From the Council of One

We greet you and acknowledge the turning of the wheel of time.  The energy of this upcoming year on the earth will continue to increase. Humanity is now in full swing of an awakening wave of energetic frequencies.

This year, for those who are engaged in the work of light, you will be called out, even more, to completely ground in your greater soul mission in a very physical and tangible way.

It is important to clarify what your truest soul spirit intention is for this year. We encourage you to allow the light of your spirit to guide what you are now creating in your intentional reality. 

For many, you are now at the place of understanding, living and being in alignment with how much intentionality creates your reality. This will come into play in an even greater way in this upcoming year. Many of you will actually be able to bring into your consciousness the reality of your creative potential. 
For as you understand and believe in who you are and claim your spirits gifts in the world; as you live into this knowing and feel that you are worthy of it, the more these intentions will come to full fruition. 

As you step into using the power of your word more fully you claim mastery over your life.

It is time now to claim yourself as the main character in the divine play of your life…to live your life wide open, with your heart and higher self at the helm .

The energies that are coming onto the planet in this upcoming year will allow you to live life the way it was intended…for you to be in alignment with your true soul’s purpose, your freedom, and sovereignty.

So fortify yourself with the practices that open you more to loving yourself, that allow you to believe in yourself, that connect you with fully embodying your physical, spiritual, energetic and emotional being.  

The world will continue to play out the drama dance of the political spheres and move toward a climactic drama play.  When this happens know that the greater populace of humanity is utilizing this to break through their own individual boxes of suffering and to ultimately move more into the light.  

For those of you focused on the light remember that no matter what is happening out there your job is to stay focused on the healing, peace, and awakening that is opening inside of you and around you.  The greatest thing you can do for humanity is to nurture this light, then shine your spirits gifts out onto the world. The more you know your light, the more you know your power, and you are more powerful than you can ever imagine. 

It is time to fully manifest the glory of your spirit in this physical reality;  to feel that the love you long for is already inside of you and to feel this love as your inner home and its oneness with the creative divinity in all things!

And so it is…

The Council of One is made up of Ascended Masters of earth and Intergalactic Higher Dimensional Helpers who are aligned to the Law of One and to Cosmic Christ Unity Consciousness.


I am so excited to announce that I am officially launching my global ministry this year by offering free global broadcast once a month

This hour-long broadcast will offer teaching, transmissions, prayer, and meditation on specific topics throughout the year every third Friday at noon.  We will begin on Friday, January 18th at noon PST.  

The topic of the first broadcast will be:

Stepping Into Your Light

This broadcast will help you align to your higher self, your soul’s purpose in this lifetime and most significantly the LIGHT that you are. It will help you connect and be sustained by this light throughout 2019 to stay on your game, to stay connected to who you truly are and the inner power of your being. I hope that you will join us for this life-transforming call…that is absolutely free to you!

Stay tuned for more details coming soon to claim your free spot for this upcoming broadcast.

The Healing Power of Love Recording is Now Available

If you missed the Healing Power of Love daylong it is now available as a recording.

What a great way to start the new year by connecting to the healing and restorative divine power of Love.

In this recording Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and Sophia Divine Mother speak and transmit the great healing and sustaining power of Love. 

These transmissions take you deep into understanding the process of healing and freeing yourself through the power of love. Inherent in the words and the energy are many keys to freedom and awakening. These keys activate the Christ blueprint inside of you waiting to bless your life. 

“Words cannot describe the peace, love, and deep connection to the divine I felt (from this event).
Gianna Frazee, MD

“(This event) was life-affirming and life changing”
Reed H.

This recording contains the transmissions plus two different meditations.
It is available now for purchase for $33. 
Once purchased you can download the recording.

Click Here to purchase: http://

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