Stepping In More Fully

What an amazing time in my life.  I just turned 50. Instead of celebrating with a typical party, I celebrated with an initiation ritual birthing me into my new name Melissa Sophia Joy and releasing the name given to me at birth Melissa Patterson.

With honor to all of my father’s family I release the name Melissa Patterson and step into the new name Melissa Sophia Joy given to me by the divine.

This has been a powerful re-birthing process.

This process is much more than releasing one name and taking on another. 

My new name has deep spiritual significance.  It is also a call for me to step in more fully as a teacher, oracle and priestess.

The process of changing my name started four years ago when in a meditation retreat Sophia Divine Mother came to me and shared a huge amount of information with me.  At the end of this transmission she told me that my spiritual name is Melissa Sophia Joy. 

I immediately felt the significance of this name and I knew that I needed to take my time to more completely integrate and embody the divine energy connected to that name that was opening inside of me.  

What ensued was quite a process of moving through many layers of awakening and embodiment to be ready to step into the bigness that this name represents.

In many ways it feels like I have been running a very long marathon and I have finally crossed the finish line.  It’s not that I feel that I am no longer a student, I will always be a student of the divine and life.  But, a whole new world has opened up before me and I am now being called to fully step into what I came here to do.  

My Calling

This is what my soul has come here to do:

First and foremost to free myself from that which is not true and remember the true essence of my being.

To then take the wisdom gained to be a guide, teacher and healer of the spirit, soul and somatic body. To be a mystic and an oracle of the divine to the people.

To teach others about the power, majesty and divine healing potential of their witness, higher self and the quantum field of healing and awakening around them.

To help others open their divine conduit.  This allows for love, compassion, forgiveness (and more) to flow in into the places that need it most and fuels transformational healing.

Open others to the deeper feeling and knowing of the love that never dies, the love that has the power to heal on a level beyond words.

To help us all step into unity consciousness. The place where we are all connected…through energy, our common humanity and the love that pulses through the web of life.

Underlying all of this is a commitment to help others heal that which separates them from their true self and causes pain; their walls, beliefs and ideas that gives them a false perception of safety.

It is my soul job to do this and to call in a structure which more fully brings this energy into the world.  I stand on a precipice of surrender, butterflies in my stomach and incredible excitement.

Calling in Melissa Sophia Joy

To help me step into my new name I called on three high priestesses to lead my birthday ritual who initiated me into each aspect of my name and what it represents.

Marguerite Rigliogso, founder of Seven Sisters Mystery school, as well as High Priestess and Oracle initiated me deeper into the name Melissa.  Specifically, she helped open and align me to the powerful Melissi Bee Oracular tradition, who were the priestesses of the Oracles at Delphi in ancient Greece. Interestingly, she shared during the ritual that in Delphi at one point women had to be 50 to be fully initiated into being an oracular priestess in this tradition; talk about synchronicity and perfect timing.

Diana Melchizadek, High Priestess of Sophia Divine Mother and the Melchizadek Lineage, initiated me even deeper into the name Sophia.  She helped open me more to what it really means to step deeper on this divine path of embodiment of Sophia Divine Mother.  She also helped me step deeper into the importance of presence, kindness, equilibrium and commitment to fully embody this name and most significantly to do what needs to be done to live from the place inside of me that is at one with Divine Mother.   

Lastly, Deena Maenad, High Priestess of the Temple of Agape, initiated me into the name Joy both in the path as well as the embodiment of it.  Joy has been my legal middle name all of my life and I have been in inquiry for years around what it really means to live from Joy.  With this in mind she spoke of all of the healing work that has been done to allow Joy to blossom. She spoke of the necessity to not grasp at Joy whether it is present or goes away.  And, lastly she solidified my commitment to the most important thing that opens the gateway to Joy; the practice of being fully in the present moment. 

It was a powerful ritual and a huge celebration.  I will be integrating it for some time.  

It has been a huge stepping through and re-birth. 

There is such a vast horizon before me that is unfolding.  Visions and clarity of my work in the future are coming to me full force and flooding my inner vision. 


What’s On the Horizon Now:

  • I am in the final phase of completing my new e-book:  The Four Golden Keys of Healing:  Utilizing Your Higher Self in Healing Your Deepest Wounds with Somatic Awakening®.  It is in it’s final editing stages and will be complete soon.  As soon as it is I will be sending everyone on my email list a FREE copy.  So keep a look out for it. 
  • We are also in the final edit of my new website and it is looking very beautiful.  I will be officially launching it soon.
  • Lastly, an incredible artist, Franky Dolan, just created a beautiful piece of artwork which I will be using as my new logo. (see picture below) It is truly an amazing piece of art which represents the chalice of divine love that overflows from the heart and brings us into the knowing of the love inside of us that never dies.  It also conveys the beauty of embodying this love and the joy, bliss, peace and more that flows out from the heart when we do so.  I am so eternally grateful for Franky for seeing and fully getting my vision.  I am ecstatic that this beautiful piece of artwork is now my logo.  WOW!

Artwork and My New Logo by Franky Dolan

There is even more coming so stay tuned…

This is a very exciting time. 

And as always, I extend my hand and welcome you in more fully on this path if it is in your alignment to join me.  For all of those who are called:  I am excited to help you step more fully into your healing, to help you remember who you really are and to help you embody your true self!   

In Deep Love and Many Blessings,

Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy


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