Happy Easter everyone! Every major Christian holiday holds a powerful portal of high vibrational Christ Consciousness that conveys the incredible energy of Yeshua, his teachings, and the essence of universal Christ Consciousness. Everyone can experience this energy during these times because Christ Consciousness is energetically flooding the planet…all you need to do is tune in.

However, if you grew up in a traditional Christian environment this energy could feel very different than your past experience in church. Because this energy is a living breathing experience of Universal and Individual Christ Consciousness that is difficult to contain within linear religious and dogmatic structures.

My current experience of Yeshua, and the entire Christ family, is vastly different from my experience of the “fire and brimstone” energy I struggled through growing up in a Southern Baptist Church. Being a sensitive child this environment brought on much fear and it felt as if God was angry at me most of the time. But, these kinds of environments are NOT what true Christianity is all about.

So much of the deeper message of Christ was almost eradicated when Christianity was taken over by the Romans. They called many of these deeper teachings heretical, and any who taught them faced the punishment of death. Therefore, they were forced to go underground. But, fortunately, there were brave souls that secreted many of the gospels that contained these teachings underground. And, many of these gospels are now available to us.

Mystical Experiences

A significant part of Somatic Awakening® comes from these Mystical Christian teachings. But, in all honestly, it wasn’t necessarily by my choice. In my 20s and 30’s, I veered far away from Christianity due to the difficult experiences of the church I had growing up. But, in my 40s, I started having numerous mystical experiences and visions of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and Sophia. These visions completely and utterly changed my life! They brought powerful healing, helped me awaken to my true nature, and they play a huge role in what I teach today.

One of the most significant experiences of the birth of Somatic Awakening® started with a powerful vision I had of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene after being sick with a high fever.  In this experience, they came to me in the middle of the night and told me that it was time for me to remember who I am and to help others remember who they are as well. In essence, it was time to deeply heal, remember the divinity inside of me, and help others do the same. This vision gave me guidance on how to do so and I was then led into a powerful initiation that lasted for years. 

After this vision, Mary Magdalene came to me over many months, sometimes daily, and guided me through the process of what is now a core aspect of Somatic Awakening® which is now called The Practice. This process greatly healed my life and I was then guided to share it with others with powerful results.

The Secret Teachings of Yeshua 

It came as a huge surprise that I learned over a year later that there were teachings in the gospels that had been secreted away that were powerfully correlated to what Mary Magdalene had taught me.  

Many of the gospels that were deemed heretical and not allowed in the bible, such as The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, The Gospel of Thomas, and The Gospel of Philip, actually contained within them powerful secret teachings from Yeshua that included healing, awakening, the alignment of the divine feminine within Yeshua’s teachings, and so much more.

One of the biggest secret teachings of Yeshua was the concept of the Cosmic Human also known as the Anthropos. 

Anthropos is a term that has many meanings. Its deepest and most profound meaning is the merging of the human self with the divine self – which forms the Cosmic Human. To walk this path is to merge the light with the dark – the light of our higher being (our spirit which is connected to the divine) with the darkness of our lower being (the shadow of our ego and psyche). In doing so we step into the Cosmic Human of the New Humanity. Here we evolve individually and collectively. And, instead of being led by the shadow of our ego, we are led by love, truth, and awakening to our true Divine Nature. 

In essence, this path is the process of making THE TWO INTO ONE. 

Below is an excerpt from The Gospel of Thomas in Logion 22 where Yeshua describes this process as he tells the disciples how to enter the Kingdom. Yeshua speaks:

“When you make the two into One,

when you make the inner like the outer

and the high like the low…

then you will enter the Kingdom.”

Making the two into one is bringing duality together in our being – the light and the dark, the male and the female, the good and the bad. Which has very similar tones to the paths of mindfulness and non-duality. 

But, with this mystical path, we move deep into an authentic and powerful relationship of our internal darkness with the bright light of spirit. 

This divine light exquisitely knows how to bring peace, calm, and healing to the negative, difficult, and hurtful aspects of our shadow that can cause chaos in our lives and shut down our awakening process. 

When these parts receive this powerful divine presence they are transformed. Here, we can step into the awakened field of Oneness and who we truly are.

We do not find our way by looking outside and worshipping an external source, as taught in traditional Christianity. But, rather we look deeply within and follow the mystic’s path. And, this internal path brings us into powerful healing, unification, and awakening of our true nature.

How Somatic Awakening® Is Based On This Secret Teaching

What I layout in the above paragraphs contains the core of The Practice within Somatic Awakening®. The Practice guides us into powerful healing through an alignment with the light of our higher self and the divine with the difficult dense aspects of our shadow. To be clear this is NOT a mere visualization, but a powerful transformative healing and awakening experience.  

This healing path and spiritual practice help us merge our human self with our divine self – the light with the dark – by moving the light of our spirit and the divine down into the places within our shadow that need it most. In this process, all parts, voices, beliefs, and programs of the lower vibration of the ego are seen, presenced, and brought into the healing light of the divinity of our higher self and beyond.

Here a direct relationship is formed between the light and the darkness inside. And, from this process, a powerful alchemical code is activated which greatly heals our being, regulates traumatized nervous systems, transmutes dense traumatic contractions…and so much more!

When this healing process is fully engaged our internal darkness is literally transformed as the unconditional love of spirit brings healing, softening, and deep repair. Over time in this process layer after layer of the dense energies of our shadow transform and we are no longer led by the pain, hurt, and suffering that fueled our negative voices within. 

Here we feel and live the balance that occurs as we uplevel our entire being and embody our higher self in our daily life.

And, as our internal polarities come together, little bit by little bit…a third way is opened. A way of an Empowered Embodiment of Who We Truly Are comes on board. And, it is here that the doors open for us to remember the Cosmic Human that we truly are and the Divine Essence that lives inside of us.

With this, the seed of this secret teaching of Yeshua’s, that was almost lost for two thousand years, sprouts and bears fruit.

This coming together of our inner dualities activated through this “down and in” process of our divine light meeting our internal darkness – are two powerful pillars of the mystical path of Divine Feminine Sophia-Christos-Magdalene Consciousness. And, the core structure of Somatic Awakening® arose from this path because The Practice was born from the mystical teachings of Mary Magdalene.

A Mystical Path for Everyone

This path may seem specifically Mystical Christian but it is actually so much more. For in the biggest picture ALL mystical paths lead to the door of Oneness with Divinity and All of Life.  Whether this path is Zen Buddhism, the multiple paths of Mindfulness and Non-Dualism, Sufism, Kabbalah, or another mystical path.

This mystical path is clearly not based on the traditional viewpoints of the traditional dogma of the Christian religion. And, You don’t need to consider yourself a Christian to gain benefit from this healing modality and spiritual practice. 

This is a path of healing, love, and of coming back to who you truly are. It is an internal path of healing, evolution, awakening, and embodiment.

It is ultimately a universal internal mystical tradition that leads us to our greatest healing, deepest peace, powerful grace, and our true essence.

And, if you are called I invite you to join me.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Melissa Sophia Joy


If you would like to find out more about this path below are some ways you can connect and go deeper. *Also, stay tuned there are many ways that this mystical path will continue to lovingly burst out into our world…because it is time!

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*The above blog is an updated and edited version of the blog The Way of the Magdalene and Somatic Awakening® published in Sept. 2019.

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