What’s love got to do with it?  Good question.

From my perspective…Everything!   

To me the song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” sung by Tina Turner has always felt that it was written by someone who was hurt and closed down to love.

However, recently I heard Tina Turner, give another perspective on this motif on the album Beyond and she had something very different to say about love.

On the first song she asks the question, “What does love have to do with it”?  And, this is what she says:

“Love grows when you trust.

When you trust love heals and renews.

Love inspires and empowers us to do great things.

Love makes us feel safe and feel closer to God.

When you go beyond that’s where you find true love”.

To see the entire song on YouTube click here

Tina, now a Buddhist wise woman, is absolutely right on!  Love does heal and renew.  It does inspire and empower us to do great things.  It helps us feel safe and closer to God. And, when we go beyond the regular mind we find the true love from the divine.

Vastness of Divine Love

Last Saturday I had the great honor of being the primary facilitator of a ritual in Sebastopol activating the Divine Feminine Grid.  It was a part of 69 gatherings and rituals worldwide to awaken and activate this grid. In being a conduit for the Divine Feminine for this ritual, I learned a great deal more about love and what love has to do with everything!

During the ritual, I powerfully felt the vastness of love that underlies the entire universe and how love is the essence of what binds the universe together.  Another significant awareness that was transmitted was that activating the Divine Feminine Grid means activating love, grace, compassion, and truth inside of us first.  Then after it is activated inside of us it can be shared and activated outside of us.  In my experience of the ritual (during and afterward) I literally felt, knew and saw the Divine Feminine Grid being activated worldwide with love at its center.

For me facilitating this ritual was in part due to the question, “What can I do to help in this climate of political chaos?”

When I listen even more closely to the answer to that question what I hearing is be a force of love in the world.  Because love is the most powerful healing energy that exists.

Are you hearing this call too?

The truth is we need love and healing now more than ever before.

It’s time we take a stand for love inside and outside of us.  To turn toward, activate and live this love.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need each other. 

Therefore, on December 1st I am offering a powerful day-long activation of this love to help us remember the love that we are, to help us heal utilizing this love, and to connect us to the powerful essence of love from our own inner Christ Consciousness deep in our own heart.  

The more of us who are living this love, the more it touches the world in innumerable small and large ways…and together we heal what has been broken personally and collectively.

Will you join me?  

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