I just attended a conference for psychiatrist who were also psychoanalysts as part of my re-licensing CEU process. Interestingly, they had gotten my initials wrong on my badge. Instead of saying ND it said that I was an MD. So, I decided to play along with this divine “accident” and play the role of the chameleon. I even made some well placed professional comments regarding various cases of mental illness throughout the conference.

Through this experience, I also gained respect for psychiatrists because they work with the sickest of our society in terms of psychosis. I also was impressed with there many comments regarding the importance of empathy and compassion with the populations of people they work with.

No Spirit In Healing??

However, there was also quite a bit of hyper mentalized perspectives and comments that were, from my perspective, limited, as well as outdated. One of the comments that hit me the hardest came from a psychiatrist from France. At the beginning of his presentation, he was discussing a need for integration and looking at the patient holistically.

”Great, how wonderful”, I thought.

However, by the end, he said something that completely threw me for a loop.

He asked the question, “How can we truly make a difference in their healing without leaning into the metaphysical”?

“What”, I thought, “Why would we even consider not adding in the metaphysical aspect in healing”?

I understand that psychiatrist, trained in Freudian psychoanalysis, are trained not to bring in the spiritual aspects of life.

However, for me not bringing in spirituality in healing is like not using an arm in a task that requires both arms. The role of the higher self is imperative in healing. It is the thing that I often see that makes the biggest difference in patients who are struggling with the most intense mental/emotional issues.

A Chord Was Struck

This comment was significant for me. It struck a chord deep inside me that is still reverberating. It shined a light on and confirmed a deep knowing that has been growing inside of me which is this…a big part of my souls calling is to shine a light on and bring out into the public more the significance of spirituality in the healing realms, especially the awesome power that our higher self plays in that healing. As such I am now writing a book for publication regarding my experience of this and Somatic Awakening®. (I will be speaking more on this in future blogs ;-).

The truth is that when we bring in spirituality and the higher self into the healing process we begin to realize that inherent inside of us is the power that we need to heal. We begin to trust over time that this powerful healing engine of our higher self is always present. We start to feel that the love we have felt separated from is actually present here in each moment and in each breath. When we begin to really realize this our entire life begins to change for the better!

Healing the Primordial Separation

This process begins to activate our higher self in our daily life. With this, we begin to realize we are intimately connected to something that is way beyond the mind and the ego. That although the mind and ego have tried to help us as much as they can, that these parts of ourself ultimately do not have what we need to step into our deepest healing. But, the higher self does. We begin to realize that help is not only on the way, but it is a living breathing presence that we always are connected to. This help is the holy spirit of our higher self always willing to guide us, to heal us, to bring us our divine inheritance of abundance, and to help us know our sovereign divinity. It helps us reconnect to the separation that has plagued humankind for eons for it is what leads us back to is the primordial love that has always been holding us!

These knowings grow over time the more we are on the committed path of this journey. It grows especially when ones focus is on truly surrendering your will to the divine will of your higher self, when you can let go of the “doer” mind, when you nurture a practice of connecting to your higher self, when you engage in building trust with your higher self, and numerous other ways that can help you establish this relationship in your daily life. All of these things could be a post in and of themselves and I will be discussing these important aspects in the future.

Saying Yes to Activating Your Higher Self

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