Do you ever feel like you’re having one of those days where you are hitting your head against the wall? That was my day today. Besides having some great sessions with patients. I had one tedious task after another, my long to-do list was barely touched, and I found out my podcast was delayed due to technical issues. I was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.
I then read a blog from Matt Kahn, which totally changed my attitude!
Although, I had taught something almost identical to my students as part of The Quantum You Program. I apparently was the one that needed to have it reflected back to me today.
As I took it in I felt the “Law of Attraction” get turned on its head. I opened wider to the truth of my being, and the Love that is waiting for us all inside of our heart.

What the Law of Attraction is Not

The Law of Attraction is not commanding something to happen from our ego/mind by repeating a positive affirmation a thousand times.
Nor is it, as Matt Kahn put it a form of Amazon Prime. We can’t just put in our order to the universe and expect it to be shipped to us the next day.
Both of these perspectives are missing an important point…which is this:
Our egos and minds are not in charge of manifestation, our ✨Spirit is!✨
The Divine and our Higher Self (Spirit) are always helping us, but not in the ways that our egos and minds necessarily want.
They are doing something much more important!

What Our Higher Self and the Divine are Actually Doing

The Higher Self and the Divine are helping us, as Matt Kahn put it, “make room for the worthiness to have what you purely desire, while equally recognizing it’s not about the things you desire but rather the level of consciousness required to have those things”.
In essence, our healing, our desires, and the road we take to get there (including all of the bumps that the ego-mind doesn’t like) are all leading us to raise our consciousness. 🎇
The Divine and your Higher Self are not concerned about whether you get that shiny BMW, or make that 6 figure income, or get that hot man or woman out on a date.
It’s concerned about your evolution!!

How True Manifestation Happens

True manifestation happens because of two reasons:
1) Our consciousness IS raised enough to resonate with the manifestation.
2) What is manifested is in alignment with our higher self.
The Law of Attraction is alive and well…it’s just not how our egos and minds think it should be.
Manifestation is actually a symptom of our consciousness rising. However, this is not an end to a means. We don’t raise our consciousness to then be a great manifestor. Because true manifestation asks us to let go of the outcome from our ego-mind. We are asked to evolve our ego; to have it less out in front, to soften our desires. Ultimately we are asked to “Let Go and Let God”. Letting the Divine takes over refers to both the divine outside of us, as well as the divine inside of which is at one with our spirit and soul. 
When we tap in on this level beyond our ego-mind our ability to manifest increases exponentially. It’s a seeming contradiction. But, one that I have found to be true in my own life.

How Magic Truly Happens

When we focus on the moment by moment transfiguration of our ego we then become aligned with what is truly important; connection, truth, compassion, harmony, peace, and the love that heals all; and brings us back in alignment with our true being and true worthiness.
When we are in alignment with the deeper parts of ourselves…our spirit, heart, soul, as well as the healing and manifesting power of love that arises from these places…magic happens!
We evolve. Our life force increases. We become freer. And we manifest what we want because our vibration increases. We become the thing (the emotion and the energy) that we are longing for…and this magnetizes the actual “thing” we have wanted into our life. 


Manifesting True Love

Take, for instance, a person looking for love through a romantic relationship. I have found that we manifest a relationship much faster when we become the love, the compassion, the kindness we are looking for…inside of ourselves first.
When you know yourself as this love you then become a beacon for it. Nurturing it inside of yourself first. Then naturally you share it with others. In this sharing, you then draw in others who are aligned with you, like a moth to a flame.
If you have been “looking for love in all the wrong places”, want to authentically connect to the love inside of you, and step deeper into this transfiguring process…then I invite you to step in.
I invite you to Remember the Love Inside of You that Has Never Died.
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