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I had an incredible experience a couple of weeks ago…
In meditation, I was told and shown that Somatic Awakening is a Healing and Awakening Path of the Magdalene Way and of the teachings of Christ that have been hidden.

This information came to me in a rush of knowing and feeling in meditation. It was as if all of the puzzle pieces were put together, And I was left shaking my head asking, “Wow, really”? “YES!”, I heard back in reply from the higher dimensional guides, “And, it’s time to claim it”.

The Secret Teachings

Many gospels that contained Christ’s hidden teachings were secreted away after Rome deemed that Christianity was a state religion and declared these gospels, and their teachings, heretical. Among those gospels was The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Philip, The Apocryphon of John, and many others. Fortunately, a lot of these gospels were found in the 1940’s many of which were buried in the Egyptian desert.

Humanity has been kept in darkness due to the erasure of this knowledge. Because the deeper essence of what Christ was teaching was thrown out. These deeper teachings give us insight into the true essence of what it means to walk in his footsteps and also what it really means to be “saved”. Recently I was listening to the amazing new book by Meggan Watterson, called Mary Magdalene Revealed, and IT ALL CLICKED IN!

The Light Merges With the Dark

In one huge download I “knew” on all levels of my being that Somatic Awakening in its essence is completely correlated to these secret core teachings. This is especially true with regard to ANTHROPOS. Anthropos is a term which means to merge the human self with the divine self; the light with the dark. In this process, all parts, voices, beliefs, and programs of the lower vibration of the ego are seen, presenced, and brought into the healing light of the divinity of our higher self and beyond. In essence, it is when the two becomes one.

Making the two into one is bringing duality together in our being the light and the dark, the male and the female, the “good” and the “bad”. When we do this we step into the awakening of who we truly are and align with one of Christ’s most potent teachings.

To look within is the most significant fundamental step to do so (which is another of his primary deeper teachings). Our job is not to seek an external source, but to look within and step into the healing, unification, and awakening of our true nature.

In Steps Somatic Awakening

Somatic Awakening is in alignment with The Way of the Magdalene because this entire process is aligned to these secret teachings that she shared after his death. It is also in complete unification with the Divine Feminine Christ path of embodiment which Mary Magdalene personified.

What I laid out in the above paragraphs IS THE CORE PRACTICE of Somatic Awakening. Although Somatic Awakening also has other aspects to it, the core practice guides others to align with the light of their higher self. Which is then connected into a direct relationship to the darkness inside, the parts of us which are stuck in shadow and needs the attention and love of our higher self. And, until these parts get this attention and love they cause a great deal of pain and suffering.

This healing process literally transforms the darkness, our shadow, inside as the two align together and a third energy is created; an energy of healing, softening, and deep repair. Eventually, the unconditional love and acceptance of the higher self comes in and heals all. In this process, even our divine genome becomes activated and so much more…

It Arose from Mary Magdalene

I have always sensed the correlation to the deeper teachings because this path was taught to me by Mary Magdalene herself. Yes, really. I know it may be hard to take in, but this is my actual true lived experience. She appeared to me many times in my inner heart when I was deeply suffering through a long dark night of the soul experience.

She shared with me the practice of the coming together of the light and the dark; and the miraculous healing that happens when you do.

This experience pulled me out of my own deep darkness so significantly that I started bringing it into my healing practice with others, with amazing results. This is why I am now teaching it.

So, even though I shouldn’t be surprised at this announcement in my inner world and the guidance to announce it publicly…Honestly, I am still surprised and my mouth is still gaping open.

This changes everything. Somatic Awakening is a Healing and Awakening Path of the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, the Magdalene Way and of the teachings of Christ that have been hidden. I am so excited to finally CALL IT BY IT’S REAL NAME!

This is a Mystical Path Not Dogmatic Religion

Because of all that has happened in Christianity I want to make it super clear that this is a path of Mystical Christianity and NOT the Christian Church based on Roman dogma. Or for that matter any other denomination, and it’s dogma, that came out of Roman theology. This is a path of healing and love, of coming back to who you truly are. It is based on the essence of healing, evolution, and awakening. IT IS NOT based on a judging god or savior revolving around the concept of sin.

You DO NOT need to consider yourself a Christian (or even align to Christ’s teachings) to gain benefit from this modality because this is a mystical path of healing. If you do great. But, know that this path is a mystical path loosely based on the Gnostic mystical teachings. It also mimics many of the other mystical traditions such as Sufism, Buddhist Tantra, and even to some extent Kabbalah.

Would You Like to Experience This Yourself?

I am incredibly excited to share this multi-fold path with any and all who are called.

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