An Event Whose Time Has Come…

A few days ago I started meeting with the other three priestesses, luminaries, authors, and teachers who will be calling in the transformation of the victim-victimizer paradigm with me. They will be joining with me in a powerful online event:

Transform the Victim-Victimizer Paradigm, which is part of Infusions of Light,

this Summer Solstice, Friday, June 21st at 12:00-1:30 PST.

I am incredibly honored to have these three amazing beings of light and priestesses join me. Anaiya Sophia, Maria Christina Owl, and Christel Arcucci are stepping in with me to hold this potent container of healing and balance. This recent meeting with them was a powerful coming together of minds, hearts, and spirits.

As Anaiya said, “This needs to be the most important conversation in our selves, our relationships, and our world”. And, I totally agree. We also agreed that there is so much energy here, because of our ailing world and a rising up of a true inquiry of what needs to shift, that this topic of transformation has the ability to become a movement all of its own. If so, I am grateful to be standing here on the precipice of this movement at this time in history.

We are indeed at a pivotal time of change. Climate change experts predicting major shifts in climate 10-15 years. School children all over the world protesting demanding for change. I just read a completely overwhelming statistic that there have been 31 mass shootings in the US since 2012. And, sadly our president in the U.S. is still denying climate change, has a general lack of understanding of the world at large; while he imposes negative, power over, anti-environmental, and racist beliefs in the world at large. 

We clearly need to call forth a transformation of the old victim-victimizer paradigm and usher in a time of light, harmony, and balance!

Several months ago while in meditation I received a call from the divine to hold this global online event to call in, activate, and actualize this powerful transformation and healing of this paradigm. After several different iterations of what this could look like I was clearly guided to ask these three priestesses to join me in what’s going to be a monumental online event on the summer solstice.

Calling on the Higher Dimensional Helpers

In this event, we will be sharing our own wisdom of healing this paradigm inside of ourselves to help you take your next step in healing it inside of you. We will be calling on the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness to rise, bring balance, healing, and peace to our ailing world, while also aligning with innumerable higher dimensional helpers wanting to help guide this healing and transformation in alignment with the highest good of humanity. We will also be calling in the diamond light matrices of healing to connect, amplify, and convey this healing energy out into the world in a powerful way shifting individuals and the entire collective heart of humanity.

Also, to be clear by using these terms we are not making anyone wrong. From the largest birds-eye perspective of spirit, all forms of aggression and violence come from a place of victimization. Here is what I mean… 

What Do We Mean by Victim and Victimizer

Victim: Someone who is hurt by acts of violence, aggression, and trauma on the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and/or psychic levels of being and who still carries these traumas in their being.

Victimizer: Someone who commits acts of violence, aggression, or trauma because they also have been victimized at some point in the past. On a subconscious level becoming a victimizer helps them tolerate and protect themselves from their own past trauma. This is of course not a good idea! But, the point is that the core of the victimizer arises from the pain that they once received and that they are now injecting out unto the world.

The deepest questions from this place are: Where did it start…how far back does it go? What do we need to do to heal it? How can we bring forgiveness to the whole thing?

Healing: Bringing the energy of understanding, grace, and love to the whole paradigm; which includes being authentic with where you are at and honoring all of your individual emotions, experiences, and perspectives.

We are calling all Lightworkers, Lightbearers, and those who want to be part of the healing of this world to join us!

Because we need healing. The world needs healing. It’s time for the suffering to end.

Stand with us…

To learn more and to register click here

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