers and why I am committing my life to teach it…so we can all come back home to the glorious and divine truth of who we truly are.

After reading this if you want to go further in your experience with The Practice check out the following offerings:

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  • Check out the class Embody Healing and Freedom which teaches you how to more fully experience The Practice, and Somatic Awakening® in your life. Check out the course here and join the waitlist for future classes. The next class will be offered again in April of this year.

Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is a Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Sophia Healing Academy and Somatic Awakening®. She is a specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling. She is also a Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Oracle of The Council of One, Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia tradition, Mystic, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive.  She has been in practice as a naturopathic doctor for over twenty years. But, most significantly she is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal and evolve as they remember their inner light within and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, freedom, sovereignty, self-love, and peace. 

Sophia Healing Academy is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice that arose from these principles, Somatic Awakening®. The teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered at Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing, while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and an alignment with our authentic divine power. The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on Her principles.

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