[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As I wind my time up in Hawaii I have had a few days to write.  Something that I don’t always have the luxury of really diving into.  I am very excited about this because out of this writing a short e-book is being created and I will let you know soon when it will be out.

In this process of writing I ran across a transmission from Mary Magdalene that I sent out last year.  This transmission blew me away with it’s beauty and authentic essence in regard to the power of love.  I added it to my e-book because it was so incredibly powerful.  And, I am posting it again here.  In this transmission she talks about how love wants nothing more than to flow into the parts that are hurt the deepest.  In my experience this is absolutely true.  There is nothing like the power of true love from our higher self to shift the tide in ones healing.  I have seen it again and again in my practice and in my life.

This transmission is also a great example of the kind of tranmissions that will be available to you on a weekly basis if you sign up for the Deep Diver’s Guild.  This class will be beginning Monday, July 23rd and if you would like to sign up JULY 19TH IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE DISCOUNT.  So check out the information regarding it on the Deep Diver’s Guild under Teaching.

The following is the transmission from Mary Magdalene that so beautifully speaks of the deep healing power of love:

“Your spirit wants to love you more than you can ever imagine. Your spirit wants you to know it and feel itself inside of you. Truly, when the heart of the little child inside of you feels, even an inkling, of how much you are loved and how much you are wanted, the more your life will be transformed and healed.  

So allow yourself to feel both the longing for your spirit and your spirits longing for you. Allow it to come home into your being and be embodied. Your spirit knows exactly how to give you what you want and need. Allow it…

The truth is that your spirit is knocking down your door to love you, in a way that you’ve never been loved before. Because no one can love you in this way. There is nothing that you can receive outside of you that is this beautiful, this brilliant and this all-encompassing. This is the truth of love. Let it pour in… 

If humanity knew, really knew, this level of love inside of each of us there would be no hatred. There would be no judgement, no better than or less than. Because each individual would have a direct line into all of the love they would ever need. Not that humans don’t need each other, they do, and this love can be shared. But, so much of humanity has the incorrect idea that love can only come from other people outside of themselves. They then rearrange themselves, give themselves away or shut down out of fear of not having this love. But, your spirit always loves you. Even if there are huge thick protective barriers. It’s just waiting for you to receive it’s love. 

This is what Jeshua was really talking about. This is the essence of the deeper teachings of love. Love creates all. Love sustains all. Love destroys all. And it happens again and again and again. Love is all. So, how could it be that you are anything less than this love?

Your job, if you so choose to take it, is to open ever-widening circles to this love. To convey it, to transmit it, to be it, because the world needs it. All you have to do is to allow this love to be in your words, in your heart, in your energy field, in your being. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it perfectly or that you are not going to feel other emotions that feel the opposite of this love. That’s not it at all. It’s important to feel your feelings and get to the other side of them. This process ultimately opens you to the teachings which bring you back to this love. This is the learning ground of this planet. But, in truth the foundation is always love. Part of the journey in this time is to see that love is always present, even when it doesn’t look like it is. Even when people are hurting others. Or projecting hate. Whatever that looks like, on either side of us and them. 

Love just is.

So, will you be a beacon for this love? 

The world needs it. The world needs you. 

You shine this light of love into the world by connecting to it intentionally. No need to do it perfectly, ideas of perfection will close it down. Just soft, open, vulnerable intentions of kindness, intentions of unconditionality, intentions of connection with your higher self, intentions of embodiment through your daily life, through your work.

Little by little the more people have these intentions of love on a daily basis, the more the world remembers itself as the love that it is and the more the world evolves into the higher dimensions of love which heals everything.” 

And so it is.


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