A few weeks ago I had an interesting interaction with a relatively famous healer. Her healing abilities began after she had an NDE (near-death experience) which also popped her into 5-D consciousness (a higher elevated consciousness of living in an awakened state.) She now teaches that we need to shift our awareness from 3-D consciousness (which is a lower vibratory state that humanity has been living in for eons) directly into 5D consciousness. However, for most of us, this isn’t how the true process of ascension actually works.

A small number of people can leap from 3-D consciousness to 5-D consciousness. These are people who have had massive awakening experiences that fully shift there day to day lives in one fell swoop (think Eckhart Tolle) or have had near-death experiences that fully catapult them into 5D living, such as this healer. However, it just simply doesn’t work for most of us to jump from 3-D consciousness into 5-D consciousness.

How Ascension Works for Most Of Humanity

For most of humanity, the true process of ascension is very organic and natural. It requires jumping back and forth between levels of consciousness quite a bit. We jump from 3-D to 5-D to 4-D to 5-D to 3-D, etc. We go back and forth until we have enough experiences that fully shift and stabilize us into higher consciousness.

It’s downright unsustainable and even dishonoring to think that we can merely leap from 3-D to 5D. It’s like telling a three-month-old infant to walk or trying to convince ourselves that 2+2=5. In trying to do so, it’s difficult to step into this higher consciousness and even more difficult to sustain the higher vibrations of 5-D.

Unfortunately, many Ascension teachers are proponents of this leap from a 3-D to a 5-D consciousness, leaving out 4-D consciousness altogether.

So, I want to state for the record that the majority of humanity simply cannot stabilize their consciousness into 5-D reality until they walk through the important foundations, stabilization, and scaffolding of 4-D consciousness.

The Scaffolding of Somatic Awakening® and Foundation of 4-D Consciousness

The process of stabilizing 4-D consciousness in our experience of life nurtures…

 ✨a connection to our adult consciousness which is a higher part of our ego, the higher mind, and higher self which stabilizes the negative voices, parts, and programs of our ego,

✨an alignment to the present moment where we can shift out of linear thinking and connect into the spaciousness, magic, and vast presence of the present moment,

✨the ability to fully align with our relationship to our higher self and our higher self witness consciousness which forms powerful healing relationships to all aspects of ourselves, including the very dense 3-D contractions of trauma that are held within the somatic body,

✨ it is also here that we elevate our day-to-day thought processes, interactions with others, and relationships. We also stabilize our connection with our higher self in daily life and much more,

✨most significantly, in 4-D consciousness, we do the VERY IMPORTANT work of healing our ego and shadow and bring peace to our animal body.

Somatic Awakening® powerfully supports us in all of these important aspects of awakening and ascension. It helps us to stabilize our awareness into 4-D consciousness and then guides us to step into 5-D. The first two levels of Somatic Awakening® (Gestalt Somatic Awakening® and The Practice) create a potent foundation and scaffolding to help steady us in 4-D consciousness. Somatic Awakening® then helps open the doors to catapult us into 5-D awareness as you move through the awakening experiences that The Practice can bring, as well as the embodiment and magic that the third phase, Quantum Somatic Awakening®, offers.

The Danger of Spiritual Bypass

We will not be able to fully evolve until the important foundational work of 4-D consciousness is complete. If we try to step over this work, we will be doing a spiritual bypass over that which needs our attention and healing. Ultimately, if we don’t follow this organic path of evolution, it can cause a lot of chaos. Think of a spiritual teacher who has sexually abused his students or got into trouble with money laundering. It’s possible to look very awakened but still have massive holes in one’s enlightenment when we don’t do our deeper work.



So, if you’ve been led to believe and tried to jump from 3-D consciousness to 5D consciousness but have miserably found it difficult or failed, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! For most people, this is a natural process that we spiral in and out of. So, please don’t judge yourself and know that this organic process is just that… an organic process that takes time.

The True Process of Ascension

In the true process of ascension, we cannot merely step over or positively affirm our way out of the dense layers of the shadow and into higher consciousness…no matter what some ascension teachers may say.

When we do, we may spend some time in higher consciousness. But then we typically come painfully crashing back down into a part of us that has not been fully healed.

Pushing ourselves unrealistically and skipping over the foundation of 4-D consciousness is simply not realistic, nor is it treating ourselves and our evolutionary journey with the respect and dignity that it and we deserve.

Bringing All of You Along

One of the reasons why I teach what I teach is because Somatic Awakening® is a healing modality and spiritual practice that offers such powerful stabilization, scaffolding, and connection to the parts of you that potently help you move through this evolutionary journey in an organic way that brings ALL OF YOU ALONG!!!

With support, a clear path, and the scaffolding of your higher self and the divine…


With Much Love and Many Blessings,

Melissa Sophia Joy


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DR. MELISSA SOPHIA JOY, ND, is the founder of Somatic Awakening and is an internationally-known spiritual teacher and author. She is pioneering, with the support of many higher dimensional guides, a roadmap to transformative healing and spiritual awakening through the path of Somatic Awakening®. She is the Founding Director of Sophia Healing Academy and is a Naturopathic Doctor. She is also a specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling, Ordained Oracle, and Intuitive.

She is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. She discovered this path by walking through her own profound healing and awakening over decades. She sees this light of the divine within us all. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal and evolve as they remember this light within and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, self-love, and peace.

SOPHIA HEALING ACADEMY is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice that arose from these principles, Somatic Awakening®. The teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered at Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and alignment with our authentic divine power. The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on Her principles.

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