Happy (almost) New Year! We are on the precipice of 2022 and I want to share with you my latest blog which has the ability to help us all step back and see our reality with new eyes…or at least confirm that we are indeed on the right path.
As we step into this New Year may we align even more to the empowering freedom of our true nature. And, may this blog (in any small or large way) inspire you to do so.

I recently watched the latest version of the Matrix. Besides feeling that the violence was overdone (not surprising)…it left me with a familiar resonance of truth within.

A truth that we are all being asked to consider as we leave the chaos of 2021 and step on the new path of 2022.

I remember after I saw the first Matrix movie I was deeply shaken. And, at the end of this latest movie, I felt the same.

I was shaken because these movies speak to the subtle (and not so subtle) understanding that there’s something much more significant behind what we know about our reality.

That we are not being told the true and full story.

And that something is just “off”.

In these movies, this “something” is that reality is computer generated by artificial intelligence.

The Two Sides

However, when we turn our awareness toward our own reality and the hidden truths underneath, I see that these movies represent two concealed matrix-like realities veiled within our own everyday reality.

There is an artificial matrix that I’ll call The Machine. This is a hyper-controlling and disempowering part of our reality.

Yet, there is also a deeper reality which is hidden even more underneath and behind the reality of our lives…the divine holographic web that is one with all things.

The Machine

Let’s start with The Machine…by far the more insidious underbelly of the matrix of our world.

The Machine is the part of our reality that the shadow controllers attempt to control.

The shadow controllers are those who run our governments, corporations, and media from the lowest common denominator of their own shadows – power over paradigms of financial greed, needless violence, and deep corruption.

These are rulers (those that we know and more who we don’t) who try in many ways to control our lives through the manipulation of our fears and desires, sway our day-to-day choices, and in general attempt to rule our society and reality.

The Machine affects us collectively and individually. We can sense it individually when we feel that our lives have become monotonously depleting, disempowered, and as if we are becoming cookie-cutter versions of ourselves bombarded with toxic social conditioning cut off from our own true nature.

Disempowered and Depleted

We feel disempowered and depleted in our lives when we feel stuck in:

  • a repetitive and obsessive desire for achievement and productivity motivated by the dollar sign and wanting to be “good enough”,
  • wanting to be accepted by others and living life aligned to what you believe you are supposed to do, buy, or think,
  • unquestioningly following the rules and not cross-examining authority or reality,
  • and experiencing emotional overwhelm from daily fears, anxieties, desires, and other emotional triggers that come from The Machines manipulation du jour on top of our already weighty collective, familial, and individual traumas.

Maybe like me you too have seen the menacing trap of the machine beckoning to our world.

Perhaps you have also stepped beyond the well-laid lines of authority and power over mentality.

But, my friends there are many layers to it.

The layers arise from the eons of violence that patriarchal power arose from, the inheritance of fear, abuse, and duress, as well as the re-written histories of the winner.

Seeing the False Reality

But, as we see, heal, and step into our authentic empowerment we have the ability to perceive that…The Machine is a FALSE reality,

That it is just like the false reality of the computer-generated matrix in the movie.

As the captain in the most recent Matrix movie said, “If we don’t know what’s real then how can we resist.”

And, if we don’t see the truth standing in front of it will continue to manipulate us.

But, at the heart of it all, I don’t feel the deepest change will come from resisting (although clearly there is a time to resist.)

Freeing Ourselves

In the largest evolutionary sense, the biggest changes will come from healing and freeing ourselves from the ways the Machine has controlled our lives.

When we heal the shadow of our ego which holds the fears, disempowerment, victim consciousness, and any other program that keeps us trapped in the clutches of The Machine…We Are Free.

And, when we free the parts of our psyche and subconscious that have been held hostage by the emotional manipulation of the Machine…then we are free to break out of this false reality and see what truly is.

What Truly Is…

When we have the ability to open our eyes to that which lies underneath it all…we align to the underlying Web of Life pregnant with the Divine Life Force of Creation. A Web of Light and Love so vast and so powerful that it holds EVERYTHING

This is a matrix that most can’t see but many can powerfully feel.

This holographic web of life that underlies our reality has been talked about by shamans, gurus, and spiritual teachers for ages.

Interestingly the term holographic reality is commonly used in modern-day physics. The holographic theory of reality, in layman’s terms, states that our true reality is like a hologram…which is nothing more than an image of reality projected unto a surface..as flimsy as light beams, as real as a dream. But, as strong as the matter we “believe” it to be.

In essence, we, along with the Creator, are dreaming this reality into being.

Once you’ve experienced an awakening to the holographic web of life you can never go back. You are cracked open to an inherent knowing of that which is beyond time and space and part of the vast field of oneness.

At the same time, you are let in on the cosmic joke of the dream-like flimsiness of this reality. One that admittedly takes some getting used to. 😉

Here you are free to see reality as it truly is…a vast field of interconnected divine love.

We all have the ability to experience this…because we are all co-creators of this dream with the Divine.

As we step into this new year may we find our way to remembering the power of this truth within us, align to the divine Dream, our own internal Divine Sovereignty, and our way back home to the One who is dreaming us all.

Finding Our Way Back

In this potent time of evolution we are all being called now to individually and collectively find our way back to The Dream…as we remember who we are, awaken to our true essence, and break free from the cage of our own ego.

But, we do have to make the choice. Just like in The Matrix movies we are asked,
“Do you choose to continue with reality as it has been given to you without question…or do you choose the path of the deeper foundational truth of reality?”

As we step into this New Year..what will you choose to go deeper into?

Will you choose the blue pill where everything continues the same?

Or, the red pill which aligns you to the ultimate freedom and truth of your own Divine Sovereignty and the Divine Within Us All?


May this New Year align you with your highest truth, the boldest divine version of yourself, and the potency of your divine sovereign free will. We are all needed now to break the chains of that which binds us…with love, compassion, and our absolute divine authority! And So It Is!

I look forward to connecting with you more in 2022! 🎉

Many Blessings and Much Love!


Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy is a Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Sophia Healing Academy and Somatic Awakening®. She is a specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Counseling. She is also a Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Oracle of The Council of One, Priestess in the Magdalene-Sophia tradition, Mystic, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Medical Intuitive.  She has been in practice as a naturopathic doctor for twenty years. But, most significantly she is a carrier of an ancient wisdom tradition of opening to our own unique connection to the divine and tapping into the potent energy of healing that resides there. She discovered this path inside of her by walking through her own profound healing and awakening over decades. She sees this light of the divine within us all. In her practice and teaching, she helps her patients and students heal and evolve as they remember this light within and shift from dis-ease to well-being, balance, self-love, and peace.  
Sophia Healing Academy is a mystery school that teaches healing and awakening based on the principles of the Divine Feminine, as well as the mind-body-spirit healing modality and spiritual practice that arose from these principles, Somatic Awakening®. The teachings, meditations, and transmissions offered at Sophia Healing Academy share valuable information for healing, while also profoundly opening the doors to awakening, embodiment, sovereignty, and an alignment with our authentic divine power. The school is a response and living structure dedicated to the Divine Feminine Energy that has awakened in our world, as well as a practice based on Her principles.
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